One day in Schonbrunn (1930-1939)

Footage №66494, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:G.K.Lejter /H.K.Leiter/
Camera operators:Gans Tejer

Reel №1


Schönbrunn, the former residence of the Habsburgs.

The park with shady avenues, fountains and sculptures.

The track, turning into stairs.

Birds drink water in the fountain.

Lawn with flowers, a pond with water lilies.

A minister from a boat collects algae, cleaning the pond.

Other mow grass between the compositions of flowers.

Avenue of tall trees, manicured solid wall.

PNRM. the alley.

There is a man with a newspaper in his hands, she sits down on a bench, reading a book.

Park visitor feeds a squirrel hands.

The man writes something sitting on the bench.

Pavilion open a gallery, fountains with sculptures.

A group of children on a field trip.

Guides lead tourists talks about Schonbrunn


PNRM. the palace of the Habsburgs.

Lattice fence, stele with an eagle.

Rooms palace, where Napoleon lived, paintings on the walls, and furniture.

The room where he died the son of Napoleon, the Duke Reyshtadsky.

Portrait of the young Duke.

Portrait of Marie Antoinette and Maria Theresa.

The internal chambers of the palace.

Hall rococo miniature vignettes.

In the evening, the palace is closed to visitors.

Keeper bypass rooms, close curtains, doors


Schönbrunn park in this.

Go mothers with strollers, kids playing in the park.

Near the palace is an artificial team coach Charles U1.8 wooden horses in an ornate harness harnessed to a carriage.

Greenhouses park, palm trees, tropical plants.

Schonbrunn Zoo.

Lion, tiger, bear in a cage the elephant raises its trunk.

Children look at a giraffe, which breaks the leaves from trees.

Condors, owl, pronghorn antelope.

Servant cards hippo gums.

Sea lions emerge from the water to the shore, the minister feeding them fish.

Funny comparison: the old man chewing.

Polar bears playing in the water.

It sounds a bell announcing the closing of the park.

Women with children are leaving the zoo, mother wheeled strollers.

The servants close the gate, checking the park, hurrying lingering visitors

Key words

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Austria, park, children, plants, zoo, animal, women

Reel №2


Doors with carved fireplace.

Lodging of Empress Elisabeth and Franz Josef.

Objects of Chinese art.

Hall, the seat of the Congress of Vienna, on the wall a picture of the meeting.

Banquet room, a table covered with dishes.

View of the park.

Game scene: the stairs to the coach down a woman and a boy in old clothes, sit in the carriage, the waiter stands behind four horses driven carriage

Key words

Austria, museum, theater, photo, monarchs

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