Baptism of fire. (1939)

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Reel №1

Aircraft in the sky.

Trumpeter on the horse.

August 1939, in the Polish newspaper report on the possibility of war, provocation on the border.

The parade of Polish troops.

On the podium of Pilsudski and other dignitaries.

Before the platform goes cavalry, artillery units, motorcyclists, self-propelled guns, tanks.

Aircraft in the sky.

Map of Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

It shows the conquest of Poland plans.

In Gdansk fascist symbols streets.

August 10, evening rally, Gauleiter says reunification with Germany.

German soldiers satisfied with forest debris, set obstacles.

The division of German soldiers walking along the road.

At sea cruiser.


Military aircraft on the airfield.

The radio takes many radiostnatsii: message from London, Warsaw, Paris.

Types of these cities

Key words

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Reel №2

London 1939.

Londoners greet Chamberlain.

Newspapers with big headlines: "Hitler wants war!" Foreign diplomats in London.

Poland, the burning village Volksdeutsche.

Volksdeutsche refugees cross the border in Germany.

Ruined village, killed the animals.

In German airfield.

Pilots involved in the morning toilet.

Planes taking off.

Cars drive up the bomb.

City street traffic.

Combat post.

In the forest, camouflaged aircraft.

Hanging bombs, engine check.

Aircraft ready to take off.

The airfield, brought ammunition in boxes, hanging bombs.

Mechanics inspect engines, fuel is poured.

Summer camp.

The plane put ammunition in the gun laying tape plane.

Shooter checks the gun.

Hanging bombs.

Soldiers playing cards, accordion, read newspapers.

Ready for take-off aircraft.

August 26, the newspaper writes about the provocations on the border. 1 September afraid.

The place where there was a provocation

Key words

Poland, Germany, England, the boundary of the Air Force, World War 2, the press

Reel №3

Germany, people are listening to on the streets of Hitler's message about the incident on the border.

At the airport the pilots ready to fly, put on overalls, climb into the cockpit.

Appliances Factory propellers, clean the brake pads from the wheels.

Take off "shtukasy".

Aircraft hydrofoil above the water surface.

The view from the aircraft.

Take off istribetili.

Planes in the air on the background of the area.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The first flight of German aircraft over the territory of Poland.

Reconnaissance aircraft.

The territory of Poland from the air.

Polish anti-aircraft guns shooting at the planes.

Before the bombing pilots last reconciled with the card.

Dropping bombs.

Planes fly further after the bombing.

With the aircraft take off of the bombing: the bottom of the crater, destroyed railway tracks.

German planes land on your aerodrmo

Key words

Germany, Poland, World War 2, the Air Force bombing

Reel №4

In the forest disguised guns.

The airfield guard anti-aircraft guns.

Planes land.

Technicians meet them.

Landing aircraft reconnaissance.

Pilots from the cab.

Technicians inspect the aircraft.

In the forest, in a makeshift headquarters of the film are shown.

From the photographs to discuss the results of the bombing.

Type of land from the air.

Planes in the air close to Gdansk.

The bombing of the city.

Antiaircraft gun shoot at the planes.

Planes in the air.

On the ground traces of the explosions.

Aircraft dive.

Aircraft returned to the airfield.

Soldiers opdveshivayut bomb.

Plane with landing gear touches down on the fuselage.

The assembled pilots considered damaged wings, landing gear.

The focus of the pilot-hero.

The card held to discuss the fight.

Technique is brought to the big aircraft bomb hung it.

Plane with reinforced chassis.

View of the bombed railway junction from the air.

Plane at the peak, flying very low

Key words

Poland, bombing, air force, photo, soldiers, air defense, War World 2

Reel №5

Map of Poland, there is shown the location of strategically important objects under attack by German aircraft in early September.

Planes in the air.

German soladty have a large funnel.

Evaluation of the results of the raid: crumpled wagons, rail tracks.

The funnels debris cars polusgorevshie cars.

Bombed stations.

The remains of the Polish aircraft on the ground.

Tumbledown shed.

City Bromberg, the first flying club in the Polish territory.


Pilots at Rest, digging.

German soldiers buried crater.

Polish airfield becomes German.

Station in Bromberg.

The plane flies in Kutno.

Bottom - blown up bridges during the retreat.

Volksdeutsche return to their homes.

They were greeted with flowers.

Continuing the offensive.

Bad roads, machinery's stalled.

Map of Poland.

Civilians and prisoners of war.

Horse carts.


Key words

Poland, the Air Force airfield, soldiers, railway, prisoners, refugees, Volksdeutsche, World War 2, the destruction

Reel №6

September 12 Polish Card: Kutno surrounded. 13-14 September, the elimination of the boiler.

Planes taking off. 17 September, a decisive battle.

PNRM. airfield.

On the runway fly airplanes.

In the sky - the squadron.

PNRM. Polish territory.

Rivers Vayksel and Chur.

Dropping bombs.

Below - explosions, fires.

Squadron takes off.

Other lands at this time.

Hanging bombs.

Plane in the air, at the bottom - the river Chur.

PNRM. Modlin city from the air - the last fortress to Warsaw.

Below - battlefield

Key words

Poland, War World 2, Air Force, explosions, bombardment

Reel №7

PNRM. margin Soharzheva: burning houses.

On the streets - the German tanks.

Destroyed houses.

German horse carts.

The soldiers pulled the wires.

Broken Polish units.

The roads in the craters of the machine.

The destroyed village.

Felled trees.

On the road, abandoned appliances.

The dead horse.

Broken convoys of refugees from Chura river.

Killed Polish soldiers.

Civilians dig graves for people and animals.

They are buried in the craters.

The refugees come back.


Civilians assorted debris.

The wounded were loaded onto the plane and transported to Germany.


Destroyed streets.


The cemetery, the graves of dead German soldiers.

Crossing Churu.

The path is open to Warsaw

Key words

Poland, fire, destruction, soldiers, refugees, wounded, cemetery, river, World War 2

Reel №8

Map of Poland: Warsaw Modlin and surrounded.

PNRM. damage on the ground.

Instead houses stick out of the pipe.

River Vayksel.

Blow up the bridge.

The camp prisoners, as seen from an airplane.

Destroyed railway junction.

Battles near Warsaw.


PNRM. cities.

German forces in the outskirts of Warsaw.

Frustrated train, hopper, Polish train was lying on its side.

In Opechah - raylone Warsaw - Polish airfield.

The continuous destruction.

German soldiers dropping leaflets.

Soldiers of the fires.

The barracks where the soldiers live.

Soldiers playing checkers, write letters home.


Key words

Poland, the destruction, the airfield, propaganda, soldiers, War World 2

Reel №9

For aircraft flying leaflets.

The text of the leaflets.

The road, watch, white flag.

Diplomats and foreigners leave the besieged Warsaw.

Göring with officers.

The card.

The car - a meeting that is Hitler.

September 28 decisive battle.

Planes in the air.

Panorama of Warsaw with the aircraft.

The explosions on the ground, the conflagration.

A giant cloud of smoke over the city.

Aircraft in the sky.

The airfield, the pilots on short rest.


Aircraft in the sky.

At the bottom of the burning land.

After 36 hours the capitulation.

Ofitsialanya ceremony

Key words

Poland, the BBC propaganda gos.deyateli Hitler, surrender, world war 2

Reel №10

Outskirts of Warsaw.

PNRM. ruined streets funnel.

Warsaw's population gathered in the street.

Large crowd.

Group of orphans allowed to leave the city.

People on the street, fenced with wire.

PNRM. city ​​after its capture by German forces.

View of the earth from the air: the conflagration and destruction.

The center of Warsaw: businesses in ruins, destroyed railway junction.

Bus, Hitler and his entourage at the map.

The signing of the surrender

Key words

Poland, surrender, Hitler, destruction, population, gos.deyateli

Reel №11


The movement of German troops.


Volksdeutsche, who were forced to serve in the Polish army.

They are disguised, they receive the documents, they will now serve as the railway troops, the fire brigade.

September 28 German troops vohodyat the capital.

On the streets clean barricades.

The building of the main station.

Destruction in the subway.

On the streets of the skeletons of houses.

Poyalki get food street.

The queue in the hand.

The city commandant.

From there come the German officers.

Captured Polish commanders.

The officers of the two sides is read out surrender.

Parade on the Pilsudski Square.

Outside the city, a large crowd of prisoners.


Hitler on the podium welcomes artillerymen, tankers.

Aircraft in the sky.

Goering front of the camera delivers a closing statement: shows the valor of the German Air Force.

In the sky airplanes of a new design.

The German part of the front of Warsaw.

PNRM. Warsaw.

On the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Close-up of the pilots in the cockpit.

Planes in the air

Key words

Poland, War World 2, Hitler, Goering, the prisoners, the troops, the parade, the Air Force