German Litta (German village in the Slovak Republic) (1942)

Documentary №66343, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Uljrih Kajzer /Ulrich Kayser/
Camera operators:V.R.Lah /Walter Robert Lach/

Reel №1

German Litta, rural landscapes.

A crowd of well-dressed peasants, dancing.

Girls in national costumes sing and clap their hands.

Playing folk orchestra.

At the table, people drink beer and talk.

At the end of the holiday people disagree, sit in the carts drawn by oxen, going through the village.

Teacher in Slovakia map tells the children about Litte.

The stony soil.

Go two women with baskets behind.

Plowing oxen.

Mitlalte town, views of the city, the church.

House balcony with an interesting sculpture on the front of the church.

Old books, stamps, vintage keys, beer mugs, bottles.


The bottles are placed carved wooden everyday scenes.

Salt Mine, salt mining, miner cuts breed.

Ancient coins.

Countryside, grazing flock of sheep.

The girl shakes her improvised cradle in the field.

A man walks behind the plow, which is being dragged by ropes several women.

Key words

Slovakia, 1942, peasants, celebration, band, entertainment, music, relaxation, woman
Austria, peasants, city, school, kids, pets, church, sculpture, literature, crafts, money, mine, miners, women

Reel №2


Village Kremnitts.

On the river the women wash clothes.

After the bridge march geese.

Cottages with thatched roofs, cart with a bull.

Peasant houses, household employment.

The family room at the table.

Rural market.

Women are carrying baskets, offering goods.

She speaks Slovak.

Selling chickens, homespun cloth.

Fundraising for "winter help".

Overall soup in the pot, the woman poured it on the plates, carried to the tables.

People eat, sing.

A man giving a speech.

Farmers mow wheat carry hay.

There is a train, in the car window looking young couple.

Peasants with scythes, rakes come with the field.

A wedding in the village.

The hut feast.

The bride comes to the groom's parents, the local ceremony.

Playing folk orchestra, guests dance.

Young leave in a carriage, escorted their guests.

Young wife braided plait, cutting off a few strands, put on a cap.

Elegant carriages traveling on the road.

Children playing musical instruments.

Behind are women with children in their arms.

Key words

Austria, peasants, river, bridge, family, market, trade, women, birds, landscaping, pets, humanitarian aid
Austria, peasants, railway, family, wedding, entertainment, youth, festival, orchestra, musical instruments, children, women

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