After "My struggle" - My crime. (1940)

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Director: Zhan-Zhak Valjzhan /Jean-Jacgues Valjean/

Operators: Zheo Blank

Reel №1


Anti-fascist newsreels and documentary scenes from the game, dedicated to the history of the Nazi party.

Bugler in the uniform of the 1st World War.

Celebrating the victory in the 1 st World War in Allied capitals and military parades.

The meeting of the French Parliament.

Cemetery of victims of the 1st World War, the crosses on the graves


Portrait of Hitler, who is transformed into a skull.

The town of Braunau, where Hitler was born, Hitler-baby photo, photo school years.

Mock Adolf youth episodes, he in the crowd of students at the door of the Vienna Academy of Art.

Adolf at the grave of his mother.

Scene in a tavern, where Adolf offers visitors their drawings, but they are hardly Burut.

Unemployed Adolf has to spend the night in a flophouse.

Start of the 1 st World War.

The emperor sits in a carriage.

Footage of military action, soldiers are fleeing the attack, explosions on the ground.

Wartime photographs of Hitler and his comrades.

Go German prisoners


Germany 1920, the country's ruin, inflation, unemployment.

Military distribute food from the field kitchen, the children queuing for food. $ 1 became equal to the million mark.

Go demonstrations and rallies.

Staging Hitler speech before the workers.

The smiling face of Hitler in the chronicle.

Creation of the National Socialist Party, Nazi demonstrations and rallies.

The symbolism of the Nazis - the swastika, a plurality of flags, banners, banners of.

Poster calling for the creation of a national government composed of General Ludendorff, Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Reich von Lossow, rkyhspolitsayministra Seyssera background.

Marching stormtroopers.

Dramatization "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich in 1923.

Ludendorff and Hitler are at the head of the Nazis through the cordons of police, the fight begins.

Hitler was running, getting into his car and drives off

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Reel №2

The soldiers on the streets.

The court session.

The prison cell in which the book was written "Mein kapf" camera view with a huge window, an iron bed, a table and a chair.

Prison photograph of Hitler, he was at the window with a lattice, he reads the newspaper.

Riots times of crisis.

The fight with the police.

Scene Hitler sits in the bus approached.

Inflation, strewn piles assgnatsy impaired.

Stormtroopers marching orchestra.

Diagram, drawing a growing Nazi influence in Germany.

Posters with Hitler.

Photo: buglers with the standard of "Adolf Hitler", the word propaganda minister Gebbelsao closely united ranks.

Poster: soldiers marching teenagers with guns.

Newspaper headlines in 1932.

Promotional brochures Nazi army.

Flags with the swastika.

Festive gatherings Nazis.

Mass exercises in the stadium with flags with the swastika.

Marching soldiers, raising his hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler takes hits.

Go labor groups.

Soldiers marching past the Gothic cathedral.

Women marching fascist party.

Parade at the stadium, marching detachment of the labor front with shovels in their hands.

Cigarettes and podsigary with portraits of prominent Nazis: Goebbels, Himmler, Ribbentrop and others cigarettes Hitler's name.

Hitler takes hits.

Streets decorated with Nazi symbols.

Procession and parade of fascists


Manufacturing processes in factories, metllurgichesky shop.

They're coming workers.

German passport 1935-36 period.

The persecution of the Jews.

The inscription at the store: Abraham Levy changes in the German name.

Alpine Village, agricultural work in the field.

Children are engaged in physical activity.

Soldiers working in the quarry, the construction of the railway.

Once again, marching against the fascist flag Athletes at the stadium, the Hitler Youth squad.

Flare hits Nazis.

Priest defends Nazism.

Those older people, unemployed lies in the street.

Poster: "Our last hope - Hitler".

Map of Germany, the swastika badges distributed throughout the country.

A huge crowd, standing with car rides Hitler, people pull hands



Fire of the Reichstag, its ruins, crumbling walls.

Firefighters in ruins.

Photos and footage leptsigskogo process.

Staging indications Van der Lubbe.

Hitler Speech from the rostrum, in the presidium of Goering and others.

Hitler riding in an open car.

Hindenburg circumvents formation of soldiers.

Parade pantheon.

Speech Hindenburg.

Speech by Hitler.

Dramatization activity of the Gestapo.

The street racing car with the Gestapo, they stop at the house of political figures call, the door opens maid.

Family sidimt at the table, the Gestapo killed the couple, but leave the dead daughter.

From another house deduce man shot in the back

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Reel №3

Dramatization of political opponents.

From the window protrudes man, shouting, grabbing him from behind, pulls a back, a shot rang out on the window traces of bullets.

The staging of the murder of Ernst Rohm and his entourage.

Funeral of Hindenburg.

Mourning procession in the night, the soldiers come with torches, followed the hearse on horseback.

The funeral ceremony at Tannenberg.

Sit diplomats and guests.

We hear the guns.

Soldiers carry the coffin to the tower of the fortress, there is Hitler.

Record voice Hindenburg.

Hitler's election in 1931.

Over the Brandenburg Gate flies airship propaganda.

People watching, waving their hands and shouting.

Hang portraits of Hitler, propaganda advertising list N 1. People in the elections, leaflets with the name of Adolf Hitler.

Night rally at the Reich Chancellery, Hitler on the balcony.

Police holding back the crowd.

Comments of the French religious figure to what is happening in Germany.

Installation of short shots: barbed wire and the inscription: "Concentration."

Young people work in the quarry.

The woman behind the fence crying.

Children on crutches.

Sculpture of Christ Crowned with Thorns

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Reel №4


Cardinal holds ceremony.

US President Roosevelt in his office, the Statue of Liberty.

Speech by Hitler, the crowd pulls his hands in a Nazi salute.

Marching athletes.

Medsetsra conducting anthropometric measurement of boys and girls "Aryan race".

Drawings, cartoons of Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, not Aryan appearance.

Sports: Boys run, throw the core, drive, jump height, raise the bar.

Column athletes girls.

The mass gymnastic exercises girls at the stadium.

Collection of the Hitler Youth, they chant: "Heil Hitler!".

Cartoon of the birth of Hitler.

Record the names in the book: Schicklgruber, write a line through it appears - Hitler.

Jewish cemetery in which Hitler supposedly buried ancestors - the Jews.

At the plate the inscription in Hebrew and German: "Adolf Hitler, 1892"


Antisemitic company in Germany.

Two boys in the class of Jews standing at the board, heads bowed.

Students open book, in which drawings protivopostovlyayuschie German worker and the Jewish banker.

Expulsion of Jews from Germany.

People go to the steamer, arriving in New York.

Antisemitic headlines in German newspapers.

The Nazis painted a Star of David on the shop windows.

Painted window, destroyed a cafe, shop windows broken.

Dramatization: townsfolk beat Jews on the street.

Basement, in which two Jews engaged in sewing, immediately sitting somber young Jew and two children.

The young Jew, incite an old man decides to kill a German officer, but denounced his grab.

Sturmovik draws attention to the sign with the name of Mendelssohn, calling friends, is the Jewish pogrom store.

Lit a synagogue

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Reel №5


The Nazis go down the street on a truck, waving flags.

Minutes of the criminal police in 1938 about the Jews.

Meeting of the Nazis.

Lists of Jews with addresses.

Dramatization: Jews being registered.

On the door is stuck with a swastika symbol.

Showcase store closed, the inscription: "The hotel is located in Dachau !!!".

Parade rayhsvera, riding trucks with troops, guns on mechanical traction.

In a hand of playing cards with the portraits of Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Dr.


On the square is lit a huge bonfire of the books.

Instead, there is a book "Mein Kampf".

Pard stormtroopers in white shirts, Hitler takes the parade standing in a car.

Go labor front units with shovels.

Close-up of Hitler.

Military parade in the stadium.

Chronicle of hostilities, beat guns, explosions rattle



Map of Europe showing the locations inhabited by Germans.

French Alsace-Lorraine, annexed by the Germans in 1940.

View of a Gothic cathedral, city streets, ancient castle.

Czechoslovakia, southern Terol, areas in Yugoslavia, Poland, the city of Memel / Klaipeda /.

Types of Memel.

View of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, where there was an estate, Chalet Berghof Hitler.

It should be an honor guard to the estate car rides Hitler down the stairs, he met someone.

Mountain View.

PNRM. through the town, there is service in the church.

Fighting the Nazis against Catholics, Adventists and other religious movements.

A ruined church.

The cross with the crucifixion of Christ is transformed into a swastika.

Parades fascists banners with swastikas.

Woman hangs on the balcony flag with a swastika.

Hitler takes hits.

Athletes obazom swastika on the field.

The inhabitants of German cities greet each other with "Heil Hitler", the seller meets these buyers cry.

Children face skating, greet each other cry

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Reel №6



Speech by Hitler in the hall, the Fuhrer travel by car along the street.

The crowd pulls hands.

The car rides at the Brandenburg Gate.

Father evening gets out of the pan table, takes out her radio, the transmission catches


A theatrical procession through the streets in costumes, "ancient" Germans.

Carry layout huge eagle with a swastika.

Go male athletes with torches in their hands.

On the platform sat Hitler, Goebbels, Generals.

There is a demonstration in costume, carry a variety of models on the platforms.

Hitler says / soundtrack grabs the individual sounds that resemble bark /.

Hitler Speech in the hall on the square.

Applauding associates of the Fuhrer.

Cartoons Hitler: he draws draws on a fence a lot of swastikas, Hitler builds cubes building is crumbling



The signing of the pact is not an attack.

German soldiers marching in the direction of France.

Occupied Zone, passing convoys, soldiers marching across the bridge.

The street-riding cyclists soldiers, residents watched the movement of troops.

Anschluss of Austria in 1938.

The entry of Nazi troops in Austria.

Houses with traces of bullets on the walls.

Dollfuss in uniform shakes hands with a priest, are the people in national costumes.

Staging Dollfuss murder, it sends power to Schuschnigg.

Chronicle: Dollfuss from the balcony welcomes people.

Girl posing in front of a portrait of Dollfuss flowers.

Dollfuss funeral, the funeral procession moved down the street.

Schuschnigg in his office at the microphone.

German troops enter in Vienna, riding tanks, infantry goes.

Hitler takes parade

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Reel №7


Dramatization: raid on the residence of Cardinal schturmovikov, the defeat of the residence, the violence with priests.

Stormtroopers attacking the premises, break and burn the church relics, throw the priest out of the window

Map of Czechoslovakia.

Peaceful life in Prague.

People on the street at the newspaper stand reading an article about the 1938 Munich Agreement.

The signing of the Pact on Czechoslovakia raschlinenii /N.Chemberlen/ heads of governments of Great Britain, France /E.Dalade/, /A.Gitler/ Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy /B.Mussolini/.

Capture Czechoslovakia.

Tanks on the streets in the Sudetenland, the German planes flying.

Speech by Hitler on the Sudetenland, listening to the crowd.

Hitler at the stadium in front of the troops.

Map of Czechoslovakia, its capture, are tanks, artillery.

Map Memel / Klaipeda /.

People on the street reading ads on the stand.

Capture Memel.

Map of Poland.

Go Polish militia.

A cartoon caricature with: two people are fighting with each other, instead of heads they swastika and the hammer and sickle.

Rebbentropa visit to Moscow, he was out of the plane.

Stalin at the parade on Red Square in Moscow, there are a number of Molotov, Voroshilov.

On the square are the militia in civilian clothes with rifles, military.

Cartoons of Stalin and Hitler in connection with concluded between the USSR and Germany non-aggression pact


Map of Poland, "free" city of Danzig to East Prussia.

Streets, hanging flags with swastikas, transporant of the National Socialist Party.

Elections in Danzig, N sheet 1. Newspaper headlines in England: "What to say to Hitler, Roosevelt?"

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Reel №8

The nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union.

They stand in the ranks of the German soldiers, Nazi anthem sounds.

Detachments of the Hitler Youth, young people face.

Dramatization of informing policy in Germany.

Son in the form of Hitler brings to his father, made a number of remarks about Hitler.

The arrest of his father, his wife is trying to protect her husband, the son begins to repent

Key words

Germany, Gos.akt, soldiers Gos.simvolika, the Nazis, the family, youth, the Hitler Youth

Reel №9

Mother talking with her son, who cries, repents.

The conversation takes place against the background of a portrait of Hitler.

Mounting frame showing the beginning of military operations by Germany.

Go tanks deployed guns, fly planes.

The bombing of the city, people are running, trying to escape the explosions.

The crosses in the military cemetery.

Ride cars with soldiers, flying a plane with a swastika, galloping cavalry.

Tank is coming at the camera.

Flamethrower burns the ground.

Caption: "Maginot Line."

Marching French soldiers.

German squadron in the sea, shooting guns.

Operate military factories, issue of guns, aircraft.

The view from the height of the airfield with planes.

Flying airplanes, are tanks.

Marching soldiers in different countries.

Cartoon: Hitler was sitting at the cross with the inscription: "Mein Kampf, standing near death with a scythe"

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