Echo homeland (5 series). (1937)

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Reel №1


Parade of the Navy in honor of the anniversary of the Battle of Skaggerakskoy.

Hitler and Admiral Raeder bypasses the operation of seafarers.

Sailor Rings a Bell-bell.

Raeder report to his Fuhrer, delivers a speech in front of sailors.

Hitler and Raeder on a cruiser prinmat parade of military courts.

On the deck alongside the ships are sailors in white ceremonial robes.

View from the airplane on the court.

Himmler looking through binoculars from the deck.

Go submarines


Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the existence of the University of Heidelberg.

View Geldelberg from the river, in the foreground of a beautiful old bridge.

There have bells.

Speech by the Rector of the University.

Solemn procession in the city.

Ahead are trumpeters in ancient costumes, followed by professors in robes, foreign guests.

Residents watch the parade


X1 Olympic Games in Berlin.

The stadium field out Hitler and his entourage.

To him comes a girl with flowers.

Next to Hitler Gauleiter of Berlin, they climb on the podium.

Spectators stand up, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

On the podium, Hitler, Hess, generals.

Parade participants of the Olympic Games.

There is a German team with the Nazi flag.

Hitler opens the Olympic Games.

The rise of the Olympic flag

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Reel №2


Raised Olympic flag over the stadium flying pigeons.

Hitler on the podium.

On track athlete running with Olympic flame lights a fire in the bowl.

Germany won in 34 Olympic gold medals.

View of the stadium from the top.

The competition in the marathon, athletes run down the street, running steps, return to the stadium.

Placards with the results: 1st place - Dream / Japan /, 2.19.19, 2nd place - Harper / England /, 3rd place - Nan / Japan /.

Winner's reward ceremony.

Swimming in the pool.

Javelin Throw for men and women. 2 Germans win in this kind of competition.

Winner nadevat on the heads of laurel wreaths.

Hitler and Goering raise their hands in a Nazi salute, the spectators, too

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Reel №3


Reports of strikes and unrest around the world.

The strikers on the streets.

Strewn debris grates, glass.

The strike at the factory Renault in France, striking the plant, they raise their hands, clenched into a fist. police disperse the strikers.

US Mounted Police disperse strikers


German public organization "Strength through Joy" is organizing a sea voyage to workers in Madeira.

A ship at sea, the tourists on the deck.

Men playing disc throwing, women knit, someone sitting in shehlongah someone looking through binoculars overboard.

Madeira with sea view.

German House in Madeira, at his side for the tourists dancing girl in national German clothes.

Elderly couple rolled down the street for transport, similar to a sled on wheels.

Ski vacation in the mountains.

Mountain village, a peasant in a sleigh driven by a log.

Skiers go to the mountains, slide down, fall down, go through the woods.

women's gymnastics in the gym


Hamburg, the port, ships, city views.

The opening of the International Congress on the organization of rest of workers.

Solemn procession through Uilits in ancient costumes.

Ahead are the drummers in doublets, played by an orchestra.

Demonstration welcomes Dr.

Ley and generals.

Go delegates from different countries: Sweden, Norway, China, marching sailors, soldiers.

Ride wagons with models - sailing ship.

The wagon with imitation Meissen porcelain, there is a huge vase beside her a girl dressed in a dress with crinoline


Working moments at a metallurgical plant.

Working in the field, at a construction site.

Zip cars with parcels, drillers.

The driver in the cab of the train.

The opening of the Party Congress in Nuremberg.

Streets decorated with Nazi symbols, banners with swastikas.

meeting room, go down the aisle Hitler, Hess, they go to the podium.

Contribute banners.

Close-up of the Führer

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Reel №4


Congress opens Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess at the party.

Close-up of Hitler in the hall.

Hitler squeezes his fists, while others clap.

Hess proclaims toast the Führer.

Speech Goebbels directed against Bolshevism.

In the hall on the first row sat Hitler, Hess, Viktor Lutze, Himmler, Goebbels completes it, coming from the podium, shaking hands with Hitler.

Speaker Gauleiter Bohle, head of department at the National Socialist Party, on the fate of Germans living abroad.

Hess closes the Congress.

Sounds anthem

Key words

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Reel №5


Parade units "Labor Front" in the stadium before the Fuhrer.

Parts of lining up at the stadium, Hitler riding in an open car.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers with shovels.

A group of officers.

Gymnastic performance of soldiers with flags.

Parade units SA, the SS and the NJC, Hitler on the podium.

Top view of a field filled with parts.

Are the generals, Goebbels, Hess.

Hitler makes a speech


Opening of the railway communication between the mainland and the island of Rügen, Germany for the newly built dam.

View of the Cathedral and the emblem of the city of Stralsund, a town hall, the old buildings of the city.

Dorpmyuller Minister delivers a speech at the opening of the bridge.

The first train sent to Rügen, tearing the ribbon on the way


Opening Hitler next winter to assist companies in need.

Hall, the scene transporant: "Winter Relief 1936-37."

This Hitler, faces certain generals.

Visit the studio, are shooting the film "Old Fritz".

The crew of the movie camera, shooting the ball, the men in camisoles, ladies in ball gowns, wigs.

Work illuminators.

The actor in a suit Marshal speech.

Collecting money from the population.

Close up of a mug with donations.

Military raise funds.

German bank building near Goring with a cup for donations, politsaprezident Count von Helldorf.

People near the Brandenburg Gate.

Goebbels collects money.

Day of "single pot" in Berlin.

People surround the field kitchen, get soup, eat at the tables

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Reel №6


Gauleiter Ernst Wilhelm Bohle visited Mussolini in Rome.

They walk in the park, welcomes children from the fascist organization.

Mussolini walking down the street along the number of motorcyclists.

The parade in Rome, go army, young people yunoshestkaya units.

The rally near the government building.

On the balcony of Mussolini, Bole and other officials.

Bypassing the troops of Mussolini and Bol


Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano in Berlin, bypassing the guard of honor.

Standard of Italian units in Germany, "Federico Gvella".

The delegation lays a wreath at the Pantheon.

Parade before Ciano.

Car Ciano sent to Berchtesgaden, Hitler's residence in the Alps.

Hitler and Foreign Minister Neurath meets Minister Ciano, a picture memory.

They talk on the terrace, on the background of mountains.

Hitler says goodbye to Ciano


The trial against the murderers of William Gustlova.

PNRM. Shur on the city.

Courthouse, are members of the court.

From the car goes Gustlova widow in mourning.

Judge Speaker Dr.

Brukar, is meeting.

Christmas day 1936.

Goebbels speaking at a children's party.

On stage, a lot of toys, big fancy tree.

In the hall there are tables with refreshments.

Goebbels down to the hall, along with the other gives children toys.

Goebbels opens the box with the harmonica, trying to play, gives the boy.

Girls with the new dolls.

Goebbels holds in the hands of the machine, considering her.

Rejoice mothers with children.

Gebebls gets from girls postcard, smiling, gives her a box with a set of doll's dishes.

Saint Nicholas on the stage next to Goering, he made a speech about the children.

Distribution of gifts Santa Claus and Goering

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