The huge ship - a huge city. (1939)

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Operators: Paul Pfeiffer /Paulj Pfejffer/

Reel №1


Flight ocean liner "Bremen" from Hamburg to New York.

Perron Bremer city, suitable train Berlin-Bremer.

Are the naval officers in white uniforms.

Passengers climb the ladder on the boat with the inscription "Bremer Lloyd".

It sounds a beep steamer, remove the ladder.

Brass band.

Mourners at the pier waving their hands.

The boat departs from the pier.


Scenes on board the ship.

Leisure passengers on deck.

She throws the deck wheels, knocking others.

Bathing in the swimming pool, gym with fitness equipment.

Passengers at the buffet.

A couple walks along the deck.

On the "Bremen" boat lettering.

Women take the sun on the sun loungers Bathrooms, read, embroider.

Steward serving drinks.

Children are busy in igroteke.

Cabin with a big bed.

The restaurant, the tables passengers.

Counter ship at sea, the captain looking through binoculars.

Navigator plots the sailor standing at the helm.

Salon steamer.

Kitchen, chefs prepare dishes, waiters them.

Ladies in long dresses and gentlemen at the reception.

Inside, a band plays, ballroom dancing.

View of New York from the sea.

PNRM. on the waterfront, the city from above.

The traffic, the bottom view of the skyscrapers.

The largest skyscraper "Empire State Building".

People on the observation deck of a skyscraper.

Above the town fly several light aircraft, a top view.

The roofs of skyscrapers, street intersection, the car.

the bridge over the river movement.

Street, two men with advertising on the chest stroll on the boardwalk.

Men on the bench reading the newspaper, a tramp asleep on a bench.

In the German-quarter of New York.

Advertising the film in German theater poster.

German signs in stores.

Showcase Auto Show "Mercedes-Benz".

Flag German Shipping Company.

Newspapers in German.

In the Chinese quarter of the city.

Hieroglyphics on the posters.

Children rummage in garbage cans.

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Reel №2

Shining shoes at work.

Hairdressing salon for men.

The shop windows.

Ride double-decker buses.

A sign on the houses.

Restaurant automatic.

A man puts a coin in the slot machine and pulls out a piece of cake, pours coffee.

People at the tables.

Shop perfume department.

Streets, the building pantheon.

Advertising afternoon buildings.

Female hand twist the wheel of a car.

Movement along the street, turn.

Travel past the building with the sign "North German Lloyd".

The man in the car driving on the waterfront.

Huge bridge with hanging legs.

USA. New York, illuminated illuminated advertising signs Madison Square Garden, advertising entertainment establishments.

Beauty contest, the winner wearing the crown.

Advertising company "Lloyd Bremen".

Kids boxing.

The game of rugby on the field, the race on the cycle track.

Car racing through the fire, through the barrier, turned over.

Two cars collide with each other.

Acrobatic exercise on a skyscraper.

Dance Marathon, dance rock 'n' roll.

He runs a herd of monkeys in a cage.

On the streets with skyscrapers car rides with some celebrity.

In the air, fly flyers rain.

The operator removes from the machine.

Rodeo cowboys trying to throw a lasso.

Wild bulls in the arena.

Man trying to stay on the bull, but falls into the arena.

The bridge and silhouettes with a sea of ​​buildings.

Departure "Bremen" back to Germany.

Key words

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