Cinema our grandmothers (Biographer 1898). (1938)

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Reel №1


Decoration of the first movie theater, a wall papered with posters, doorman bell invites you to a session.

Italian drama 1989 "A grateful child."

Gypsies steal a woman's child.

Gypsy wagon Gypsy calls Anabella, the wagon looks girl gypsy beats her, a passing gentleman in evening dress standing up for the girl.

Roma follow the master to his home

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Czechoslovakia, cinema, theater, gypsies, celebrities, children

Reel №2


Roma are discussing a plan to Mr. robbery, Anabella overhears them and decides to warn.

She gets out of the window, ran to the house of Mr, according to his family about the impending robbery.

Mr calls to the police and when the robbers enter the house, they fall into the hands of justice.

Anabella was placed in a convent, it comes a lady with a child, thanks her.

The family takes the girl to him.

Comic "Lehman buys eggs."

The maid brings food, but a drunken husband, mistress, trying to get away with a bottle, and the clatter of their breaks.

My wife sends his eggs.

Then follows a series of comic positions buying eggs that he can not bring to the house, constantly breaking them.

Finally he takes the entire cart from a trader, brings home, pours egg on a bed.

In the morning in bed are chickens

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Czechoslovakia, theater, entertainment, kids, personalities, trade, Roma

Reel №3


Early melodrama.

Mercedes falls in love with a lieutenant, but he has to go to war.

The father in the meantime spoken for Baron, and she marries.

Years pass.

Widow Mercedes again meets the lieutenant invited into the house.

She notices that Lieutenant fascinated her daughter.

When he came to his home, she sees him with a gun, grabs him and bless their marriage

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, theater, women, family, celebrities

Reel №4


The first Czech comic strip with clashes.

Czech retrospective: the first footage of the actors and their films.

Olga Augustow, Viba Pilznik / walking on the bridge with a cigarette /.

Child actors: Budousova, Tinshieva.

Karel Biala / elderly man in a cap / Luigi Hoffmann with a dog, Zeyka Kapkova Adolf Kreyzik, Bronislaw Lily, Susan Marvel Eni Mondragova Fedor Pishtek and others.

Růžena Pokorná / boat with a man /.

Marek Prague / boy in the various stages /.

Sasha Raischlov-comic fat.

Hugo Svoboda, Schwab Lesser / feast scene, the scene at the pool / Antonin Vanerka, England Senachkova / dancing in the gazebo / Wali Brodsky / singing at the piano / Marie Yanzova / sitting at a table / Manya Inshikova / kissing a young man at the table / Karel Nolo, share Bishlyak Karel Lamatsch, Wabl Masserman.

Comic Max Linder. "Failure to matchmaking."

Max is going to visit the bride comes to the bakery, buy a package of rolls, but his boots glued a piece of paper, he is trying to tear it off, it is glued to the pants, it helps the seller.

Max at the bride.

From buns he becomes sticky hand to her again glued paper, trying to tear off the leg is attached to the shoe.

At the table to hand stick a fork, a glass, a plate.

The bride's father gives him a slap in the face and drives away.

Leaving, Max runs into the cook, utensils falls

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, celebrities

Reel №5


The film by German director Otto Rippert "homunculus" in 1916.

History of artificial person, created in the laboratory of Professor Hansen.

Scenes from the film.

Comedy "The villain Cola".

The pursuit of a man on a bicycle as a painter, a woman with a stroller, a rider, a crowd of anti-fouling

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, celebrities

Reel №6


Scene of the American detective, chasing a car.

A criminal on the electric chair.

Comic fat from the American comic.

Marlene Dietrich in "The Blue Angel".

Douglas Fairbanks in the film.

William Hart in a cowboy movie, American actress dancing on a stage on the beach in a bathing suit.

Sessions Hayakawa in "Broken Blossoms", the scene in the shop, fighting Jiu-Jitsu.

Gösta Ekman, Leon Cheney-typical American actors.

Comedy with Charlie Chaplin.

Emil Jannings as Mephistopheles in "Faust".

Fritz Kortner-English "villain", Werner Kraus, comedy Laurel and Hardy, a scene in the mine.

One lamp ignites the clothing of another, and then, turning, he touches another Kyle etc.

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, celebrities

Reel №7


Pola Negri in a scene from the film, she is sitting at her dressing table.

Asta Nielsen, the scene of death.

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks kinofirmu base.

Hungarian actress Lia de Futi.

American actress Constance Talmadge, the scene in the mirror, she wears a luxurious outfit.

Danish actor Ur Tolles, the scene at the ball, the role of the Maharajah.

American handsome Rudolph Valentino.

Ida Viskova, German lyric actress.

Greta Garbo in the film.

Enrico Caruso in the film: the audience in the theater, Caruso on stage in the role of Arlecchino, Caruso in the role of Rodolfo in "La Boheme", Kapio opera Leoncavallo's "Comedians," Samson in opera Saint-Saens' Samson and Delilah ", the governor in" Rigoletto "by Verdi.

Caruso as a cartoonist, he draws at the table.

Scene with poklonitsa, she tries to sing Caruso winces

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, celebrities, opera

Reel №8


Early melodrama.

Family scientist at the table.

Scientist in lab puts chemical experiments.

My wife and daughter came to him, he shows the daughter of experience, they leave.

Accidentally he leaves some substance to the plate, there is an explosion, burning laboratory, the scientist hardly pulled out of the fire.

All the money spent on treatment

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, family, explosion

Reel №9


Scientists have not yet recovered from his injury, continues to experiment, but the thought of his wife will not let him rest, he decides to follow her.

He sees her on stage, and her name in the program.

At home, he accuses her of riot, driving.

She faints.

Scientist looking into the box with the money, but they do not, then he understands the sacrifices went to his wife and asks her forgiveness

Key words

Czechoslovakia, movies, family, money, science, laboratory