Jewish Palestine at the front. (1939)

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Director: Natan Akseljdord /Nathan Axelrod/

Operators: Moshe Veksler, Aron Blank

Reel №1


In 1936, when the country was torn apart by a bloody battle, a Jewish Palestine was on guard during the night and built a day.

Above the village, the kibbutz is flying an airplane, the pilot on the ground resets the package, pick up the children, a man reads the report.

Against the background of the kibbutz rider rides.

Jewish soldiers in the ranks, they do drill, the soldiers of the parapet.

The settlement is surrounded by pillars with barbed wire.

Girls in formation with weapons.

A soldier in the shelter, surrounded by sandbags.

All the tower monitors the terrain


Despite the military conditions, the construction does not stop.

Built 50 new settlements.

Kibbutz Ein Hamifrants.

settlement is guarded by soldiers at night.

At 4.30 am on the road going trucks with the builders, they dump trucks with wood, slate.

People writhe land, are the board, lay the pipe.

Put a high wooden tower.

Tractor plows the land, the workers are the channel.

Tractor driven panel houses.

She distributes food to the workers.

Working in a circle, he spoke.

Dance in a circle

Key words

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Reel №2


Life in the new settlement, kibbutz Alonim.

Tent camp in the tower. at 4.30 in the morning rise.

The man takes the horses out of the stable, the second produces goats.

Woman in dining room set the table.

Breakfast in the mess hall.

Then the settlers engaged in chores: feeding poultry, calves, milking cows and goats.

Field work, cleaning of hay.

Blacksmith at work.

She cleans the hooves of a goat.

On a cart driven hay.

Grazing goats, shepherd dog watched.

In the evening, the work comes to an end, a group of young men and women are embracing the path.

Soldiers guard the rest of the kibbutz.

Evening rest, people are sitting, swinging on swings, play musical instruments, dance

Key words

Palestine, soldiers, animals, birds, peasants, youth, recreation, entertainment, music instruments

Reel №3


Harvest in the village Zhezril.

View of the countryside, Eared field.

Soldier on horseback toured the field.

Girl in a field looking at the ears, smiling.

Tractor is on the field, he is accompanied by horsemen with guns.

There is a harvest.

Work harvesters are bags of grain.

Harvest Festival at Kibbutz Merhavim.

General view of the kibbutz, with towers hour.

Riders escorted carts with farmers.

Festively dressed people demonstrate the fruits of their labor.

Driven babies on a long wagon.

Ride wagons with residents.

Girls stacked sheaves, which they held in their hands, and start to dance

Key words

Palestine, peasants, celebration, soldiers, women, household appliances, children, people, food, entertainment

Reel №4


The first anniversary of Kibbutz Hanita.

Start of construction in 1938, people go with shovels and pickaxes. 1939 view of the kibbutz.

Mighty farmhouses.

Field work, men mowing, plowing riding, tree planting.

New apiary, beekeeper near the hives.

Grazing flock of sheep.

A girl holding a lamb in her arms.

Life in the new village of Khirbat Zeman in the mountains.

From stone built out soldiers.

The tent camp near the tower.

Construction domiov.

People treated soil, remove the stones, writhing stumps.

Ploughing on a horse.

Women work in the greenhouses.

The work in the studio.

People go to work, accompanied by soldiers.

Night Watch, the soldiers in the shelter


The issue of illegal immigrants in Sarafand camp.

Immigrants come to things by soldiers.

Dancing men in the circle.

Immigrants are put in trucks traveling column.

The meeting in the village

Key words

Palestine, farmers, animals, mountains, soldiers, women, the bees, the city, the population, the strengthening of Palestine, the immigrants, the population, soldiers, art

Reel №5


At the foot of Hermon settlements were established and Daphne Ed Dwejra.

Next were the Arabs and Bedouins, there was cooperation between the two nations.

The settlement came together under the name "Metzudat Ussishkin."

Kibbutz near the river, the men rolled the logs into the river, churning rafts.

Trucks on the road to the forest, move across the river.

With the trucks unload prefabricated houses, fix them.

The Arabs have a fire, cook something in the boilers.

Watch the Jewish soldiers.

In the evening, the Arabs and the Jews sitting together and talking, treat each other.

In the morning they go to the tower together, welcome transporant hanging.

People sit at the table, eating and drinking.

In the tower are two flags

Key words

Palestine population, nationality, mountain Jews, the river, construction of the soldiers, Gos.simvolika