The Eternal Jew (Ahasuerus). (1940)

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Director: Franc Hippler /Fritz Hipler/

Operators: A.Endrejat, Anton Haffner, R.Hartman, F.K.Geere, Hajnc Klutc, Erih Shtollj, H. Vinterfeljd

Reel №1


Antisemistsky propaganda film.

Start of World War 2, captured by Poland.

On the road going German soldiers traveling motorcyclists, carts.

Towards the troops are refugees with loaded carts.

PNRM. on the line of carts with belongings.

Warsaw, passers, teen pulls on a rope trolley with things, followed by the family.

City streets.

Warsaw Ghetto.

Woman with purse, the young man standing at the wall with a plastic box on the neck, trades trifle.

Older Jews at the gate of the children.

Those Jews.

On the wall of the leaflets on one signature Mostsitskogo.

Narrow street of the ghetto.

The sign of the restaurant.

There is an elderly Jew, he comes in the door.

Residence of a Jewish family.

Everyone is sitting at the table, the man handing out pieces of bread.

PNRM. the room: the walls spotted with flies, bloated dirty oven.

In another room, Jews read the Talmud, swaying to the beat of the words

Warsaw Broad Street, passers.

Shop with a posted item.

The sign: "Delicatessen".

Go women in shawls with bales behind.

In the cart sat a man and three teenagers.

The old Jew sweeping the street with a broom.

Jews in clearing debris after the bombing, they scavenge, dismantle the bricks.

Jew under the supervision of a German soldier puts bricks in the wheelbarrow.

Bazaar, Jews engaged in trade.

It offers everything: a suitcase, a deflated ball, the shoe for children, scarves, sweaters.

The man tries to lift a sock.

Woman walks with rubber boats.

Immediately selling fruit, fish.

Trader arguing with shopper, swings on it.

Greengrocer's shop, he stands in Drury.


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Reel №2


Trader bird meat row.

Sale of live geese, which a man gets out of the box.

There is an old man with a goose under his arm.

Jewish children are traded alongside adults.

Teenager sells single cigarettes.

Trading onions.

Children sell pies, socks, sandwiches.

On the sidewalk is a Jew from the Talmud and prays.

A Jew sells gloves, is not inferior to the buyer


German workers for the machines.

Gonchar and round, making clay pots.

Working hands treated glass goblet, causing pattern, processing the metal dishes.

Blacksmiths hammers banging on the hot workpiece.

German workers on a background of factory chimneys throw shovels in the ground car, pump pump, shoveling mud collected on the coast.

And the Jews say the coins.

Trading on the market, the sale of eggs, thread, needles, cookie.

PNRM. by goods.

The street stalls, loaded on truck rolls tissues.

A sign of Jewish mgazinov Leon Borgeniht, "Vegetables" - Marcus Shleyhokrn, "Sundry" Samuel Silberman.

Wealthy Jewish houses.

Bazaar crowd of buyers and sellers.

Price tags on goods.

Warehouses are drums, bags, in the bag is filled grain.

Work German peasants, is harvesting in a field.

Ride agricultural machinery, clean hay.

Plowing horses

The Jews traded.

Jew drags on the shoulders of the bag comes in the door, he negotiates something with a man.

Jews dragged nodes basket.

On Jew coat with patches.

Comparison shopping streets in Poland and Palestine.

There the Jews traded fabrics, ornaments.

It blows the flag with the Star of David.

Palestine - a center of international Zionism.

View of Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, people are praying.


Multskhema origin of the Jewish people, and spread them around the world. "Colonization" of the Jews in Europe, including in Germany

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Reel №3


Map of the world, the spread of the Jews.

Comparing them with rats.

Swarms of rats.

The mouse runs across the grain, fell out of the bag progryzennogo.

Rodents - peddlers diseases.

Mice get out of the sewer.

Mice running around the product.

Along the walls of the rat are born.

Those Jews in the street, the speaker accuses them of parasitic life.

Jews in the national costume: hat and coat.

They're in a civilized Jewish clothes with clean-shaven faces


Berlin, a young Jew in a tuxedo lights a cigarette, suitable for a woman in a luxury restaurant.

At the table sits the company, people eat and drink wine.

Face assimilated Jew in profile, hooked nose.

The Jewish aristocrats.

Photo head of financial dynasty of Baron Maurice de Rothschild, Major James de Rotshalda.

Fragments of the American feature film about the Rothschilds.

The action takes place in the 18th century in France.

Son-old father warns about the arrival of the police.

Rothschild hides valuables and money in the basement, in a room create the impression of relative poverty.

Police trubet design books, he has the treasury 20 thousand guilders.

Rothschild groans, says that he does not have thousands.

When the police discovers the basement, ready to Rothschild 2000

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Reel №4


After leaving the police collects Rothschild family and announces the decision to transport the family values ​​in the different countries of the world by sending his sons to lead the bank building.

Rothschild family tree: the head - Amschel Rothschild.

The son of Nathan was sent to London, England, Jakob - in Paris, France, Solomon - Vienna, Austria, Karl - Naples, Italy, Amschel in Frankfurt, Germany.

Map of the world, the Rothschild financial empire.

Other tycoons - Jews: Warburg, Oppenheim, Stern Cohen Montefiore, Wallenberg, Bleyhreder, Lazar, Mendelssohn, Heine.

Captain of the Jews affect the policy of the country

New York, business center.

Exchange, scurrying brokers, clerks.

Board recordings rates.

Photo of US major financial Jews: Bernard Palov, Otto Kahn, Felix Warburg, Sauckel Gutermayer Herbert Lehmann and others, Jew La Guardia - New York City Mayor.

The leader of the Socialist Party of France, the Jew Leon Blum.

English Minister of War, Jewish Berisha, it bypasses the military operation.

Sinanoga with a star of David around the government buildings there in its background


The November Socialist Revolution in Germany in 1918.

Street excitement.

The troops of the revolutionary army in zaanyatogo their station in Munich.

The street riding trucks with soldiers.

Elections to the National Assembly.

They're coming trucks with agitators in the crowd flying leaflets.

There is a campaign of the Social-Democratic party of Ebert-Scheidemann.

The streets are rallies.

Elections in Weimar.

Along the street are three deputy-Jew: Landeberg, Scheunemann, Lienen.

Minister Jewish background Creusen.

The chief of the Berlin press, a Jew.

Hutou Goys - Head of the Berlin Republicans.

Bavarian Minister of the Interior of the Republic, Walter Rathenau / sitting at a desk, writing /.

Jewish finance minister.

Bernhard Isidor Weiss - President Berlin policeman / sitting in the chair /.

Spartacus demonstration on the streets of Berlin, speeches.

Gendarmes pursued demonstrators.

The building of the Reichstag.

The Jewish policy.

Portrait of Karl Marx, founder of scientific communism.

Photo organizer of the German Social-Democratic Party.

Ferdinand Lassan, leader of the Socialists.

Rosa Luxemburg, a Communist, Eugen Levine, Leon and other Gustlov

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Reel №5


Jews in Germany.

Schemes raspredelniya Jews among the workers in the judicial system, including physicians, in the trade.

The poor workers' settlements Family campfire cook in the pot, living in mud huts.

Women collected in bags of coal in dumps.

A man sleeps on the ground.

Inflation in Germany.

The depreciation of the brand.

The bankers, Jews who profited during this period: Klareks, Barman, Mendelssohn and others


Classical culture.

Roman columns and sculptures.


Sounds of music by Bach.

Botticelli paintings.


Classic images of the Madonna.

The Art of Jewish artists: painful, broken.

Abstract paintings with pathologies and grotesque.

The origins - in the Negro art.

Playing the banjo black man singing black woman.

Jew Kerr /? /, Minister of Culture in the Weimar Republic.

The emergence of a huge amount of literature on the unconventional love.

Cultural figures, Jews Tucholsky, Hershfeld - homosexuals.

Covers of books about lesbian love.

Erotic novels.

The book "The Sexual Revolution" Theo Libra.

women Photo


Photo of Albert Einstein.

Photo Kesenberga, music director in Germany.

Posters of various revues: "A thousand naked women", "Women love", "All naked!".

Robert Klein - Director of Berlin revue.

The director and actor Max Reinhardt Jew fills the theater.

Poster comedians, "Ehrlich, Morgan, Kramer."

Fragment from the film with the participation of Siegwart Erlich / it in the mirror, water from the sprinkler /.

Half-naked girl fleeing the scene.

Film studios, film shooting goes.

Directed by Richard Oswald behind the camera.

Comedian Gerlach in a scene from the movie.

Jewish actress Rosa Valetti / scene, she sits on the bed, pulls on socks /.

A scene from the film with disguises.

Actor in a dress out of a hotel room, in the hallway meets a girl, dressed in a man's suit.

Actor powder, wears a wig, mask.

They're on stage in front of audience

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Reel №6


Actor Fritz Kärtner game revelers officer who in search of money kills respectable burgher, and then squanders money stolen in a restaurant with the gypsies.

Actor-Jew Peter Lorre in the film "M" / killer among us / monologue from the movie.

Figures of German culture - the Jews.

Richard Tauber with a group of actors visiting sailors, singing at the microphone.

German director Ernst Lubitsch / cigarette smoke /.

Actor Emile Lyutvich shakes hands professor in cap and gown.

Arrival of Charles Chaplin in Berlin, enthusiastic crowd carries him in her arms.

How to get in the car through the crowd.

Christian art.

In the pictures the Jewish apostles, obrapzy of religious literature: the Apostle Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca.

David playing the harp.

Solomon of the film about the rich Jewish family of Purim.


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Reel №7


The religious Jews.

The teacher in the classroom reading the Talmud students.

Young people reading the Talmud under the guidance of a rabbi.

According to sway to the beat.

Synagogue, burning candles.

Jews sit on the benches, praying.

Rabbi sings a prayer.

On one bench Jew, using the moment, he engaged in trade, offering neighbors things.

Go priests at the altar reveal a scroll

Key words

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Reel №8


The religious ceremony with an animal among the Jews.

At the fence is tied bull.

Butchers lead it to the slaughterhouse.

Bull bind feet, knocked.

Butcher deep incision neck gushing blood.

Bull wheezing.

According to the body make cuts, climb in the interior.

Sudorgi animal.

Butchers smile


The newspaper "Berliner Tageblatt" in 1932.

Title: "The anti-Semitic excesses."

The newspaper "Tempo" in 1931 on "national fantasies."

An article about Rabbi Dr.

Engelbert're in the newspaper on January 3, 1932.

Meeting with a proposal to cancel the Diet this brutal custom.

Grazing cows, a flock of sheep.

Butchers take sheep.

Lead to slaughter a cow, fold the neck, and cut felled.

Decrees 1933 and 1935 years of prohibition to kill animals.

Hover flags with a swastika.

The meeting of the Reichstag January 30, 1939.

Speaker Hitler speech about Jews.

In the hall among Goebbels generals.

The presidium associates of the Fuhrer, Goering.

People are pulling arms in a Nazi salute.

The guys from the organization "Hitler Youth" shouting "Heil!".

Filled with people Stadium.

Those young Germans.

A soldier with the banner.

Those girls, sailors and soldiers.

Parade of German troops

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