Echo homeland (3 series). (1936)

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Director: Valjter V.Trinke /Walter W.Trinke/

Reel №1


Chronicle 2 nd half of 1935, "the year of freedom."

The return of the Saar region of Germany.

Suitable train, people shout, greet arrivals.

Station in Potsdam, a crowd of greeters.

Nazi symbols on the building.

Newspaper in hand.

Demonstration in support of cities.

Demonstration in Wartburg.

Propaganda posters.

Speech by Hitler.

Putting troops in the liberation.

On the way German soldiers marching to Nesna.

The soldier is a horse on it sits a boy, children accompanied by a column of soldiers.

Neustrelitz, meeting the city's population Wehrmacht soldiers.

Welcome transporant, the streets are decorated with garlands, fascist sivolikoy.

People welcome the cavalry, infantry.

People look out of the windows waving their hands


Recruits even in civilian clothes standing at the barracks with things.

According to the team, they are going to Quartermaster, get obmurdirovanie, helmets.

Recruits to the parade ground, getting first lessons in riding, doing special exercises.

The soldier tries to climb on a horse falls.

Exercise on horseback on balance, go, holding onto the helmet weight, do exercises, standing on the rump of the horse, jump to it


Demonstration of Germany's military power.

Soldiers carry guns, cannon dragged by ropes on the bridge.

The cavalry with guns at the river.

Plane takes off.

Military maneuvers of the Wehrmacht.

The soldiers fired from a machine gun on the field.

Horse rides over rough terrain, riding armored vehicles.

Attack Corps.

Hitler talking to the generals.

Armored vehicles with guns cross the river, are the tanks.

Undermining the house out of a cannon.

In the sky flying a squadron of tanks in the attack

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Reel №2


Attack infantry, tanks with air support.

Hitler generals observe the maneuvers.

In the sky flying aircraft in the form of a swastika.

Parade of the Wehrmacht to Hitler.

Ride cyclists, horse artillery, vehicles with soldiers, anti-aircraft artillery, riders, cavalry.

Flight of the airship "Graf Zeppelin" over the ocean.

Airship in the field, rising into the sky from the window looks the chief flight


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the existence of the German railway.

Exhibition of railway transport of samples from the earliest to the latest.

Modern Pullman.

Trip of children to the children's train, created under the old.

Militarized labor service.

Construction workers ride in carriages.

Work on the drainage of the marshes.

Workers removed the sod.

Stump wood and stumps, after going skating rink.

The successes in the economy of Germany.

Countryside, new roads and bridges.

Decorated arch with the inscription: "Road of Adolf Hitler."

According to the new highway is a car with Hitler.

The crowd welcomed the Fuhrer.

Woman car blocks the road, coming to the Führer.

Hitler smiling out of the car, out to the crowd.

He was photographed with three girls.

The rally on the open road.

Construction works, overturned trolley with earth

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Reel №3


The new Court of Germany in the sea.

Port types shores.

Works of the sea.

Workers are pipeline.

New dams, bridges, roads.

Movement along the new road.

Freight transport for Olympic traffic, aboard the Olympic flag is shown, the trucks are on the road.

Airplane with the symbols X1 Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, the plane with the word "Olympia", flying over Berlin, see the Olympic stadium and other facilities.

New factories, smoke pipes.

Miners at work are trucks loaded with coal.

Works in the port


The metal box is laid Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" and a scroll of paper.

The box with the emblem and the date 1935 is put in the stove.

Hitler symbolically hit a hammer on the plate.

The slogan: "House - a well-being."

Bas farmer with a pig and a goose.

The inscription on the building: "The house of the German crafts".

House on the waterfront sculpture.

Young people are holding the ribbon on the road.

There is a Hitler with the officers, tearing the ribbon hands.

The opening of another house in Berlin.

Hitler on the balcony.

Construction of new ministries in Berlin buildings.

Construction sites in the forest.

A soldier in a helmet in the ranks.

Goring on the podium in front of a microphone.

Flying new aircraft of the Luftwaffe


Opening of the winter of 1936 to assist the needy.

Hitler's speech to the audience in the hall.

Large plans Goebbels, Goering, Beck et al.

In the beer talking townsfolk

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Reel №4


By the townsfolk in a pub suited man with a cup for donations.

Day of "single pot" in Berlin.

People get soup, throw a coin in the cup.

Fundraising in the streets, and involves well-known actors, government officials


Auto Show 1935 in Berlin.

Hitler and members of the government at the exhibition.

Goering considers open car sotkidyvayuschimsya riding.

Hitler speaks to the assembled.

The first vintage car driving on the road.

Auto racing in France.

German driver Caracciola.

View from the plane to the track.

Cars speeding on a steep wall.

Replacing the wheels of the car.



Opening of the exhibition radios and televisions in Kaiserberg.

In the pavilion is Goebbels and his entourage.

Exhibits, Telefunken.

The large screen on which appear the faces of spectators.

Speech by Goebbels on television.

Address children's musical group, guys play the accordion.

Folk dances in the building.

The fire at the show, night, burning building, howling siren.

On the morning of the show exhibition of ruins

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Reel №5


Berlin, funeral of the victims of the mine disaster.

The street is a funeral procession.

Go fighters RAD with shovels.

Near the cathedral is lowered coffins.

There have bells.

Funeral speech Goebbels.

Lower the flags on coffins lay wreaths and flowers


Nazi eagle with a swastika.

The Party Congress.

Hitler and two officers bypass the troops in the stadium.

Top view of the stadium filled.

Hitler takes hits, go with the standard of units, banners.

This Hitler.

There have orudinye volleys, anthem


Gebebls gives Moscow an answer.

Goebbels made a speech criticizing politics and culture tips


The Congress of the Reichstag in Nuremberg.

This Hitler.

It raises the flag with a swastika.

The parade and demonstration in the city.

Hitler stands in the car takes the parade together with the generals, seen Hess.

Go columns of troops.

Goebbels among officers

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Reel №6


Hitler speaks to the young people at the stadium.

Those young men in uniform.

In one of the camps of the organization "Hitler Youth."

The arrival of a new group of kids on the train, they go with backpacks.

Troops marching with flags, followed by newcomers with things.

Campground town.

The leader of the youth movement Artur Axmann speaks to kids


Navy Day celebration.

Goebbels' speech at the solemn meeting.

Detachments of sailors lined up along the road, cars go to the members of the government.

Speech Hess.

Bypass Grand Admiral Raeder parts.

Military maneuvers Navy and Air Force.

In the sky flying squadron.

The sailors fled to the anti-aircraft guns, srelyayut.

Raeder and other officers watching the maneuvers.

Shoot anti-aircraft guns, guns.

The squadron in the sea.

Hitler and Goering on board a destroyer.

The parade of ships.

Hydroplane in air.

It sounds an alarm, fire anti-aircraft guns.

Hitler and Raeder with binoculars watching the course of the maneuvers.

Admiral and officers on board the ship, bypass the guard of sailors.

The squadron goes to sea.

Off to the shore waving their hands.

The ship departs from the wharf.

Sailors on the deck waving beskozzyrkami.

On the deck of a military band played.

Squadron in the sea, blowing flag

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