sex Secrets. (1933)

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Director: Leo Gryunberger /Leo Grunberger/,Franc Plashki /Franz Plaschki/

Operators: Karl Kurcmajer

Reel №1


A documentary with the game story about the research work on the sexual problems in modern surgery.

On a dark background voiceover announcer gave a lecture on the topic.

Types of Vienna, streets, palaces, cathedral.


Asleep young man at the table drawing with three dancing figures.

The figures "come to life", girls dance.

Girls gymnastics

Key words

Austria, science, research, medicine, women, youth, city, attractions, cathedral

Reel №2


Workflows on a baking factory, the women at the conveyor removed the loaves.

Automatic line at the dairy factory.

Weaving factory machines work.

Works in the port crane looking down from the cab.

Street of Vienna, the movement of cars and pedestrians.

Combined frame motion.

Student Elizabeth tram, it draws the attention of the young man goes after her.

They are both in a lecture in medical school, Elizabeth is looking for a pencil, Felix gives her his.

The professor begins to lecture.

Scheme human brain.

Showing patients with congenital diseases of sexual violence, children with mutilated hands.

The lecture ends, the students disperse.

Felix learns from another address Elizabeth comes to her.

The girl gives a pencil and agrees to go with him in a cafe

Key words

Austria, food industry, light industry, machinery, household, town, urban transport, youth, student, medicine, children, disabled people, personalities

Reel №3


Felix and Elizabeth in a particular café, they watch visitors.

At a table, two homosexual, one hand stroking the second.

A woman smoking a cigarette in the mouthpiece, she invitingly smiling man.

In the cafe sit and lesbians, they look at each other.

The musician playing the piano, dancing couples.

Felix drew attention to a young woman who obviously cleans the drug bag.

That comes up to them, speaks, notes that they have traditional love.

On the scene a singer, performs number.

A neighbor at the table tells Elizabeth that it was a man. "Singer" in the dressing room, takes off the wig, dress.

He is in a suit

Key words

Austria, leisure, youth, student, music, women, personalities

Reel №4


Clinic, is sex-change operation in men.

Detailed display of the operation.

Are the three women in his coat, in fact it is the former men, their faces.

Photo hermaphrodite with male member and a female bust.

Three former male nude.

From out of the operating professor and assistants.

Company students at the lake on a picnic.

Elizabeth and Felix sit in the distance on a tree trunk, friends noticed their enthusiasm for each other, they decide to leave them, but they will soon catch up with their own.

Elizabeth in the room says Felix comes with flowers, a bottle of wine and chocolates.

They drink wine, kiss

Key words

Austria, medicine, students, women, science, scientists, lake, leisure, personality, flowers

Reel №5


Anatomical section of pelvic organs inside.

The egg, sperm fertilization scheme.

The fertilized egg develops in the womb.

Laboratory of Medical Institute.

Experiments with a mouse, it euthanized cut abdomen.

In the square walk women with children.

Comes young female drug addict, she gets bad, it transported to the hospital.

Elizabeth comes to the lab, doing research.

The egg under a microscope.

Felix comes to Elizabeth, they visit the sick nakomanku

Key words

Austria, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, students, medicine, celebrities, science, scientists, laboratory, research, children, women, drugs

Reel №6


A drug addict dies.

Students at a lecture with the operation.

Driving surgery on the uterus.


Opening of the uterus after a failed abortion.

Students in the audience watching an educational film on obstetrics.

Childbirth, midwives deliver babies.

The head of the child comes out of the uterus, an obstetrician wipe released child ligated umbilical cord is cut it.

Figure vagina.

The operation on the vagina.

Elizabeth is preparing for the exam

Key words

Austria, drugs, students, cinema, science, children, celebrities

Reel №7


Students come to the exam.

Professor Elizabeth asks questions about caring for a newborn.

Showing care rules.

Irradiation ultrofiolet, weighing, diapering, wash.

The health visitor learns to swaddle the child on the doll.

Professor Felix asks questions about the surgery for tumors in the male member

Key words

Austria, students, medicine, science, scientists, children

Reel №8


Detailed display of the operation on the male member, cutting off the tumor.

Transplantation surgery, treatment of impotence.

The exam is over, Elizabeth and Felix successfully pass it.

They come from the institute, friends congratulate them.

Elizabei and Felix in an amusement park, they ride on the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, compact car, toy train.

And now they're getting into the train to Paris, look in the window of the car, the train departs

Key words

Austria, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, medicine, students, personalities, park, entertainment, railway