Difficulties areas in the East (1942)

Documentary №66585, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:35, black-white

Reel №1

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Difficulties to be overcome means the German army on the eastern front.

Dirty, broken track, the trench in the water sweeps winter blizzards.

Trapped in the snow machine pull on the cable car on the tracks.

Wheels of cars get stuck in the mud.

As dirt is infantry.

Soldiers of the organization Todt build the road of logs.

Soviet prisoners of war at a construction site with Kyle, shovels.

The soldiers cleaned of dirt car wheels.

The truck got stuck in a ditch.

Soldiers help the car go through a dirty lot, pushing it.

Machines with an attached guns.

Horses carry logs.

The soldiers laid logs on a snowy road, knock together decking, the grooves fall asleep ground.

Metet drifting snow.

I heard the train horn, the soldiers unloaded from the wagon bags.

Machines color white paint for masking.

Go tanks.

Soldier throwing hay on the road.

With the carts on the road scatter sand.

On the outskirts of the village of German soldiers set the fence, they help the residents.

Trucks and motorcycles ride in a blizzard.

The soldiers try to warm up, slapping his hands.

Soldiers with carts on horseback in the snow, cover their faces from the wind.

Feed the horses hay.

Damaged enemy vehicle in the snow.

The soldiers opened the car door, looking at the icy interior of the cab, opened the hood, there are also all in the ice.

Soldiers built in wash bath of steam ran out into the snow, playing snowballs.

Reheating machines using a torch, towing vehicles

Key words

Germany, highway, railway, soldiers, construction, weapons, pets, prisoners, natural phenomena, strengthen, the world war 2, tanks, military equipment, people, peasants, sports, entertainment

Reel №2

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The machine is attached chain.

The soldiers clean snow shovels, pulling a gun.

German intelligence in the forest, the soldiers sink into the snow.

Arrival and distribution of skis for soldiers.

Soldiers skiing in the forest, learn to overcome obstacles.

Because the car is unloaded specially made sleigh in small boats.

On the sled driven projectiles loads, transport of wounded.

Clearing snow from roads in the forest.

Soldiers on horseback pave the road with the help of a special device on the sled, followed by cross-country skiers.

A string of sledges, fortified to the horses.

Snow machines at work.

On the roof of dripping icicles.

Spring comes, flowing streams.

Roads are now sinking in the wet snow, on which hardly go machine.

On the streets of the city residents break the ice.

On the road, even mired tractor trucks traveling with a dangerous tilt to the side.

The flood of the city.

Residents are on the water in his boots.

Water flows past the village houses.

A soldier carries the sledge.

Trucks on a bumpy road, the wheels are wrapped in chains.

Flood river.

The soldiers dragged the machine with the help of a rope, the machine carries a weapon.

Loshal tashit motorcycle.

Infantry is the mud.

The wagons on horseback

Key words

Germany, World War 2, the road, the soldiers, the wounded, natural phenomena, equipmentIn military, forest, pets, city, population, flood, river, weapons

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