The wrestling Canada. (1940 - 1949)

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Canada takes part in World War II on the Allied side.

Canadian aircraft bombed the industrial centers of the fascist states.

Planes flying over Genoa, Milan, Essen and other cities.

Bombs are flying over a desert in Africa, over the ocean.

Canadian ships in the battle, shoot guns.

With the vessel dropping depth charges on German submarines.

Canada takes part in sea battles in the Atlantic, Pacific.

In the rear, work continues for the front.

Canadian fishermen at work.

Canadian landscapes, views of the city forest.

Woodworking plant.

Farmers plow on the tractor.

Rocky Mountains - a natural barrier that protects against attacks from the Pacific Ocean.

Workers on scaffolding alloy logs thrown into the water.

Canadian Army entered the war 10 September 1939.

Soldiers out of the barracks.

Volunteers sit on the train, look out of the windows, they escorted home.

Marching young people.

Flying Canadian planes shooter looks out of the cab.

The armed forces of Canada is an ally of Britain.

Training pilots bombing.

Pilots in the barracks, military badges they receive after graduation.

Flying Squadron.

Planes bombed on land and at sea.

At sea, sailing ships Coast Guard.

On shipyards are under construction ships.

The descent of the ship the stocks.

In the fields of Canadian grown grain.

Women harvest.

Powered military industry.

Working for the machines.

Construction of barracks.

Logging, trucks take out the logs.

Construction of roads for the supply front.

Ongoing mining: nickel, aluminum, magnesium.

Job aircraft plant, tank factory, manufacturing tools and techniques.

A lot of cars out of the shop.

They're coming tanks, trucks, planes take off.

From the port leaves the convoy to Britain, which carries up to 65 million tons of cargo.

Court in the Atlantic.

The ships in the North Sea, laying the path in the ice, the ship with the icy deck and handrails.

Soldiers in camouflage skiing.

In the cities on the workload to take women: they email, typing, sewing clothes, peeling potatoes, working educators in kindergarten, to harvest the fields.

Canadian soldiers in the city among the people.

The sailors go with the girls in the car.

Go Canadian workers, soldiers marching, flying planes, sailing ships.

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