Day of Work (1933)

Documentary №66327, 4 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


The celebration of May 1, the day of the national labor in Germany.

Preparing for the parade.

Installing kontruktsy, stands, forests.

streets decorated with garlands, transporant.

On the balcony hang a portrait of Hitler.

In buildings with a swastika flags.

Evening meeting in front of the youth.

Speech by Baldur von Schirach.

It sounds anthem.

Young swears.

Morning of May 1, the clock on the tower shows 8:00.

Marching troops.

In the stands cameramen with cameras.

Should Hitler Youth squad ahead of a little boy with a big drum.

Sisters of Mercy, the police.

The crowd moved to the area.

Minister of Propaganda Dr.

Goebbels greets with officials.

Shaving flying a plane over the area, the crowds visible.

Goebbels' speech to young people.

The street goes open car with the Reich President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler.

Goebbels continues it

Key words

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Reel №2


Goebbels on the podium.

The crowd ran toward the car, cheering.

Hindenburg and Hitler out of the car, shake hands, the boy brings flowers Hindenburg.

It sounds anthem.

Speech Hindenburg on the podium.

Should Hitler, Goebbels and other officials, the priests.

Playing a military band and soldiers in period uniforms depict battle with swords.

Hitler on the podium, urges the crowd to remain calm, but the cries do not cease.

This Hitler, after Hindenburg toast.

They sit in the car, leave


A man holding a sign with a circle of German automobile club.

The rally dedicated to May 1st.

Label: Central Airport Berlin.

The airfield, the plane lands.

Arrival in Berlin and representatives of stormtroopers Trouvé front.

Their vtsrechaet Goebbels.

According to court reyhmkantselyarii is Hitler.

It takes arrivals.

A squad of fascists with the figure of an eagle in his hands.

The fence gates come running athletes in shape.

There is a Hitler and officials.

Story of athletes, team captain Reports to Hitler

Key words

Germany, festivals, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels, children, flowers, orchestra, people
Germany, the festival, the airport, the Air Force, Goebbels, Hitler, the Nazis, Gos.simvolika sport

Reel №3


Mass meeting in the field.

Banner with a swastika.

Zeppelin flying, people on the ground clapping their hands.

View from a distance on the field and flying zeppelin.

In the sky squadron.

Aerial view of the field.

People's faces.

Demonstration units.

It should be with the standard of the squad, which is written in Russian and in German: "The Russian-national-socialist movement," the swastika.

The plane performs aerobatics.


On the podium is Hitler.

Speech by Goebbels.

Proposal for a minute of silence in memory of the seven miners killed in Essen National Socialists.

Swastika on the banner.

Gebebls to speak to Hitler.

Hitler at the microphone, cheering fascists

Key words

Germany, population, Gos.simvolika, Air Force, demonstration, public organizations, Hitler, Goebbels, the Nazis

Reel №4


This class struggle against Hitler, for fellowship in Germany.


It sounds anthem.

Feyeverk of fires occur portrait of Hitler.

In the dark, riding cars, the headlights.

Torchlight procession of the youth.

Goering acts Lyustgartene.

The announcer says pompous speech about the working class of Germany.

A flag with a swastika

Key words

Germany, Hitler, feyeverk, photo, Hitler youth, Göring, Gos.simvolika

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