Eeyore in Cameroon. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Paulj Liberenc

Reel №1

The German expedition to Cameroon on cars at the beginning of number "IA" letters.

Cars driving on a dirt road entering the village.

For local children running machine.

The huts, covered palvomymi leaves.

Classes are Aboriginal.

Mother with two children, the child grabs her skirt.

A local trader souvenirs: are cloth, bracelets, sculptures of elephants and others.

Residents with children.

The native something beats on the stone with a hammer.

The natives helped the expedition members to put rolled off the truck.

After the turning pointer: a private area.

Two-storey house in which they live fellow expedition members.

Next to a small airfield, is a sports aircraft with the inscription "Stieglitz", the plane takes off, the natives looked at the sky.

Flying over the banana plantations.

Landscapes, river with passing ships.

Top view of the city by the sea

Key words

Cameroon, Africa, cars, peasants, children, trade, shipping, the natives, aviation, agriculture, river, transportation, water, city, sea, exercises

Reel №2

The plane sits.

A trip out of town is along a country road.

Towards the locals go-negros.

Many people carry different loads on the head.

Face Negro.

Avenue of palms in the distance can be seen the volcano.

Lagoon Beach, the house on the coast, boats moor.

From the boat goes native with an umbrella in his hand.

The use of boats to transport the expedition.

Members of the expedition ship equipment, boxes.

The boat floats on the river.

In the thickets of cormorants birds.

Arriving in the village.

Negros on the construction of the railway.

A man chopping wood, free land.

On the narrow gauge railway putting the cart, driven along the rails to the village.

The road goes over a bridge.

The huts of the natives, covered with palm leaves.

Lights hut, fire spread to other houses.

See people

Key words

Cameroon, Africa, population, aviation, natives, city, plant, volcano, water transport, river expedition, birds, construction, railway, bridge, fire

Reel №3

Fire burns down.

The natives carrying firewood, start building new huts.

The native carries on his head things in the pelvis.

Fire bred in a special place in the yard, preparing to fire.

Local residents, women with children strapped to the back go to the office, where spouses Kaufmans natives give social assistance, food.

The airfield, the German aircraft in the hangar, at the tail of the swastika.

The natives observe the flight of Messerschmidt.

The pilot in the cockpit, at the bottom of mountains, craters of extinct volcanoes.

The pilot takes notes, looking after landing in the machine


The expedition goes way back to the boat.

Machinery expedition ship to ship.

They escorted compatriots.

The ship in the sea, car expeditions are on the deck.

Sunset on the Sea

Key words

Cameroon, Africa, natives, aviation, children, women and humanitarian aid, personalities, Gos.simvolika, mountains, volcano Africa expedition, water transport, sea, natural phenomena