We are working in Germany (1943)

Documentary №66409, 4 parts, duration: 0:11:08, black-white

Reel №1

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Face-communist demagogue.

Proclaimed rights and their violation in reality.

Devastation and fires.

Immigrants under escort.

Prison, dig graves mass graves were shot by security officers, the bodies of dead people face

German planes.

Go German soldiers, they are met with flowers.


German soldiers on the road.

Lying Soviet caps, German boots trample them.

Fascist and Lithuanian flags.

German officers on the parade ground.

Soldiers on parade.

Lithuanian volunteers Division.

Women give them flowers


German factory workers go.

Labor processes, machines.

PNRM. on the shop floor.

Foundry, press burn detail furnace.

Women working in a watch factory, a female painter.

East worker - welder, turner apprentice

Key words

Germany, the communists, prison breaking
Soviet War World 2, Air Force soldiers, the Nazis, the parade, the women, volunteers, Gos.simvolika
Germany, heavy industry, women, industry, workers, ostbaytery, 2 World War

Reel №2


Working dining room, menu.

Foreign workers eat, drink beer.

Women clean, in the shop, where the gas cylinders are made.

Workshop for production of mattresses


The end of the work, shower, wash basins.

Clinic, doctor looking girl's throat, lubricates medicine.

The cashier gives the salary.

Visit store, footwear, kitchenware, decorations


Newspapers in Russian and Lithuanian languages, e-mail, send a parcel home


Artist painting a poster for the concert.

After work, relax at a concert.


The orchestra, men drink beer.

National dance on stage

Key words

Germany, industry, women, migrant workers, the world war 2
Germany, workers, women, medicine, trade
Germany, the press, post office
Germany, the artist, vacation, concert, orchestra, entertainment

Reel №3


Barracks working in the forest.

Women preparing dinner.

Domestic affairs.

The official says a woman


Country road, there is a cart.

Kirch in the village, the workers opened greenhouses, carry hay, seated seedlings.

Peasant life in a German village, worked as a blacksmith, strengthen the wheel of the cart.

Harnessed horses, carry grain in bags.

On the field sow wheat.

Snack on the field.

A mother feeds her child, second daughter engaged

Key words

Germany, workers, women, migrant workers, the world war 2
Germany, forest, road, farmers, agriculture, work, hobbies, food, plants, women, children, migrant workers, the world war 2

Reel №4


Lithuanian women in Germany.

Irma swaddle baby.

Another woman sews on a typewriter, veiled bed, preparing lunch, watering the flowers.

He dresses in fashionable clothes, walking down the street in a small restaurant to meet compatriots.

Lithuanians working in Germany, at a meeting at the tables, they are served by waiters.

People talk.

pianist plays


PNRM. by regions, lake, water lilies on the water.

Forests, fields.

Lithuanian Nature.

Field work.


Key words

Germany, volunteers, women, workers, children, recreation, landscaping, migrant workers, the world war 2
Germany, Lithuania, lake, plants, forest, agriculture, windmill

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