Universities in the war (Canada acts) (1945)

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The building of the University of Canada.

Ran the ranks of soldiers on the square in front of the university.

Chemical laboratory for students experiments.

Students in the library, the books on the shelves.

Gaining knowledge in various disciplines.

Ancient Art Greece, the Parthenon.

Japan, a national holiday, people are "dragon".

India, crowd


Student's youth in military schools of different specialties.

Students at the exercises, crawling through the ceiling on the ground, through the barbed provolroku the body of one of the cadets, jumping over a ditch, go on a log, marching from the university court.

Groups of boys and girls in different ways.

The walls of the university with slogans.

Barracks cadets bunk beds.

Students dress up.

The audience, the students at school.

The teacher leads a lecture.

Learning Morse code.

Chemical experiments.

Layout nature maneuvers layouts.

Raising the flag


Canadian troops at the front.

Floating ship, sailor looking to the sextant.

Shoot guns of the ship.

Sailor looking through the periscope of a submarine.

Explosions in the sea.

The sky lights spotlights.

Flying airplanes, the pilot in the cockpit.

Air combat with the enemy, falls downed aircraft burning on the ground.

With the battle carried the wounded on stretchers.

The wounded were loaded into the machine.

The hospital, the girl in the hospital caring for the wounded.

Plane over the mountains.

Training of pilots, the test in the chamber.

Leaves ship, the soldiers on board say goodbye to their relatives.

Women waving their hands.

Soldiers riding on a train, travel past the villages, fields, ruins of the fortress


City, military factories, mining of ore in the mine.

Laboratory experiments.

The plant is a train.

The soldiers in the village, a herd of cows, geese.

Studies in the laboratory bacteria.

the city view from the plane.

The audience, the students face.

From the university buildings are located, students, soldiers and sailors.

Park, students sit on the lawn and read.

The campus

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