We will not forget X vsesokolsky rally. (1938)

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Director: Martin Frich /Martin Frie/

Reel №1


Landscapes Czechoslovakia.

Prague is decorated with flags and flowers.

On the waterfront are columns, the streets filled with crowds of festively dressed residents.

Types pragal.

Soldier face in the helmet with a rifle in his hands, his face working with a pick in hand, the woman's face, the faces of children.

People waving handkerchiefs, welcome coming athletes


The opening of a meeting at the stadium, marching columns of athletes, mass exercises at the stadium.

On the square in front of the Cathedral of St.

Vitus keep walking columns, dancing girls in national costumes.

In the field of the stadium are the columns of young men in uniform, in national costumes, the girls in white dresses.

On the platform sat the president and his wife in the audience

Key words

Czechoslovakia, people, festivals, Gos.simvolika, flowers, men, sports, women, city workers Czechoslovakia, sports, stadium, festivals, the cathedral, the young, women, president, family

Reel №2


Flowering apple tree, a child in the cradle.

Go down the street children, waving handkerchiefs.

Girl with hoop in hand.

Passing by child soldier salutes, the boy in the form of content.

Preparing food for the participants of the rally, men take a huge pot, is a stack of bowls.

Dine guys.

Outdoors is mnozhetsov tables, behind which sit the participants.

The boys settled down at the fence, munching bread.

Entrance to the stadium, waving flags.

At the stadium are spectators, approaching cars.

Special bus Czech-mail, where the participants of a meeting may send home a letter or a postcard.

Boys consider the brand, throw the letter into the slot.

People go to the stadium.

The President and his wife.

A soldier salutes the crowd in the background.

Flag Raising.

At the stadium the children perform massive exercise, dancing.

Mass exercises adult participants

Key words

Czechoslovakia, sports, stadium, children, festivals, women Gos.simvolika, garden, plants, food, mail, youth, president, family, people

Reel №3


On the field, the ranks of athletes.

Those spectators in the stands.

Transmission flags.

Boys perform exercises on the field, spectators clap.

Ranks move across the field toward the exit.

Massive exercise Female athletes on the field

Key words

Czechoslovakia, stadium, sports, youth, Gos.simvolika women

Reel №4


Spectators look at the performance of girls.

Ranks shifted rows are arranged on the field.

New members of the parade out on the field, they go to the poles on which are attached the May wreath with ribbons.

Groups of dancing folk dance on the field around the poles in the dance.

They end the dance, go

Key words

Czechoslovakia, sports, stadium, parade, youth festival

Reel №5


Athletics competitions among men.

Exercises on the uneven bars, rings, on horseback, running, high jump with a pole.

Competition in the pool swimming, jumping from the tower.

Compete volleyball and basketball teams.

Running hurdles, steeplechase, throwing grenades.

At a rally attended by athletes from Yugoslavia, Switzerland and other countries.

Coach massages athlete.

Exercises on the horse perform Michael Broich, Leo Shearman.

On the crossbar Jan Gaydosh, Alois Gulets.

Exercises on the bars

Key words

Czechoslovakia, sports, swimming pool, personalities

Reel №6


Athletes on the uneven bars, the world champion at number 56. Performers are athletes in gymnastics, Kuyunchich Yugoslav, Czech athlete.

Jumping horse.

Throwing core men.

High jumping, running.

Discus Throw women.

The exercises on the balance beam, uneven bars at different height.

Team performance with clubs

Key words

Czechoslovakia, sport, youth

Reel №7


Grassroots women exercise on the field.

View from the plane to the stadium

Key words

Czechoslovakia, stadium, sports, women

Reel №8

Reel №9


Marching-athletes boys.

On the rally day of remembrance of the victims.

Monuments and plates, the laying of wreaths.

Mass exercises at the stadium at the closing rally.

View from the plane to the stadium.

Above the stadium fly airplanes


The demonstration is going to defend the homeland.

Marching soldiers in the ranks against competitors.

Gallops cavalry riding motorcyclists.

Cars with soldiers overcome prepyatsiviya.

Ranks athletes perform mass exercises.

The crowd was jubilant.

Simvolichnsky frame a powerful water flow.

Hands raised in oath

Key words

Czechoslovakia, stadium, sports, festivals, monuments, the laying of wreaths, aviation Czechoslovakia, parade, sport, soldiers, cavalry, demonstration cars