Arts and crafts in the Bavarian Forest. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Lyudvig Can /Ludwig Zahn/

Operators: Lyudvig Can

Reel №1


Landscapes Bavaria.

The village, in a meadow cows, cowherd boy with a herd.

A view of the ancient castle behind trees.

PNRM. by regions with the river, mountains and forests.

Virgin forest, river runs over rocks.

Among the branches of the trees glistening spider's web.

A small waterfall flows into the river quickly.

Old Smithy, receiving power from the working water wheel.

Masters in the press, working with hot metal.

Apprentices beaten with hammers.

Making an ax, an ax master grinds on the mechanical circle, skewer it on the ax handle


Lumberjacks at work, they cut trees with axes, sawing.

Falling trees.

Composition with logs going through the forest to the sawmill plant.

Sawmill, also powered by water power.

Processing of logs, sawing.

Landscape with a River, a village on the bank.

The house craftsmen working with wood.

Boy planed board a special device.

Hewn board is passed through a machine shaft, plywood sheets are rolled and stacked in a pile.

Production of plywood screen.

PNRM. through the village.

Master makes wooden clogs.

Szabo on the shelves of guys looking for a couple, running down the stairs.

Church in the village, landscapes

Key words

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Reel №2


Master manufactures wooden shovel.

Spinning waterwheel.

Plowing horses.

Wizard carves wood figurines of horses.

Wood carver creates a whole harness with a cart and a charioteer.

Wizard carves wooden figure of Christ.

Crucifixion with Christ the road.

Field of flax, women clean linen, driven on a cart.

Women treated with sheaves of flax, discourage it.

The woman at the spinning wheel, she twists the thread.

Home weaving machine, which was run as a family, making the fabric.

Furnishing fabrics.

For the loom working man.

The patterns on the canvas.

Ready poltna spread out on the ground, pour water from a hose is twisted.

On the road going cars.

Night landscape areas.

A village woman picking firewood furnace melts.

Glass Factory, glass blowers work.

Production of vases, carafes.

Grinding glass, cut glass master patterns, the artist does drawings and paint on glass.

Glass vases, vessels, goblets, sets.

Plate with fascist symbols: the eagle and swastika

Key words

Germany, crafts, farmers, industry, light, women, family, pets, artist, automobiles, Gos.simvolika