Olympia (Peoples Festival) (1936)

Documentary №66693, 14 parts, black-white
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Director:Leni Rifenshtalj/Leni Riefenstahl/

Reel №1

Germaniya.11 Olympic Games in Berlin / Germany /.

Olympic rings.

The monuments of ancient Greece.

Ruins of ancient buildings, columns.


The busts of the ancient Greeks.

Sculptural images of beautiful bodies.

Discus thrower.

discus thrower sculpture "comes alive" obgazhenny boy throws the disc.

On sky background torso of a young man, inflated muscles.

Naked young man throws a core, a spear.

Sportsman playing nucleus

Key words

Germany, Olympic sports, youth, sports, monuments, sculptures, installations

Reel №2


The athlete plays kernel throws it from hand to hand.

Boys throw the ball to each other.

Movement of athlete's foot.

Nude girl doing exercises with a hoop.

Swaying grass, water the lunar path shine, dusk.

Three girls movements depict a fire.

Fire burning torch


A young man with a torch goes up the stairs to the Olympus, torch lights the Olympic flame.

Athletes with a torch relay passed on fire, running through the ruins, in the woods, on the beach, across the borders of Europe / Map of Europe /.

Architectural symbols of European capitals.

The border of Germany, the swastika flag.

Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Beats bell.

View of the stadium from the top.

Hitler on the podium.

Spectators pull his hands in a Nazi salute

Key words

Germany, the Olympic games, youth, sport
Germany, the Olympic Games, the stadium, Hitler Gos.simvolika sport

Reel №3


The audience with arms raised, cheering.

Lifting Olympic flags of the participating countries.

The parade of athletes, it takes Hitler and other senior officials, members of the Olympic Committee.

Hitler opens the Olympic Games, said a brief speech.

Raised Olympic flag.

With the crowd released pigeons fly.

Firing guns.

In the sky a lot of pigeons


From the Brandenburg Gate athletes run with the torch.

Residents of the capital to welcome them to the sidewalks.

An athlete with a torch in the stadium, it runs along the path climbs to the bowl and lights the Olympic flame.

Speech by the members of the Olympic Committee, pronounced the oath.

Sounds Olympic anthem.

Sunset view of the setting sun in the air shake Fire

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler, sports, Gos.simvolika fascists, parade
Germany, the Olympic Games, youth, sport, stadium, attractions, natural phenomenon, the oath, the population

Reel №4


Olympic symbols at the stadium, spectators on the ground.

Speeches in Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, English.

Discus Throw.

Athletes from different countries.

Silhouette of the athlete with the disc on the ground.

Throw German athlete / Rapid /.

Scoreboard, the gold medal goes to the athlete from the United States Carpenter.

PNRM. for the audience, the commentator at the microphone.

Discus Throw women.

Throw polka Main Kwasniewski, Germans.

Javelin Throw for women

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, sports, youth, ethnicity, personality, rewarding

Reel №5


Running hurdles in zhenschin.

PNRM. for viewers.

Commentator at the microphone.

Smiling athlete from Italy Valla, she won the gold medal, followed by Steuer / Germany / on-tetem Teylor- / Canada /.

Hitler raises his arm in a Nazi salute.

Athletes on pedistale in laurel wreaths meet thus managing


Hammer Throw men, Rapid.

Hitler and Goering are ill on the podium.

The scoreboard results: 1st place-Hyun / Germany / -56,49m on 2nd-Blasco / Germany / -55,04m on 3rd-Varngard / Sweden / -54,83m.

Raising the flag winners


Athletes preparing for the run, warming up an athlete from the United States Negro Owen.

Run 100 meters.

False start due to the fall of one of the athletes at the start.

A second attempt.

Owen puts a new record.

Running, face Owen

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, sports, youth, Hitler, the Nazis, awarding, awards, women
Germany, the Olympics, the young Hitler, Goering
Germany, the Olympic Games, sports, youth, personality

Reel №6


Jumps in women.

Placards with the number of 140 cm.

Athletes warming up.

Many take this height.

On board the new height - 155cm.

Jumping, Rapid.

Athletes begin to shoot down the bar at a jump.

Height 160 cm, it takes an Englishwoman Dorothy Odam, German knocks the bar.

On the display height 162 cm.

The winner is the athlete from Hungary, she is on a pedestal


Throwing core men.

The reactions of the audience.

Hitler watches the athletes.

He claps his hands, when the German athlete at the last attempt Vellke wins gold.

The scoreboard results: 1st place-Vellke / Germany / 2nd place Bärlund / Finland / 3 seat-stem-Germany /.

Hitler greets German athletes, shaking hands with them.

Mackensen on the podium

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, sports, celebrities, award
Germany, the Olympic Games, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler youth, awarding, awards, sports

Reel №7


View on the stadium.

Running an 800 meters.

The referee gives a signal shot, the arrow mark on the scoreboard following.

Italian athlete on the podium for his violently ill.

The results are on the scoreboard: 1st place-Woodruff / USA / -1.52,9,2 place-Lanzi / Italy / -1.53.3,3-place Edwards / Canada / -1.53.6


Triple Jump men.

The German set a new German record.

Jumps Japanese / Rapid /.

Japanese spectators in the stands.

Japanese with a laurel wreath on the podium.

Hitler was sitting in the visual platform.

Long jump.

Jumps Owen, setting a new European record.

Hitler happy jump German.

New jump Owen, he gets a gold, 2 spot German athlete at the 3rd Japanese

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, youth, personality
Germany, Olympics, sports, youth, award, awards, Stadium, Hitler, personalities

Reel №8


Running at 1,500 meters.

Starting gun.

Kommenator gives information about the race.

Placards with the results: 1st place - Lovelock / New Zealand / - 3.47,8, 2 nd place - Cunningham / USA / -3.48,4, 3rd place - Bekkali / Italy / - 3.49,2, 4th place - San Romani / USA / - 3.50. Lovelock in a laurel wreath on his head.

The audience clap.

Athletes preparing for competitions, warm up on the field, massaged her feet.

High jump.

Planck rises higher: 185, 190, 197. Athletes knocked the bar when jumping

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, celebrities, award, awards

Reel №9


Japanese and American, taking the height of 197 cm.

Planck rises to a height of 203 cm.

Kneads Negro athlete from the United States Johnson, jumps and takes this height.

The results are on the scoreboard: 1st place - Johnsen / USA / -203, 2nd place - Albretton / USA / -200, 3rd place-Thurber / USA / -200


Olympic flame.

Running hurdles men.

The reaction of the audience.

Running / Rapid /.

The leaders are the US athletes, spectators, among them negros. the results of the competition: 1st place - Tonns / USA /, 2nd place - Finlay / England /, 3rd place - Pollard / USA /.

Athletes on the podium in a laurel wreath.

US anthem, raising of flags


Javelin Throw men.

Flies spear.


On the podium Goebbels pops Hitler.

On 1 spot-rod / Germany / -71.84 m 2 site-Nikkanets / Finland / -70.77, 3-spot Toivonen / Finland / -7, 72 m.


Champions on the podium, the rise of the two Finnish and German flags

Key words

Germany, the Olympic Games, the stadium, young people, celebrities
Germany, the Olympic Games, youth, personality, Gos.simvolika sport
Germany, Olympics, sports, stadium, young people, personalities, Hitler, Goebbels, Gos.simvolika

Reel №10


Shot gun start.

Running an 10 thousand meters.

At first, ahead of the Japanese athlete.

Clap Japanese viewers.

Hitler was a fan of the team, t knee.

The audience chanting.

Goering shaking hands, rooting for athletes.

Conquer 3 Finnish athlete: Salminen, Ascoli Isohollo.

Hitler welcomes Finnish athletes.

Raises three Finnish flag.

Pole vaulting.

Install Plaka.

Jumping athletes against the sky

Key words

Germany, the Olympics, the stadium, young people, personalities, Hitler, Goering, Gos.simvolika

Reel №11


Pole vaulting.

Twilight sky in the clouds.

Spectators at the stadium the evening.

The main fight is between the US and Japanese athletes. 425 cm.

Sporsmeny do 1, 2 or 3 attempts, churning of Plaka.

The height takes Nasida Japanese, American Sette.

The young athlete from the United States Meadows takes the height at the second attempt.

Height 435 cm.

Two attempts to Japanese Nishida does not bring good luck.

Sette also knocks the bar.

Meadows takes height, setting a new Olympic record.

Meadows on the podium.

Raised US flag

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, youth, personality, stadium

Reel №12


FLG with a swastika.

Hitler is on the stadium sits on a place on the podium.

Athletes on the field.

Hitler and Goering on the podium, they were talking.

Relay race for women.

It fires the starting gun.

Hitler jumps up, Goebbels too.

On the 1st place US athletes on the 2-place England, Canada 3.

Commentator at the microphone.

Relay men.

On 1 place athletes in Italy, 2 -Germany.

Ill Hitler and Goebbels.

Running 4h400.Na 1 spot-England, 2-US 3-Germany

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, youth, personality, Stadium, Hitler, Goering, Gos.simvolika fascists

Reel №13


Scoreboard announces the beginning of the competition on the microphone.

Athletes at the start, running in the stadium at the exit, on the square, at the mall.

Residents of the capital cheering for the athletes all over the track.

Turn on the highway.

Transfer of information from the stages of the race on the radio.

Competitors are allowed to drink, they are refreshed on the go.

The leaders are Japanese.

Eared Field with grain.

Silhouettes of athletes on the road

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, youth, population

Reel №14


Athletes run.

Close-ups of faces, hands, feet.

Wieden Stadium.

On the wall of the trumpeters played.

Athletes shoot in the stadium.

The first Japanese athlete runs.

Cry Japanese viewers.

Athlete sheltering blanket at the finish.

Marofontsy lie on the field.

Tired athletes.

Some fall to finish, takes them in her arms. 1st place - Dream / Japan / -., 2nd place - Happer / England /, 3rd place - Nan / Japan / 4th place - Tanila / Finland / 5th - Muinonen / Finland / display the results.

Podium. athletes wear on their heads crowns.

Raises flags, anthems sound.

Olympic flame.


Evening stadium.

Teams with the flags of their countries are on the field.

The mass gymnastic exercises on the field.

Olympic rings.

It sounds a bell.

View of the stadium

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, celebrities, the stadium, the population

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