We march on Silesia (People in Physical Education) (1938)

Documentary №66692, 3 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Hiljdemargret Kvander /Hildemargret Quander/
Camera operators:Gerbert Briger, Aljfone Pennarc, Ervin Kramp

Reel №1


This party rukovodilya for Sport Chammer-Austen, before the microphone.

The aircraft flies over the city of Breslau.

Industrial landscape, smoke pipe factories.

Spinning turbine wheel.

View from the plane of the city, situated on the banks of the river.

The ancient bridge.

The river is loading the ship, tourists, soldiers on the deck.

Types of beaches, ancient castle on a hill.

On the river float kayak, paddle to 8 people, a woman in a single kayak.

On the water are sailing small boats, barges, sailboats.

Types of Breslau, old houses, the square, the town hall, the architectural and sculptural monuments.


Houses reflected in the water of the river.

Thick walls.

The ancient castle, PNRM. on the walls, the gates.

In steps escapes a woman with a child.

The ruins of an ancient castle.

The movement of the river, because of the turning views of the castle tower


Wheat field, windmill.

Several farmers are going on a big cart.

There is a cleaning hay.

Peasant courtyard with massive stone fence and gate.

Woman gets out of the well water.

On the road a cart with hay rides, a boy driving on the way geese.

Village Church, crosses in the churchyard.

On the roof of the house stork's nest, stork chicks.

Village view at dusk.

On the river floats a big boat with a water wheel that drives the woman, twisting the handle.

The boat women with baskets and bags.

Boy rowing on a small raft with a sail


River views, is boat traffic on the river.

Beach covered in forests.

On the shore tented tourist camp.

Resort town.

Vacationers walk, bathe.

She rolls with water slides.

Games in the open air.

Young people drop the ball in a circle in the water.

People boating, sunbathing, swimming, jumping from the tower into the water.

Again, the movement of the river scenery with mountains and forests.

The roads in the mountains, rushing down the road.

Motor Racing motorcycles with sidecar.

Fans support athletes.

car race

Key words

Germany, city, aviation, attractions, river, sailing, women, church, monuments, bridges, sports, personalities, castle, soldiers, vacation, castle, architecture, sculpture
Germany, peasants, women, children, birds, windmill, river, church, cemetery, water transport
Germany, river, city, resort, vacation, woman, entertainment, youth, mountain, forest, sports

Reel №2


The map points: Rayngerts, Lambek, Olhaydek.

City views.

The ancient building, a fountain in front of it.

The resort town Sanatorium.

Women take mud baths.

On the map, touch Valdenburger mountains.

Mountain road, it is on the car.

Mountains covered with forest.

Rocks of various shapes.

Mountain landscape.

The bed of a dried river, sticking out stones in the water.

Top view of the valley, the village church.

From the house comes a man in national dress with a stick in his hand.

Girl dresses at home before the mirror.

Woman stabs shawl brooch.

Residents in national costume gather for a wedding ceremony.

The house parents are young and women in long white dresses.

Go the bride and groom, followed by a procession with garlands in their hands, the musicians.

Feast on the street, dancing


The dam on the river.

The town, old church.

River with rapids, rushing water stream with waterfalls that splash.

The mountains in the snow.

Ski slalom.

The tourist lodge near him skiers.

Mountain gorges and cliffs.

Touring the house in the form of a ship.

PNRM. by regions, city.

Glass factory.

Male stirs the component to a bulk vat, of which plyavyat glass furnace.

Work glassblowers.

In the hands of a master pitcher, he cuts the edge casts a pen.

Grinding on the machine dishwashing.

Articles made of glass: glasses, plates, vases, crystal


Driving on the road.

City building with columns.

Art school students in the classroom, they draw from nature the doggie.

The girl cuts wood.

The sculptor sculpts the bust of a girl with nature.

Male and female busts.

Three boys put wooden beams, wood carver carves the figure of his grandfather with two grandchildren.

Male Grooming loom.

Textile factory, the drum is finished cloth.

Quarry, workers cut down clumps.

The workers go to the factory.

Miners in the drift is drilled rock.

plant Pipes, working moments.

Foundry steel plant, is a red-hot metal

Key words

Germany, city, women, spa, people, mountains, forest, wedding, youth, entertainment
Germany, industry, dam, river, city, landmarks, mountains, sports, tourists, waterfall
Germany, the city, students, artist, school, art, industry, miners, sculpture, children, light industry, workers

Reel №3


View of the city Breslau top.

City park, exotic plants, cacti.

The fountains in the pond.

Park Terraces in front of the palace.

Scene of ancient life: the piano two musicians in the old camisoles.

Halls Palace, chandelier, Wait, portraits and paintings on the walls.

Architectural monuments: the knight's castles, princely palaces, cathedrals.

The interior of the cathedral.

Top view of a stadium in Breslau.

The street marching columns athletes, residents welcomed them.

Sports festival in the city.

The square in front of the cathedral.

Girls perform at the stadium mass exercises with flags


Stadium in Nuremberg, go sports: running, jumping.

Chammer-Osten and German officers on the platform.

Top view of a column of athletes.

Speech Chammer-Osten competitions Wehrmacht.

Olympic flag at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Olympic Stadium, the people in the stands.

PNRM. the top of the stadium.


Hermann Goering in Breslau.

Competitions men's parallel bars, horse, horizontal bar.

Jumping horse.

The airfield, the Olympic symbols in a glider, glider launch.

Jumping into the water from the tower.

Rowing eights.

Swimming in the pool.

Swimming, kayaking on the river with rapids.

boxing competition.

Throwing core spears.

High jump, long, marathon, running hurdles.

Football match, the player scores a goal, cheering fans.

Marching athletes with Nazi flags.

It sounds song.

Nazi eagle

Key words

Germany, city, park, music, musical instruments, architecture, plants, fountain, photo, castle, cathedral, monuments, stadium, sports, people, festivals, women Gos.simvolika
Germany, Stadium, Sports, Gos.deyateli, personalities, generals, Competition, Gos.simvolika attractions, ballooning, swimming pool, football, fascists, Nazis

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