Lodz of 1939-1945 (1945)

Documentary №66776, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Leonard Buchkovskij /Leonard Buczkowski/
Camera operators:C.Krushinskij

Reel №1


Documentary with game scenes of Poland during the occupation. 1939, the German army invades Poland.

Go German tanks, planes bombed the city.

Crumbling walls of buildings, raging fires.

German soldiers marching.

Views of the City of Lodz.

April 12, 1940, newspaper headlines about the occupation of Lodz.

The building of the station of Lodz, the city name changes to Littsmanshtadt.

The inscription on the tram: only for the Germans.

Changing street names in the German way.

Street Piotrovskaya becomes Adolf Hitler Strasse, alley Tadeusz Kosciuszko - Hermann Goering Strasse, etc.

On showcase the inscription: "the Germans."

The announcement that only German children can walk in the park.

Polish woman with the girl next to the barracks.

Jewish ghetto in Lodz, street enclosed by barbed wire.

A wire fence looks old.

Are German sentries


Map of Poland, the border of the ghetto.

Acts of mass destruction of the population.

Eviction from apartments evryskoy family / game plot / nameplate changes to German.

Bureau for employment of workers, preference is given to Polish Volksdeutsche.

Game scene with old Volksdeutsche, who became a policeman.

He greets workers at the factory Fascist gesture, they do not respond.

The woman-weaver at work becomes a bad policeman chases it requires that all continue to work.

Bags with inscriptions: for the Wehrmacht to the SS for the NSDAP. A search of workers into and out of the factory.

A German soldier feels the girl, grinning.

Radio broadcasts in the shop in German.

The movement of resistance, underground station in secret.

Printing leaflets and distributing them among the workers in the factory

Key words

Poland, War World 2, population, children, elderly people, promotion, soldiers, air force, fire, destruction, city, urban transport
Poland, War World 2, family, Jews, women, industry, soldiers, workers, propaganda, radio, police

Reel №2


Sabotage in the workplace.

Figure turtle - symbol uporstva- on the walls, machines / game story /.

Workers smile, seeing the pattern.

A German soldier slaps worker.

Sabotage in the workplace, a young worker at night sneaks into the shop and spoil the machine.

The Germans issued an order of execution of 5 workers.

The underground listen to the radio from Moscow.

Reporting offensive of the Soviet troops, flying airplanes, are tanks.

Cleaned German flag, broken down Nazi eagle. 19/01/1945, the Soviet Army liberated Lodz.

People joyfully greeted the Soviet tanks and troops.

The meeting at the plant, he called on the workers to actively take on the restoration of the destroyed German industry.

Go work in a textile factory.

From the ghetto people return to their homes.

Recreation workers.

Children in schools and kindergartens.

Working moments on metallrgicheskom factory, a textile factory.

smoke from pipe

Key words

Poland, War 2 World population, workers, soldiers, punishment, radio, army, air force, tanks, the Soviet Army, the fascists, Gos.simvolika, rally, repair work, kids, school, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, heavy industry, light industry

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