Blessed German land. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Marcan /Wilhelm Marzahn/

Operators: Gerbert Kebeljman

Reel №1


Gardening and Floriculture in Germany.

German town in the spring, on fruit trees flowers bloom.

Children run with branches in their hands, are at the trees dance, sing.

Peasant house.

Women work in the field, is planting asparagus.

Processing asparagus cannery.

Transportation asparagus in cars in Berlin.

Loaders with carts at the station, is the loading of vegetables.

City Park, on stage a band plays, people are sitting at tables in the open air.

Waiters are dishes of asparagus, visitors eat a variety of Budan, dancing


Growing tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses in the city Bilitts styling of early potatoes in bags.

Vegetables driven in carts to the composition.

Gathering in the peas and carrots, their loading.

Gathering cherries, currants, raspberries, peaches.

Children eating cherries.

Baskets with berries driven to the train.

PNRM. the city with churches, turreted castle by the river, a bridge across it.

Loading in cars.

Floriculture in Silesia and Erfurt.

Vast plantations of flowers, is the collection of peonies, asters.

View of the old city

Key words

Germany, peasants, children, city, sports, entertainment, food industry, plants Germany, industry, farmers, children, railroad, river, castle, church, river, bridge

Reel №2


Plantation of flowers, greenhouses.

Flowers in pots: petunia, rose, orchid, pelargonium and others.

Trucks with colors approaching the train, loading flowers into wagons.

Transportation of tree seedlings.

Field with cauliflower, is harvesting, crates driven in carts to the composition.

Trains depart at different places in Germany.

Harvesting of cabbage, export it on the train.

Vokzal'na vanity.

Gathering in squash field, they are washed, sorted, loaded into wagons.

The garden is picking apples.

Sending fruit in other countries: England and others.

Flowering gardens, trees zruyut apples.

Collect fruit and packing them in boxes, loaded on the train.

PNRM. by regions.

PNRM. on the terrain on which the train is going.

The village is vintage.

The girl drinks wine from a glass.

Barrels of grapes are loaded onto the platform.

The German peasant woman in national dress demonstrates the gifts of nature

Key words

Germany, agriculture, trade, fair, church destruction