In the Rhone valley. (1930 - 1939)

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Journey through the French river Rhone.

The origins of the Rhone in the mountains.

Waterfalls and rapids, rapid replaced for calm and smooth.

The city of Lyon.

PNRM. the city from above.

High-rise buildings in American style.

Pier, women wash clothes in the river.

Movement along the river bank, villages and towns.

A man sitting on a bench on a hill in front of him it offers views of the city along the banks of the river.


Ancient bridges, houses.

On the shore of a fisherman with a fishing rod.

View of the bridge with arched structures.

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

Stone tower, it departs from the cobblestone road.

The farmer drives two cows.

The movement of the cart, drawn by a view of the back of the bull.

On the bull's eyes stretched mat, he is a farmer.

Rides a cart with hay truck with baskets.

Stone built along the coast on the background of chipped rock.

The bridge-aqueduct.

Vineyards, grape ripens, the man drinks wine

The city of Avignon.

Castles and palaces, the bas-reliefs on the walls.

Avignon bridge-aqueduct.

Fishermen in a boat catching a huge sturgeon, dragged him to shore with ropes, placed on a cart.

Roman aqueduct.

The ruins of the town of Lebo.

Figure mausoleum, tetra, the arena, from which only ruins remain.

PNRM. at Avignon, and the ruins of the fortress, the remains of the statues, columns, bas-reliefs.

The two-storey aqueduct.

According to the railway bridge across the Rhone in Arles are car ride bicycles, carts.

The church and the remains of ancient tombs.

The ruins of the amphitheater in Arles

St Marie de la measures, ancient towers, a fortress, a church in the city.

Gypsy camp in the city.

They fight the boys in a pile.

Gypsy with lush hair and a mustache, smokes, women and children.

In the floodplain of the river in the south of grazing herds of bulls and horses.

Cowboys on horseback chase bulls.

Rodeo cowboy on a horse in the stable is preparing to enter the arena.

Bullfight in Arles.

In the arena of producing young bull, he teased everyone, bull chasing them.

The cowboy is trying to stay on the bull.

Spectators at odds with the views.

The street on horseback riding men and women.

Rhone River.

On the trees a lot of cicadas.

Twilight on the river boat near the shore

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