Rhineland. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: J.Guter /J.Guter/

Operators: Valjter Brandes, Blik-Vagner

Reel №1


Map Grmanii, the river Rhine, the city on the Rhine.

Cities northern Rhineland.

The landscapes around the city Ruhrort.

On the river float small vessels.

Aerial view of the beach.

The movement on the Rhine.


Old buildings on the beach.

In the meadow cows.

Fishing from the shore pulled the network with their catch, fisherman mending nets.


The ruins of a Roman amphitheater.

In the strait, overgrown with reeds, floating in canoes.

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

Bridge over the Rhine, Ruhrort port.

Industrial enterprises in the city, pipe factories.

In the port of ships from around the world, writing on the board: Rotterdam, Antwerp.

Plants Oberhausen, center industry.

Industrial landscape in Essen.

The landscapes of the river.

On the terrace of the cafe tables for visitors sit, admire the river.

By water slide sailboats.

The restaurant in the evening, visitors at the tables.

View from the terrace of the park, cut trees.

City streets.

The car goes on the road to Düsseldorf, a pointer to the road.

Monument - a high cross.

Railway bridge over the Rhine.

Dusseldorf View.

Streets, blooming chestnuts.

The street cafes are people.

Tourist tram rides around town.

The train conductor carries dishes.

Equestrian monument in front of the old building.

Architectural pamtyaniki city.

town hall



The middle part of the Rhineland.

Pointer to the city of Wuppertal, the bus rides.

Cableway, moving cabin with passengers.

The museum building.

Gothic cathedral, its decor.

Equestrian monument.

City Zolngen, pedestrian bridge over the river.

A pointer to the bridge Myungstener, high bridge spans with openwork.

Under the bridge is the ship.

Cologne Train Station.

Building with Nazi symbols - the eagle.

At the airfield in the cafe tables are people watching as fly light aircraft.

Plane takes off, the inscription: Dr.

Alan name - Edward Dostler on swastika tail.

View of the city from the river.

On the steamer "Cologne" to go down to the shore, passengers on the ramp.

Gothic cathedral, the old buildings of the city.

kurtfyursta Palace.

Park of the Palace, patterns, lined with flowers.

The city of Bonn, the University building.

The house where Beethoven was born, on a wall plaque.

The bus goes through the gate

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Reel №2


Map, Westerwald region, city.

Valley Ridge.

View of the castle on the hill.

Holiday places in the valley.

PNRM. the mountains and forests.

The farmer carries hay.

Beach Godesberg, people bathe, jump from the tower, sitting at the tables.

The boat with tourists floats in the city Koenigswinter.

The passengers on board, rest, eat.

Captain on the bridge.

Types of banks.


Map of the southern part of the Rhine region.

The landscapes, the ruins of the tower on the hill.

Park, the wall of trees, carved arches, a farmer is two bulls.


City Ordensburg, ancient tower.

The man in the water fishing rod.

Architectural monuments of the city Killburg, Myunsteryfel.

Cathedral, statues of saints


Holiday Places district hospital on mineral waters.

Pavilions with miniralnoy water, a woman pours water into cups, delivers travelers.

Old castle.

Basalt quarry, go work.

The route to the city of Nuremberg.

On the road going car, a woman holding a road map in hand.

Forest and mountain scenery.

In the forest, grazing deer.

Castle on the hill.

On the slopes of the mountains lie the vineyards.

Kuortny Kreuznach city, the old bridge.

Street Cafe.

Tourists kata.yutsya boat.

Waterwheel gives energy to a small workshop, which makes the nails, the master at work.

On the road, a pointer to the city of Trier.

Architectural and sculptural pamyaniki city.

The fountain with sculptures.

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

Bertrich spa town, the view from the top.

The restaurant orchestra plays for the visitors.

The bridges over the Rhine.

On the slopes of the mountains are vintage, the grapes are carried in baskets.

The ship comes to Koblenz.

Users are directed to the park.

People holiday, people sing at tables, drinking beer.

Folk dance.

Fat Man carries several mugs of beer in their hands.

PNRM. around town.


Past the monument to soldiers marching

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