Echo homeland (4 series). (1936)

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Director: D.L.Mancelj, Otto Tober, Aljbert Lyuig /D.L.Manzel, Otto Tober, Albert Luig/

Reel №1


The chronicle of events of the first half of 1936.

New Year's reception at the Fuhrer.

Parade in Berlin in the pouring rain.

People stand with umbrellas.

Flag over the Reichstag.

The generals and ministers come to the reception of the building on Prezidentallee. approaching vehicles comes Goring generals.

A guard of honor, the generals obzhodyat system.

On the street there are troops.

Hitler bypass operation.

Hitler with guests.

Hitler opens onto a balcony, the crowd welcomed the Fuhrer.

Police holding back the onslaught of the crowd


January 30 - Day of the old guard in Berlin.

On the Square are the troops coming down the aisle with the standard of the standard-bearers.

Hitler goes to the troops with his colleagues.

Close-up of a bandage with a swastika on his sleeve, the old fighter icon.

Hitler with two generals mounts the rostrum, refers to the old battle comrades.

Sign: Nazi eagle, inscription - Munich 1923-1933, on 9 November.

Hitler goes through the system, he gets in the car, standing rides, welcomes

Germany. "Green Week" in Berlin.

Agriculture and hunting exhibition in 1936.

Are the huntsman, trumpeting in hunting horns

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Reel №2


On the wall of the muzzle of the deer with antlers.

Speech by Goering.

Large house hunting on the walls of antlers, diplomas.

Speaker Reichsleiter Darre, head of the agricultural policy of the NSDAP. Exhibits: various canned food, the gifts of nature, and vegetables.

Sculpture farmer with wheat sheaves.

In the pavilion exhibition Visitors walk.

Transformations in the village.

Field work.

Excursion to the model farm.

with the latest technology equipment.

Cubicle, milk production schedules.

Clean and tidy room.

Caring for the nutrition of livestock.

Visit the stables.

The participants at the table to discuss what they see.

The laboratory at the farm, which oversees production.

Plowing on horseback, sitting.

Cows in the pasture.

The grain in the barn.

The field is cleaning wheat, potatoes


Bavaria, winter landscape.

Loggers leave the house, go up to the mountains.

The descent of logs harvested on a sled down

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Reel №3


Building in Berlin.

The new site metro line connecting the western and eastern outskirts of the city.

The construction of the tunnel under the channel of the River Spree / places a two-story /.

Construction on the Friedrichstrasse.

Construction of the station at Unter den Linden.

Top view of the street, where there is a building.

Certain parts of construction.

Construction of new homes in the capital and Olympic venues.

Completion of construction of the Olympic stadium, swimming pool and other facilities.

Airship brand L.TS.129 removed from the hangar, lead to a lot of rope.

From the height of the airship seen soldiers lead zeppelin.

From the windows waving their hands.

Airship sent to flight, he at Weimar

Key words

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Reel №4


The funeral of a member of the NSDAP Wilhelm Gustlova.

Photo Gustlova.

The arrival of the coffin with the body Gustlova in his hometown of Schwerin by train.

Soldiers with torches carry out the coffin.

Hearse on horseback riding through the streets of the city.

Half-mast on the buildings.

The coffin was placed in the hall, stands a guard of honor, are people.

Hitler bypasses the system rises to the coffin.

The funeral procession walks down the street.

Go generals Hess.

The officers are the wife and relatives of the deceased.

last honors


March 17, 1936.

Day of memory of heroes in Berlin.

A solemn meeting it general.

The presidium of Hitler, Goering and others.

Soldiers lowered the banners.

Hitler and Field Marshal circumvents formation of soldiers from the Pantheon.

Go foreign guests.

Among the spectators sit disabled World War 1.

Laying wreaths at the Pantheon to the common grave


The remilitarization of the Rhineland.

Demonstration in Berlin.

Hitler bypass operation.

The building of the Reich Chancellery.

Hitler on the balcony with him Goering, Goebbels, Hess and other leaders.

The ferry troops across the Rhine March 7, 1936, seeing them cheering crowd.

Infantry, cyclists pass by the Cathedral.

The women throw flowers.

On the bridge go carts, cavalry, and artillery.

Boy soldier on his hands.

Troops march through the city, a band plays on horseback, riding field kitchens.

Night rally at the Reich Chancellery.

On the balcony of Hitler, Goebbels, Generals.

Torchlight procession of members of the Nazi Party before the Fuhrer

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Reel №5


Elections in Germany.

Speech by Hitler to the population of Königsberg and Essen.

Hitler and his entourage walks down the aisle of the hall to the podium.

To it runs boy asks an autograph, Hitler signed his piece of paper on the back.

The jubilant crowd in front of the building, it Fuhrer.

Slogans: "One people!

One Führer!

One will! ".

Gothic cathedral bells.

At the gates of the fortress troops with banners go


The Fuhrer in the Rhineland.

German military units enter into the Rhineland, the population welcomes them.

Hitler rides in the car, followed by motorcade.

The officer read to him the official instrument of the Rhineland, passes.

This Hitler.

Night rally, torches in the hands of soldiers.

Residents of the city near the cathedral


Portrait of the election of Hitler.

Woman hangs on the balcony of the Nazi flag, people on the streets waving flags with swastikas.

Slogans and posters on buildings, are the agitators.

Goebbels and his wife go to the polling station, the old lady shakes hands voted.

People receive ballots and vote.

Go podschest votes.

Leaflets with the name of Adolf Hitler in high pile.

Newspaper headlines about the elections, which were attended by 99 people.

Blows Nazi flag with a swastika.

Time at the monument

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