The nationwide celebration of Labor. (1969)

Documentary №6659, 1 part, duration: 0:09:03
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Konovalov V.
Camera operators:Byalik A., Voroncov V., Kiselev V., Maksimov L., Opryshko P., Fedyaev E., Filatov I.
Anouncers:Khmara L.
Text authors:Torchinskiy M.


Film about the anniversary communist Saturday April 12, 1969.

Temporary description:

A film about the All-Union Communist Saturdays April 12, 1969 The City of Moscow. The Depot railroad station, Moscow-sorting. The plaque on a steam train, a restored, 12 April 1919. Meeting. By participants of the first communist Saturday VM Sidel'nikov (synchronously). Production processes at the depot. City of Ulyanovsk. Construction of one of the squares of the city. Open foreign student from Africa. Leningrad. Shipyard. Construction of a floating base "Vostok". City of Moscow. Assembling cars on the assembly line automobile plant ZIL. Production processes in industrial enterprises. Personnel chronicles. Movement of the engine. Workers repairing a locomotive depot.

Reel №1

The people with the orchestra goes to work day - MS., LS. with a / t

The rally in the depot "Moscow-sorting", where 50 years ago the first communist Saturday.

On the podium, a locomotive RH 7024 are participants of the first work day Vasily Mikhailovich Sidelnikov and Fyodor Pavlov - MS.

Grishin talking to workers - MS., CU., PNRM.

VM stands Sidelnikov (synchronous) - MS.

Cost locomotive - LS.

A plaque on it: "This locomotive depot was renovated communist Moscow-sorting on the first communist Saturday April 12, 1919» - MS.

Newsreel 1919.:

Broken engine.

Workers repair the locomotive depot - MS., CU.

Picture of Lenin in his office - MS.

Passing refurbished locomotive - LS., MS.

Working locomotive depot repair, work with them to the island defenders Damanski - MS., CU.

Refurbished electric - LS.

The construction of the Lenin memorial in Ulyanovsk - LS. with a / t

Together with the builders working residents, youth, students - LS., PNRM.

Admiralty shipyards factory assembled gigantic mother ship "Vostok" - different.

Welders work.

Assembly on the main conveyor Automobile them.

Likhachev truck ZIL-130, automakers are young - different.

Industrial landscape - LS., PNRM.

Building a house - MS.

Builder puts the stove - MS.

New - LS.

Shop factory - LS.

Work boring and boring machines - different.

The shop is a wheeled tractor assembly - MS.

Work in the assembly shop of the Moscow plant named after Vladimir Lenin - MS., LS.

Smelter - LS., MS.

Store clerks "Synthetic" on Kalinin Avenue in Moscow to clean up - LS., MS.

MSU students are working on a construction site - LS., MS.

Cleaning of the area near the Kremlin wall - MS.

TTY work - MS., CU.

External plan of the factory - PNRM.

Smokestacks - MS.

Melted and poured metal - LS., MS.

Working loom.

The shop ready to go wheeled tractor.

Truck off the assembly line - LS.

Machinist rises on diesel.

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