Forest in winter. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Prager

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


Bavarian Alps in winter.

Life of the Bavarian Alps.

Guys are going to ski through the woods down to the house.

On snow riding wagon on runners.

Postman on a cart talking to a woman on skis, she asks him the way.

He ties a rope to the vehicle and the woman goes, clutching at her.

The woman stopped at the house woodcarver.

Master working plane.

Girl pulls a straw, bundles of straw hanging from a rope in the cold.

Woman goes on, goes to another house.

At the table sat the children, consider wooden spoons, which cut his father.

Wizard carves wooden spoons, toys.

In the village go sleigh with logs, they drove up to the house of the master-carver, offer goods.

Two men go into the house of the master, look carved them toys: a scene of the four horses and carts with a huge bottle


Cemetery of those killed in the woods, crosses on the monuments, are wome with the boy.

Buyers are coming out of the master at home, he accompanies them to the sled.

Men go skiing in the mountains, wooded with saws and axes.

Lumberjacks at work.

Falling trees, loggers chop branches, sawing

Key words

Germany, Forest, children, women, post, crafts, toys, sports Germany, forest, cemetery, monuments, forest industry

Reel №2


Processing of a tree trunk.

The descent on the sled logs from the mountains down the hill.

House masters, manufactures snuff.

Advertising door: Brazilian tobacco.

Sawyer comes in, buys tobacco


Spring in the mountains.

Loggers lowered logs.

In thawed patch are snowdrops, snowdrop sticks on the cap.

Country wedding.

Riders riding in national costumes.

Decorated carts, elegant guests.

They block the way first cart with logs, demanding a ransom of coins, and then the children with a rope of straw.

Bride in a carriage decorated with flowers.

Wedding feast, dancing

Key words

Germany, the forest industry, advertising, food, trade Germany, natural phenomena, industry, forestry, flowers, wedding, peasants, entertainment, festivals, children