The capital of the world. (1933)

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Rome, the Appian Way, the ruins of ancient buildings.

On the way a shepherd leading a flock of sheep.

A herd of grazing at the ruins.

Tourists near the castle of St.


Tiber bridges and through it, the view of the castle from under the bridge.

The fountain with the sculpture.


Past the gate of the ancient triumphal ride cars, carriages.

Modern Rome.


The police regulating the traffic.

Goes tram.

The driver, sitting on the box carriages, talking to passers-by.

People go on business, strolling families.

The driver stops the carriage at the fountain, the horse is drinking water.

Newsstand interesting shape.

Italian soldiers talk to the carabinieri on the bike.

Newsstand, people watch the press, the girl's face, a policeman, a priest.

The old man received the money for the newspaper.

View of the street with shops on top.

Woman examines tissue.

Flower trade at all angles.

People at the tables of street cafes.

The old woman with an ice cream smiling waiter, speaks to him.

Historic building, on the front plate with embossed inscription on the walls of a semicircular niche with sculptures.

The driver with the carriage waiting for customers.

Two girls walking with an officer.

With carts selling fruit.

According to medieval custom in the afternoon has a gun in a fortress Yanikulum people synchronize watches.

City Park, people sit on benches, a couple reading a newspaper.

Children ride in a cart and donkey.

The street is the military, comes in the headquarters building.

Officers talk.

The fountain with the sculpture of a naked girl on a boar.

Street cafe at the wall, the people at the tables.

Girl-flower-addicted family, offers flowers.

Shops put goods on the street.

The sentries at the palace.

The building is a cafe on the corner of the street, the people at the tables.

Military misses tobacconist.

Lonely girl at the table, the old man with a beard, with a military woman.

The fountain, ornate sculpture.

Workers dismantled a bridge with wooden clubs.

Vatican - Pope's residence.

Go monks and priests in black cassocks.

Saint Paul's Cathedral.

Swiss Guard in the changing of the guard.

The bells of St.


Key words

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