Germany far and wide (1936)

Documentary №66315, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Uljrih Kajzer /Ulrich Kauser/
Camera operators:Erik Menzelj

Reel №1


Various corners of Germany in separate, unrelated sketches.

Landscapes Germany, with eared wheat field.

Seashore beach.

Mountains covered with forests.

Sand dunes.

Country houses and castles.

Along the river are the court.

City Landau, individual buildings, narrow street.

View of Lindau from the Rhine, on the shore of a beautiful tower, building, bridge, cabinet with lion sculpture


The bus goes on the road.

View of the castle on holme.

PNRM. by regions.

Alps, the town of Oberammergau.

Lifting up the mountain on the cable car.

Mountain views, tourist house at the station.

Mountain Lake.

On the water, a large boat, rowing woman.

Munich, view of the city from above.

The architecture of the Cathedral, the Town Hall clock tower.

Folk festival on the streets of Munich.

Outside there are tables, people drink beer and eat sausages.

The street moves festive procession ahead of the orchestra, the carts.

Women pull for sale roasted pig, blood sausage.

Spinning carousel.

People dance around the pole with ribbons.

Clock with moving figures.

Bell tserkvi.

PNRM. the Gothic cathedral, svyatyh.

PNRM sculpture. by strainnomu city.

Palace, monuments, fountains


Bus Brandenbugskie through the gate enters the Brelin, rides on Unter den Linden.

The guide tells about the sights of the city.


Traffic, street cafe, people sitting at the tables, shop windows.

The bus goes under the bridge.

New roads in Germany.

Models of structures for the Olympic stadium.

Lake Wannsee, yachts on the water.

Tourists traveling by Potsdam.

The famous park and the Palace of Sans Souci, the entrance.

Palace, sculptures, fountains.

Musical staging: Chamber Orchestra plays in ancient costumes

Key words

Germany, city attractions, farmers, plants, mountains, river, bridge, transportation, water, wood, sculpture
Germany, city, sightseeing, transportation, air transportation, castle, hiking, mountains, lake, women, trade, Cathedral, architecture, monuments, festivals, people, entertainment, church, fountain
Germany, transport, attractions, tourists, bridge, buildings, Olympic stadium, lake, park, boat, fountain, orchestra, festival

Reel №2


"Lufthansa" company's plane takes off.

Types of transport: boat, train, car.

Street traffic cop.

There is a train, the passengers in the car, in the dining car, a woman goes to bed in the compartment.

Woman in avtmobile passing over the bridge.

View from the airplane on the port.

The ship, a dance salon.

A man playing the accordion at the nets, boats at the shore, court.

Spa location on poberezhe.

PNRM café. the city, the cathedral.

Rural areas of the field, a man mowing grass.

Woman with children.

According to roam the yard chickens and a rooster, butt two sheep, a pig with piglets go to water.

The peasants returning from the fields, carry a rake.

stork nest on the roof.

Village Festival, an orchestra, folk dances.

Dancing on a pleasure boat.

Kursaal at the spa, people drink mineral water.


Airship hangars outputted from it in the air.

The river is a steamer.

Alpine town, Nazi flags on the houses.

Elevating the road in the mountains.

Travel on the mountain road


The town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, its streets.

A woman washes clothes at the source, the man is sawing a log.

Concert Hall, the orchestra is playing.

Stills from the film "Nibelngi" Siegfried forges the sword.

Modern blacksmiths at work.


Marching detachment of RAD with shovels, Hitler Youth squad.

Hitler before the opening of construction, highways, digging shovel.

Steel plant, is the red-hot metal, the work in the mine, steelworkers and engineers behind the drawing board, a sculptor carves a figure of wood, worker digs.

Plowing on horseback, sitting.

Hay, a cart with hay is sent to the village.

Roadside pillar prayer with a crucifix.

Mountains in the clouds

Key words

Germany, aviation, water transport, railway, woman, bridge, port, music, musical instruments, Cathedral, peasants, family, children, birds, animals domestic, festival, band, entertainment, resort, population, ballooning, river, city, Gos.simvolika fascists, air tranport, mountains
Germany, city, woman, concert, orchestra, cinema, handicrafts, construction, youth, workers, Hitler Youth, heavy industry, sculptures, pets, peasants, mountains

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