From Hamburg to New York. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Mate holds inquisitive boy around the huge ocean liner voyages from Hamburg to New York.

The journey starts with the engine room.

Turbine Hall, bays, which are closed with steel shields, furnace.

The officer looks at the devices.

The ship in the sea, the ship's bow cuts through the waves


Steward comes with a tray in the cabin.

A view of the various levels of the ship.

On the deck are the passengers.

Stalls and shops in the various classes, passengers watch products.

Washing room for the team.

The sailors wash in bolshih mirrors, combed.

Cargo space, folded boxes.

Restaurant W-class, the tables are sitting passengers, they are served by waiters.

Sport deck, passengers are engaged in various sports games, a punching bag boy batters.

Passengers sit on a bench, a man photographed.

Games with rings, bowling.

Gym, women on shells, one in the "boat", the other on horseback.

The game of tennis on the deck


Galley, the stove works as a cook, waiters are dishes.

Tourist class dining, stewards spread dishes on the tables.

Passengers on the open deck in the lounge chairs resting, sunbathing.

Pool, passengers float, swim, play ball.

Woman with a camera takes a ship passing by.

Playing with wooden horses and jockeys.

grupkami passengers on deck.

Printing on the boat, at the typesetting machine typesetter, printing a small newspaper.

Stewart takes a stack of printed newspapers, carries up, gives several kiosk, goes further.

Ladies Salon 1st class, the women at the tables.

Radio room, the radio operator of the equipment.

Children's playroom

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Reel №2


The teacher leads the children dance.

The radio operator on the phone sends the message.

The dining room for the team, the sailors eat.

Steward brings them the newspaper.

Smoking room, at tables ladies and gentlemen, smoking, talking, take steward newspaper.

Cabins Suite.

Woman in a bathing suit out of the bathroom, maid helps her get dressed for the evening.

Passengers in evening dresses go to a restaurant.

Barber, men's room, the men shave, manicure done.

Ladies and gentlemen, come to the restaurant.

The company at the table, the man makes a toast, all clink glasses.

Dinner with the captain of the ship.

The captain makes a toast to the passengers.

Dancing in the restaurant


In the III-th class is the Bavarian beer festival.

Passengers at the tables fool's cap, laughing, singing, dancing.

Cinema ship, the passengers in the hall.

The display shows the caption: "The studio UFA, the film" From Hamburg to New York. "

Short cut: Court in Hamburg at the pier.

Monument warrior with a sword.

The Statue of Liberty.

Captain looks through binoculars to New York from the sea, PNRM. around town.

The boat near the shore, pier in Hamburg - America, the ship served ladders, passengers go.

New York, its skyscrapers.

A flag on a ship

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