Give your good in good hands. (1937)

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Director: Paulj Rettig, Lihtenshtejn /Paul Rettig,Siegtried Lichtenschtein/

Operators: Adoljf Kalj, Gans Bottshalk

Reel №1


Propaganda film with the game story.

Field with eared wheat is harvesting, mowing.

Machinery harvested hay.

Plowing plow.

Ride wagons of hay, threshing.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep.

Peasant households in the village.

Cows in the yard, chickens pecking grain.

Rooster shouts on a perch.

On the roof of the stork's nest.

On the streets of the village bike rides on the man.

Church in the village, people are under the bell sounds.

In a pond floating geese and ducks.

A man on a bicycle stopped at the house, greet the man in the box, and then goes further.

Across the bridge, he passes on the field, where farmers work.

During dinner he was talking with a man, urging him to enter into a contract of insurance.

It shows a booklet with legislative acts of the Province of Saxony in Magdeburg.

Examples that demonstrate the need for security: a dog enough passes passerby in the leg, the man falls to the ground with a ladder, suffered a frightened horse cart, the driver can not cope with the management, falls

Key words

Germany, the propaganda, the peasants, agriculture, household appliances, poultry, pets, propaganda, church, people, insurance

Reel №2


The wife of a peasant, who brought him lunch, does not agree to the entreaties of the agent.

New examples of the need for insurance.

Thieves in the night climb into the house.

Fire alarm in the village, bugler blows the horn.

Of the homes run fire, go to the car and carts.

The elimination of a large barn fire.

But in case of fire accident can happen to the hydrant and the water in it will go to the hoses.

Burnt House.

In the peasants continued the conversation with the agent.

The disaster in the village: approaching storm, lightning, strong wind bends the trees.

Scene from an old life.

The couple at the official, the paper gives a man.

The text of the act in 1751 to establish a fire society.

Vintage book, text paragraphs.

Date - 1786, a farmer working in the field. 1937 - works in the field of the tractor and the machine.

There emblem Fire Saxe provincial society in Magdeburg

Key words

Germany, propaganda, insurance, fire, fire, farmers, natural phenomena, the family, social organizations, literature, household appliances, city