Women in the Army. (1942)

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Director: Edvard Montanje /Edward Montagne/

Operators: Garri U.Smit

Reel №1

USA. November 1941.

In connection with the US entry into the war, the army intended to many men.

Men for jobs: cook, bartender, taxi driver, laborer.

They receive a summons to the army.

USA flag, marching soldiers.

In place of the men come to women.

The women behind the counter in the bar, a woman-driver taxi.

A woman in a munitions factory, in the design office.

Women for machine tools.

Education profession welder.

Scenes from the life of some individual women.

Mary Brown home.

On the table picture of her husband in uniform.

She reads the telegram about her husband, Captain Brown, who was taken prisoner in the fighting in the Philippines.

Mary reads his son's last letter her husband.

Mary worked in a munitions factory, learning welding profession.

In the morning they go out with his son, accompanies him to school and goes on an aircraft factory, which collects warplanes.

Lunch, women eat right at workplaces.

Mary finishes the job, meets his son

Key words

US, World War 2, volunteers, women, military industry, children, family, school, post office, photo, celebrities, scientists, workers, soldiers, Gos.simvolika

Reel №2

SShA.Meri home, writes something to the table.

On the table, the Statue of Liberty statue.

England Women enlist in the army.

Women in the form of pull ropes balloon, it rises into the air.

Women drivers are avtmobili.

Women in aviation.

The girl behind the teleprinter in the headquarters.

Plane takes off.

It works teletype.

Shooting from guns with a warship.

Women-radio operators, it transmits the data to the officer, who enters the data on the card.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Shooting from the aircraft zeniotok

Women in the Soviet Union for the construction of lines of defense.

Women to harvest, go with a rake by sunflowers.

Tank Factory, a woman from the press.

Chinese women in the army are wounded on a stretcher.

Women in the hospital caring for the wounded.

French refugees with things going on the road.

The incoming German troops in Paris, going from the Arc de Triomphe.

The French look at the passing troops, crying women

SShA.Byuro hiring women go.

Women in the agricultural works, in the barn, a tractor plowing.

Courses nursing woman in the laboratory.

Female volunteers work in kindergartens.

Propaganda poster for the Red Cross.

In the evening, a woman passes the house, asking to extinguish the light.

In the room she sees Mary Toll fashion magazine, beside a girl draw on a foot arrow "from chlka".

Mary looks a page with military modes and mentally trying on different outfits: she in naval uniform, she was a radio operator, etc.

Female bugler, marching women in uniform.

A female taxi driver, tractor driver, a bartender, a laboratory assistant.

Mary Brown returns home with his son, heard the sound of aircraft engines, she looks to the sky

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