Exotic Symphony (Around the World in 80 Minutes) (1932)

Documentary №66710, 9 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Aljfred Shomelj /Alfred Chaumel/
Camera operators:Zhan Fuke,Anri Tike

Reel №1


Fumes ship pipe, ship at sea, the gulls over the water.

View from the sea to the Italian city.

Fumes Etna.

Mediterranean Map.

The passage through the Suez Canal.

View of the Port Said Yacht near the shore.

On the pier sleeping homeless girl.

Quay, suda.

PNRM. on the buildings on the shore.

Small shops along the street.

Ndp.na French, English and Egyptian "Currency Exchange", a man changes money.

Street cafe, sit at a table two tourists, they stick with jewelery traders.

Malchik- "gambler": offering money to guess under which cup the ball is out, the tourists watch.

The ship, a stop, a sailor aloft.

Arab boy collects alms.

The passage through the Suez Canal

Map of Port Said is the way to Africa, the French Somalia.

View of the city of Djibouti.

On the streets of the wagon wheels.

Tourist in a pith helmet.

Caravan of camels with brushwood on the hump.

Railroad of Dzhambuti in Addis Ababa, people waiting for the train.

Bay, boat near the shore.

Map of the Indian Ocean.

Way is to Ceylon

Map, India. on the gallery is a monk.

Tangier-pyramid temples.

Street Tangier-ladder on it are people, people on an elephant down.

Madurese temples tiers.

Pond, the faithful perform their ablutions and pray.

Gallery of the temple, the pillars in the form of figures.

Fakir sitting on the ground.

The attendant washes bozhestva.

PNRM sculpture.

Pondicherry by city.


Are the Indians with wagons and oxen.

Loading bags on big boats, they lowered the water.

Arriving at the place, on the bank of the bales

Key words

France, the Suez Canal, water transport, the volcano, the Mediterranean Sea, birds, city, sale, children, poverty, money, tourists, women
Africa, city, tourists, railroad, animals, caravan, Indian Ocean, Ethiopia, Somalia
India, nationality, city, religion, temple, sculpture, priests, animals, transportation, water, monks, Morocco

Reel №2



Top view of a river in the jungle.

On the water, a lot of water lilies.


The swimming pond turtle.

Two men are ferried across the river on elephants.

Herd of elephants lying in the sand on the beach.

Elephant emerges from the water and lies down.

On the elephants climb Arabs, posing for the camera.

Fishermen is launched barge catamaran.

The capital of Ceylon, the city and port Colombe

Key words

France, Africa, jungle, city, river, animals, fishermen, water transport, port

Reel №3



Indian village.

The street goes wagon, oxen are at home.


Woman weaves something.

Buffalos in water, close-up heads, they float.

Buffaloes twist wheel millstone.

Primitive watering utsroystvo that drives the man.

Poisonous cobra crawling on the ground, her head.

Leprosy, people with leprosy patients, sitting on the ground.

Female missionary handing out food.

The face, hands lepers.

The window pops disfigured hand.

Indian temples.

Buddha image.

The temple in Ellora, sculptures on the walls.

Religious ceremony at stoles endure sculptures of gods.

Dancing boyaderok in honor of the holiday.

Hunting ritual with a dragon.

Ritual dance men with spears.

The ritual sacrifice to the dragon food

Key words

France, India, peasants, children, women, animals, machinery, household, snake, medicine, temple, sculpture, religion, festivals, entertainment, charity

Reel №4



Malays male swim to the boats, rowing them standing, and ride on the waves



Rice fields.

Vietnamese yokes carry loads.

People at the temple.

Hanoi Street.

Powered master engraver.

Hastening rickshaw and cart.

Hue City, river, island with a church.

Annam Temples.

Sea View, rocks of different shapes, caves.

Sailing ship tied to the stern of the boats.

Rocks in the water.

Two-kilometer bridge in Hanoi, people go.

Coal mining in the pit, the movement of the cable car up, go to trucks loaded with coal.

City Saigon, large buildings, traffic.

Ran rickshaw



Rickshaws running down the street.

French school for the blind.

Go pupils in the yard.

Boys learn to weave straw.

The teacher teaches the blind for a special book.

Chinese fishing schooner at sea.

They row, starting with long poles.

Saigon Port.

French steamer "Albert Cerro"



French colony, Cambodia.

Temples Phnom Penh Khmer culture.

Temple pagoda.

The ancient ruins of Angkor.

Tree roots twist around the building.

Stone Buddha image.

Sculptures of gods in a row.

The bas-reliefs on the walls of the temple, the image of dance.

Dancing girls in front of the Cambodian king.

Dancers are dishes with fruits

Key words

France, population, transportation, water
France, Vietnam, town, urban transport, river, bridge, transportation, air, craft, sea, sailboats, sailing, transportation, water, mine
France, Vietnam, city, urban transport, school, youth, the disabled, teaching, crafts, sea, transportation, water, port, literature
France, temple, sculpture, plants

Reel №5

The island of Java, tropical vegetation.

On the water, a huge plate of Victoria Regia.

Spotted deer graze.

Close-up of water lilies.

On the shore is a woman with an umbrella.

Celebes Island.

The alley is a man with a big umbrella.

The village, a man with a yoke

Map of Australia, the city of Sydney.

View of the arched bridge from the other side of the river.

Vessels pass under the bridge.

Construction of the bridge.

PNRM. the city from above.

Passengers on a large ocean liner.

With the ship to the pier dropped a lot of tape streamers.

Whistle steamer, he departs from the pier.

Aboard the name "Glasgow".

On the deserted jetty debris of streamers



Island New Kaledoniya.

PNRM. along the coast of the city.

A huge herd of cows, a shepherd distributes cows in the corral.

The ship in the sea.

Twilight, a rainbow over the water.

New Hebrides Islands.

Funeral Aboriginal dances.

Dancing men in skirts made of palm leaves, dance with hatchets.

Tourists watching the dancing.

Map of the Pacific Ocean.


Key words

Indonesia, island, plant, women, population, animals, farmers
Australia, city, bridge, water transport, port
France, island, city, hobbies, sea, transportation, water, natural phenomena, nationality, entertainment, tourists, people, Pacific Ocean

Reel №6


The waves rolled ashore, schooners near the shore.

The singing of the natives in the water.

Sing men, women and children to dance.

Singing is accompanied by guitar playing.

Girls jumping into the water from a rock.

Boat catamaran sailing, youth rules, the girl sitting at the stern.

It sounds song.

Couples boat sailing downwind


South America, the Panama Canal.

Opens schlyuz.

On the shore there is an electric locomotive on rails.

The ship passes through the channel.

Opens Gateway.

The lighthouse on the shore.

The island of Martinique on the map

Key words

France, natives, women, people, music, musical instruments, young people, sea, water transport, children
France, South America, canal, water transport, the lighthouse, the island

Reel №7


In the port of Martinique is a coal loading onto the ship.

Women carry baskets of coal and dumped it in tryum.

PNRM. around town.

Mountain forests, lake.

Mumbeli extinct volcano, the lava residues on the ground.

Plate over the mass grave with the date - May 1902.

Skull and kosti.

PNRM. the city and the shore


PNRM. around town.


Local fun: powerful streams of water did a smooth chute through which people rush through the water like a water park, and in the end turn out to be in the lake.

Fishing schooner ashore.

at Market Square.

The girl in national costume


Africa, Morocco.

Sahara Desert in northern Africa.

There is a caravan of camels.


Urban Bazaar, trade vegetables.

Caravan of camels to the city of Marrakech.

Camels crossing the river with weights.

Minarets of Marrakech.

Residents sit in the square circle.

Caravans go on, night

Key words

France, port, woman, mountain, city, forest, lake, volcano, cemetery
island, waterfall, water transport, entertainment, marketplace, women, youth, fishermen, Guadeloupe, trade
France, Africa, desert, caravan, animals, city, market, trade, river, people

Reel №8


The city of Fez.

The Roman ruins of the fortress.

Narrow streets, there are passers by, women in purdah.

Among the crowd are people with torches in their hands.

Minaret and decor.

The source of the minaret near the faithful wash the feet, hands, face.

City Rabat fortress.

The cemetery near the plates sit woman in a burqa.

Guard of the Moroccan Sultan on horseback leaves the gate.

The carriage with the Sultan, her grooms leading horses of the Sultan.

Black Guard of the Sultan on horseback.

Racing Moroccan horsemen in the desert.

Donkey goes in a circle, shaking water.

View of the river to the bridge.

The power plant in Morocco.

Poles, wires, railroad trains are.

City of Casablanca.

High openwork bridge over the river.

Movement of vehicles on the street.


The cigarette factory, a cigarette on a conveyor belt.

Bank building.

French mission, mothers nurse handing a bottle of milk.

The French ship "Lyautey Maréchal" aloft flags.

The ship goes to sea

Key words

Morocco, Fortress, women, people, army, monarchs, animals, pets, desert, cemetery, religion, river, bridge, power plant, railway, city, bank, medicine, transportation, water, Gos.simvolika, sea animals

Reel №9

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