Echo homeland (6 series) (1937)

Documentary №66690, 7 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gerhard Guttula /Gerhard Huttula/

Reel №1


Chronicle of events in 1937.

Installation images that portray the life of Germany.

An ancient castle on the river bank.

Landscape with a River, folk song sounds.

The streets of the city, a sculpture of a lion, preparing to jump.

Houses with tiled roofs, the walls are decorated with bas-reliefs.

View from the river to the house and the church.

Village house, a woman with two children driving a switch of geese.

Stork in the nest on the roof.

The shepherd drives a herd of cows.

The forest, the sun breaks through the branches.

River with a dam, on a hill house and church.

Cows grazing on alpine meadow.

the great river view from the bridge, go to court.

Sculpture of an angel who rules the chariot


The meeting of the Reichstag in Berlin.

Above the entrance is developing a Nazi flag.

A view of the Brandenburg Gate.

The meeting room in the Reichstag, Hitler's speech.

Radio Tower.

A crowd of people in the street listening to the radio speech Hitler.

In the middle of the street there are two traffic controller.

Along the street near the Brandenburg Gate built parts.

Near the House are radio people, listening to the Fuhrer.

Family near a radio in the room.

Listening workers at lunchtime, a person listening to women.

The soldier near a radio.

Soldiers in the hall.

The soldiers on the parade ground in the highlands.

The hall of the Reichstag, the people clap.

Hitler on the podium.

Flying airplanes in the form of a swastika go warships, soldiers marching on the streets of Berlin, the population looks at them.

Those sailors, clerks, teenagers.

At the end of Hitler's speech all stand up, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

Nazi eagle banners.

Speech Gebeblsa of the master plan of 4 years.

In the hall of the Minister Neurath


Exhibition of Achievements of various industries.

Hitler visited an exhibition with him, Dr.

Ley, Goebbels.

Layout Academy of the German Reich.

Portrait of Hitler's quote from his speech on the poster.

The current model of the exhibition.

Agricultural machinery, machine tools.

International Exhibition in Paris, the German pavilion exhibits.

Exhibition "Working people" in Düsseldorf

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Reel №2


Types of Düsseldorf city fountains.

The exhibition, people go.

The building, at the entrance an inscription: "The German workers' front."

Göring with officers visiting the exhibition, visiting the exhibits.

The current model of the rolling mill press.

Goering in the yard, there is a children's railway was built, sits in an open carriage.

The train passes through the village, the 4-th International Agricultural Exhibition in Munich 30,5-6.6.1937 year.

View of the exhibition from above, its pavilions.

PNRM. for the exhibition.

Showing breeding cows, SH art.

Goes motorcade ahead of Hitler, he welcomes women in national costumes, vystroevshihsya along the road.

Hitler circumvents formation of soldiers, the officer salutes him.

It Agriculture Minister Darre


Militarized labor service in Germany.

labor front Soldiers with shovels in their hands, they march down the road.

Land works to drain wetlands.

Soldiers digging branch ducts, the water is pumped pump.

Students watch a militarized labor, digging the ground.

Countryside, near the house of a woman with two children in her arms, the peasants, they are suitable officers.

Help "Labour Front" in the village.

Urban women in the village, two women driven cart, working in the fields, weed seedlings, planting seedlings.

Woman pours feed geese, pigs, chopping wood.

Boys squatting weed plants in the field.

A field of wheat, the old farmer considers ears.

Boys from the "Labor Front" greet with the peasants, helping with the harvest

Key words

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Reel №3


Advances in the industry.

Construction of new roads in the mountains.

Men throw stones in the wagons, trolleys are on track.

Working time of construction.

Undermining the mountain by way of stacking.

Different parts of the path, there is an installation of monumental towers across the gorge.

Operate cranes, the construction of the bridge in the mountains.

The new road, cars go.

Hitler on the opening of a new section of the road Kenigsberg - Hamburg - Lignitts, which occupies 1,000 km.

Fuhrer Parade.

Workers greet him.

Hitler's speech at the rally.

Fuhrer rides on a new road in an open car.

His car stopped on the side of the road, passing by trucks with builders, Georgia.

Hitler stands in the hall.

The big picture: "The German alpiskaya road."

Advances in the automotive industry.

The new brand machines.

International auto racing, racing moments on the various sections of the track.

Poebeditel with a wreath.

Rosemeyer racer puts a new record.

Hitler and Goebbels visiting various car models at vystavek.

"Mercedes-Benz", motorcycles

Key words

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Reel №4


Metallrugichesky shop is rolled steel.

The graph of growth from 1932 to 1937 godv.

Automobile Plant, machinery is being assembled.

Industrial landscape.

Workflows at the plant at the mine.

Advances in shipbuilding, the stocks coming off a new ship.

Construction of new homes.

plant construction plan "Boone", its products are: tires, tires.

Workshop on making felt.

The work in a textile factory, the production of fabrics.

German Railways, the train goes.

The new locomotive depot.

Trip to Rügen on the newly built dam.

There is a train, a passenger looking out the window, the window views.

Air service performed by the company "Lufthansa".

Driving Germany's airports.

Seaplane taking off from the water surface.

Katapultovoe device for seaplanes take off from a ship.

Zeppelin flight on the final design "Hindenburg" in the United States.

Zeppelin over New York, view of skyscrapers.

Captain Hans Lehmann in the gondola zeppelin.

Flying over the Atlantic.

Landing at the airport, zeppelin explodes and burns, falls to the ground.

We hear the cries, run by American soldiers, orderlies.

Aerial view of the remains of dogorevshego zeppelin.

Because there is a new airship hangar

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Reel №5


Zeppelin flies.

Young model aircraft from the organization "Hitler Youth" model launch into the air.

Rest of young people in mountain camp.

Play buglers from tents sprint guys, wash, clean boots.

Construction, counselors bypass the guard.

Playing ball, swimming in the lake.

Training boxing on the field.

Match two guys in a circle of friends.

Girl speak with the floor exercise at the Olympic Stadium.

Girls swirling in huge hoops.

Children's camps in the mountains.

Inscription on the building: "Mining Camp them.

Joseph Gebeblsa ".

Children rest in kolmnate, engaged.

Relax on the terrace, two guys playing the accordion.

Flag Raising.

In town street near Potsdam Rebate marching in uniform with backpacks, they are sent to the camp.

Meeting with the guys, have arrived earlier.

Naval School "Hitler Youth."

Children learn in a naval uniform honk flags.

They are in the ranks, run to the boats, rowing.

The guys on the training ship "Gorch Fock", is a sailor at the helm.

The ship in the sea, a small storm, the waves pour the deck.

The squadron in the sea.

The sailors in dress clothes on the deck.

Parade of marine and terrestrial parts of the front of the podium with General

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Reel №6

Germany Activities soldier sport.

Exercises with balls, steeplechase, jumping.

Military training.

Attack infantry, motorcyclists.

In the sky flying airplanes.

Flak is preparing to attack.

They're coming tanks, cannons deployed.

Offensively, infantry and cavalry.

In the sky squadron.

The tanks are going to meet each other.

Parade after exercise.

Hitler circumvents formation of soldiers


May 1, 1937.

Hitler leaves the building, sits in a car, riding Lustgarten through the Brandenburg Gate.

Population rapidly meets the Fuhrer.

Government motorcade rides down the street, statue of Frederick the Great.

The building is decorated with banners with swastikas.

In the area of ​​marching troops, an orchestra, are the standard-bearers.

Hitler walks down the aisle.

The cheers of the people, the veterans sit.

Speech by Hitler on the tribune, "May 1 - a great day edinstrva entire German people!".

Stand by Dr.

Ley, Goebbels.

Those people


Descent to water the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff".

Hitler, on the pier, the crowd welcomed him.

Speaker Dr.


Persons port workers.

Woman throwing a bottle of champagne aboard.

Opens the inscription "Wilhelm Gustloff", a ship coming from stocks, ship horn


Taking care of the workers through the organization "Strength through Joy".

The ship sailed in company with the workers of the sea journey to Norway.

Hitler officers escorted the vessel in a way, he waved from the deck.

Types of banks.

Swimming in the tourist boat on the river.

The guys from the "Hitler Youth sitting on the deck, swinging and singing.

Train organization "Strength through Joy" is sent to the mountain resort.

Pleasure boat floating in the river, tourists visiting the coast.

An ancient castle on the hill.

Sport activities in the house otdha, running girl, engaged with a rolling pin.

Children in kindergarten, pulling chairs, sit down at the table, eating.

Children on a walk, they have a large aquarium, stroking ponies.

Children in the swing.

Washing and sleep in kindergarten

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Reel №7


Relax on the beach.

Physical exercise on the beach.

Sport activities in the enterprise.

People learn to play tennis, ride a boat, skiing, skating.

Folk dance in the stadium in national costumes


Mobile theater performances in the countryside.

On the road going mobile theater buses.

People at the circus: on stage artists, playful room with "zebra", which depicts two actors.

Performance of the ballet company.

Performances "Working Theater," "Working opera".

The program speech in Berlin on September 1, 1937.

Cultural program 1937-38, open the cover, photos of new performances, circus acts.

Speech by Goebbels about art.

Opening of the Museum of Art.

Hitler at the entrance, said from the podium.

Halls of the museum, exhibits, paintings, sculpture.

Go Hitler, Goering


Day of German songs in Breslau.

Parade participants from different regions and even countries.

Hitler takes the salute on the podium against the backdrop of an ancient castle.

Among the officials sitting Goebbels, Hitler raises it from a place they both welcome the demonstrators.

They're coming from the US The Germans, Hitler leans over the parapet, shakes hands with them.

Speech by Hitler.

People in the square listening to a speech.

Speech huge chorus of many thousands in the square.

Y sseiya Reichstag on foreign Germans in Stuttgart, August 28 - September 5, 1937.

Sights of the city.

In the hall is a meeting of the foreign department of the National Socialist Party, he spoke.

In the hall Foreign Minister Neurath.

It Hess at the stadium.

Are the troops.

View the stands filled with people.

Nazi eagle closeup

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