On the other side of Bengal (1934)

Documentary №66712, 6 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Garri Shenk /Harrv Schenck/

Reel №1

Etografichesky film on the material traveling on Malaysia.

Map of South-East Asia.

Malaysia Landscapes.

Members of the expedition - a Hollywood producer Harry Schenck, a young English scientist Joan Baldwin, and Captain Lindsay Virs- greet the Sultan of Perak region Chandra Shana, through an interpreter, they agree on cooperation.

Machinery expedition in Malay settlement, they recruit people to travel.

The journey continues on elephants, for them there is a train on the oxen.

Crossing on marshland.

The trees are jumping monkeys, flitting birds.

Hunters run for a monkey

Key words

Malaysia, expedition, traveling, animals, women, researchers, swamp, monarchs, personalities

Reel №2

Hunters shouted, waving their sticks, they are driving the monkey on a tree, and when she jumps, catch.

Close-up monkey.

Travelers going through the jungle.

On the tree bats hang upside down, flutter their wings.

From bush leaves Tiger.

Snakes breaks, they crawl to the side.

Snake on a tree, it creeps to the monkey, wraps it falls to her to the ground, choking.

Other monkeys watch the fight.

Go expedition elephants, stopping to rest.

Joan with a small lemur on hand.

Harry and Joan watched elephant who tries to dial into the trunk water from puddles, but falls into it, the elephant calf helps to get out of the puddle.

Ali Explorer with duvushka.

Zmeelov removes snakes to a tree, puts them in the basket, and bring snakes show Harry.

Hunters organize the hunt for a tiger, they are chained knock rattles.

Tiger tossed in the bushes, monkey escapes

Key words

India, jungle, hunting, hunters, animals, birds, snakes, expedition, personalities

Reel №3

USA. Hunters scare the tiger leaps up a tree.

On running the hunter attacking a tree snake around the body.

Operators put the movie camera, straight at them running Tiger, Virsa has to shoot the tiger falls near them.

Harry and Joan in the bushes camouflage movie camera.

On grass is a panther, leopard runs in the bushes.

Veers shoots and kills the beast.

Tiger running for two local hunters.

Malay taken on deervo tiger jump down, shooting at a tiger.

The expedition continues to move an elephant through the jungle.

At the steppes moving a herd of wild elephants at a watering them.

Malays in the long row boats standing in shallow water, in one of the boats submerged movie camera.

Elephants in the water, sit back on their poultry.

The boat with the camera close to the elephant, the elephant turns the boat.

Travelers go on.

Grazing buffalo herd

Key words

US, hunting, hunters, jungle expedition, celebrities, movies, travel

Reel №4

USA. Bison running in the steppe.

Harry and Joan returned to the camp and see how Ali, dressed in a suit, Harry, comically mimics the wedding process, solemn pacing with a girl holding a bouquet of flowers.

Harry hails Ali, a couple of frightened and runs away.

Harry laughs with Joan.

Joan's not feeling well, Harry asks her to measure the temperature, stacks, he feared that Joan could bite mosquitoes, causing fever.

Monkeys jump from the tree into the water, swim.

Bear slides from the tree by the water.

In the water, crocodiles, crocodile grabs the bear.

Malays paddle boats, oars beat crocodiles circling the boat.

Two boats collide and roll over.

The Malays are trying to escape from the crocodiles, quickly swim to shore.

Crocodile grabs Malay, who has a knife, shouting.

Veers shoots crocodile saving Malay.

The Malays are helping a wounded comrade to get ashore.

In the camp, Harry examines the wounded.

Catching crocodiles using copies, caught a crocodile dragged ashore

Key words

USA, Malaysia, jungle, steppe, expedition, people, nationality, animals, hunting, hunters, water transport, medicine, snake

Reel №5

In the water floats a crocodile, a boat hit it with spears.

Floating Ali, followed by a crocodile.

She yells at the shore, calling for help.

Hunters shoot, save Ali.

Harry has been injured, and then comes to Ali who is unconscious.

The girl is crying, hugs a loved one

Key words

Malaysia, jungle expedition, animals, youth, people, hunting, hunters, personalities

Reel №6


Ali immersed in the elephant, the girl sitting next to.

Members of the expedition crossing the river Boya, crocodile-infested.

Harry shoots a gun, she shoots the spear out of the boat.

Expedition to the safe shore.

Harry visits Joan, lying in a fever, it was fanning himself.

Parking lot in the steppe.

Harry near Ali inspects his listening heart.

Malays pray.

Ali wakes up, hugs girl.

Travelers returning to the village, Harry pulls Joan carries the stroller.

Expedition members pose for the camera

Key words

Malaysia, expedition, jungle, personalities, medicine, animals, hunting, hunters, river, water transport

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