The struggle for the Himalayas (1938)

Documentary №66705, 8 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Franc Shreder /Franz Schroder/
Camera operators:Piter Myullritter, Gyunter Hepp /1934/, Fric Lyuft /1937/

Reel №1


A documentary about the expedition on Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas.

The 1st expedition in 1934 was attended by Willie Merkle, Alfred Drexel, Villa Velzenbah, Uli Wieland.

The expedition of 1937, who died when an avalanche: Carl Vin, Perth Frankhaufer Adolf Gittner, Hans Hartmann, Günter Hepp, Peter Myullritter Martin Pfeffer, Ulrich Luft, Carl Troll.

The members of the expedition on the ship, the mast a flag with a swastika.

The ship in the sea.

The sailors climb on reyam.

PNRM. along the coast, the city was bombed.

Hence, the expedition starts, listing its members.

Filming Peter Myullrittera of Bombay: Indian playing a musical stringed instrument, children dance.

Map with the route from Bombay path lies to the north.

Accompanied by native porters expedition climbs into the mountains, go over the river on logs.

View of the valley with the river, go over the bridge.


Porters-Kirghiz eat.

Men playing cards.

The commander records of local residents of the members of the expedition

Key words

Germany, forwarding, sea, city, national, musical instruments, children, entertainment, the natives, the river, the bridge, the population

Reel №2

expedition ship on the ground.

Workers Indians raised boxes.

The expedition is going to go.

In the mountains are the chain, making their way through the river, through the snow.

Stop in the house.

Driving Himalayan peaks of Nanga Parbat, Mount Everest. move through the pass Tragbal / 4,200 meters above sea level /.

expedition doctor drips into the eyes of the workers drop.

Ride on horseback along the river.

Snow-covered peaks.

Mountain village Astor, the expedition sent there.

From Astor expedition accompanied by a British officer, Lieutenant Smart, he stood by the pillar.

Stop in Astoria, people drink clean water, unhitch the horses.

Locals sitting on the ground.

The boy reads the Koran, swaying in time to the reading.

Primitive weaving at home.

Men learn to write on the blackboard with chalk

Key words

mountains, national, river, medicine, sea, animals, domestic, natural phenomena, religion, crafts, population

Reel №3


PNRM. Mountains from the bottom up.

The path through the valley to the Indus Astor.

Ride on horseback on the bridge over the river gorge.

Halt, people drink water from a spring, porters sleep.

Continue driving along the paths through the rocks, the rocky terrain.

Driving: Nanga Parbat, 8125 meters.

Cancer poshi 7781-meter.

The rise of the Himalayan mountain range to the mountain settlements Talich.

Porters playing on the flute, drum, go to the music.

Rest in Talich.

Nat holiday.

Dance male Indians, people watching sitting.

The operator removes the expedition.

People's faces.

Dance around a man in a closed bag.


PNRM. mountains.

Driving rise, which made the stages from one encampment to another.

The expedition is in the mountains holidays in the countryside.

Man sleeping unlace the shoes.

People wash his feet in the shallows.

On fire cook

Key words

Germany, expedition, mountain, people, musical instruments, music, natives, festivals, movies, recreation, river

Reel №4


Continuation of the journey.

Porters are looking up to an avalanche in the mountains, go on.

In the meadow graze sheep and goats.

Kid eats with his hands.


From boxes canned dismantled, inspected medicines. workers eat porridge pots, wash things.

Matches are placed in a waterproof bag, put the bags.

Dotor checks the status of members of the expedition.

June 11, 1934 in the way Willie dies Merkle, comrades erect him a tomb of stones, say goodbye to the deceased

Parking N 4 at an altitude of 6200 meters.

The boiler cold ice.

The expedition members are watching the recording, discussing the route.

Dark clouds, starts snowstorm.

Flaag with a swastika on the tent.

June 14 now is a good day, the 15th is unusual and should begin the ascent to the summit.

However, the expedition camp on the night falls a huge avalanche and it goes to sleep.

Telegram from the base on June 19, about the misfortune.

The headlines in the newspapers, photos of the disaster in the Himalayas, where pogilo 16 people.

Letters and telegrams of condolence.

The whole world is involved in the rescue activities.

Over the mountains is flying the plane.

Types of terrain below.

The mountain rescue mission, it is near the stone grave.

Workers prepare the equipment, shovels, ropes

Key words

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Tibet Expedition, mountains, disaster, natural phenomenon, media, communication, photo, rescue work, aviation, rescue workers, cemetery, post office

Reel №5


Snow-covered mountains, the expedition members are tied up with rope.

Snow avalanche in the mountains.

People put up tents, tents covered with snow.

People dig the tent, take out the shoes, radios, backpacks.

There is a heavy snow.

Porters wrap up in bags.

Members of the expedition wait out a blizzard.

The camp is at the bottom with the porters, there are selected volunteers and rise up to help.

The doctor takes blood from a finger, is conducting a survey

Key words

Germany, expedition, mountain, medicine, work, natural phenomena, radio

Reel №6


People are given a cure for scurvy.

Lunch at the table.

Workers spend some rite.

On the morning of the camp, man walks with dummies to the river, the ice breaks up, take the water.

Prepare to fire.

Lifting up the rope.

Around snow, ridges, icicles.

Again down the avalanche.

The circuit paths to the top.

Tent in the snow

Key words

Germany, expedition, working, river, recreation, medicine

Reel №7

Reel №8

Detachment is the rope, ice ax cut through the path.

Finally I found a path that led to the camp of the expedition.

Workers are digging with shovels, snow probes try.

After 4 days of their academic record and the movie were filmed corpses unearthed members of the expedition were found.

names are listed on the background of mountains of dead

Key words

Tibet, the rescue operation, rescue

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