Visions of sugars (1930-1939)

Footage №66785, 6 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Leturner Zhorzh. Letourneur Georges
Camera operators:Tahar. Benel. Anagje. Shellj

Reel №1

Portrait of Algeria governor Ben Gaia, he sits in his office, he says.

French officer salutes / close-up /.

Arabs in national dress.

Caravan of camels going through the desert with the goods.

Morning Prayer Arab Muslims on minaret stands the imam, singing, praying at the bottom of the Arabs


City touggourt.

Oil palm plantation.

The streets of the city, the palace, the house with round domes.

The Arabs on the street under the eaves.

Potter working at home, selling pottery, sitting tailor, sew on a typewriter.

Immediately there is a special sheep shearing knives and shears, wool sale.

The women spin wool, weave carpets.

Men in the laundry strirayut underwear, male underwear press legs.

The Arabs carry loads on donkeys and camels.

The individual buildings of the city, the pool at the house.

Palm plantations, Arab climbs a date palm, cuts still green fruit, cuts it, looks out to the ovaries whisk dates

Key words

Algeria, nationality, caravan, animals, wilderness
Algeria, city, craft, trade, hobbies, women, swimming pool, plants, food,

Reel №2



Arabs sit in front of the French Hospital.

Doctors examine the children, helping them sisters-nuns.

In the eyes of the children eyedrops.

Nun rings the bell, the people handing out food


The colonial army against the French and the Arabs on horses and camels.

The troops are moving in the desert.

Jogging on the sand on a camel, shooting on the move.

There is a caravan of camels, decorated tents.

Camels resting.

White camel with cubs.

French officer gives Arab note detachment acts campaign.

Ben Gaia inspects the troops, he saluted.

PNRM. the city, the area in front of the minaret.

Street market, there is a sale of tissues, beverage bottles, shoe craftsmen, wickerwork

Key words

France, Algeria, medicine, children, people, humanitarian assistance, monks
Algeria, army, national, animals, desert, caravan, holiday, military leaders, celebrities, military, city, market, trade, crafts, colony

Reel №3



Festival in the city, a crowd of Arabs runs.

There are riders on horseback.


Troop camel passes by the palace.

The Arabs played on national inmtrumentah: long pipes, tambourines.

Camels are tents in a circle in the tents sit girl.

The men are dancing with their guns.

Procession with musicians.

Girls in national costumes dance couples dance with their handkerchiefs.

Men dancing, holding down the muzzles of guns


Harvest dates, they rip off, cleaned of stalks, are transported by car.

Arabs sit in boxes with dates, nanizyvayui their little bundles.

Caravan is in the desert, there is a mirage - a ship at sea

Key words

France, Algeria, festivals, national, army, cavalry, animals, musical instruments, women, people, youth
Algeria, city, desert, plants, food, caravan, population, natural phenomena

Reel №4



I rest at night in the desert, the people sitting around the campfire.

Dancing around the fire, a ritual dance.

Dancing girl, man spins on one foot.

General dance.

Feyeverk in the night sky.

Hotel "Hoggar" in touggourt.

The obelisk carved with names of roads it in French.

Building a car of the French company.

The building is a bus, it goes with passengers and mail.

Biskra, city views.

Public transport - open a carriage driven by a horse.

In the yard of the house date palm, dates and Arab cuts lowers their rope, wagon rides with dates, running behind the boys.

governor Ben Gaia Palace.

On the wall of photos.

Ben Gaia soldiers.

Photos French generals: Petain, Foch, and other Maginot / photo 1920 /.

Hang sabers, military paraphernalia.

Ben Gaia Diploma in French and Arabic

Key words

France, Algeria, desert, vacation, people, photo, generals, entertainment, urban transport, post office, city attractions, pets, plants, children, Gos.deyateli, personality, nationality, Gos.uchrezhdeniya

Reel №5


Ben Gaia on demonstration before a crowd of Arabs, speak French.

All sing GIM France.

Marching French squad ahead of the orchestra.

City Ouargla, views of the city, parks.

School for Arab children go with them French nuns, they play with the children.

Children learn the French national anthem, singing and marching.

The barracks of the colonial troops.

French and Arab soldiers in the ranks.


The room, which turned into a general Laperrina Museum, picture on the wall, the atmosphere, the general monument.

Soldiers marching under arms.

Playing trumpet.

French flag on the mast.

Soldiers disperse the tents.

Rest soldiers.

They are busy with a pig, a dog, a sheep

Key words

Algeria, demonstration, Gos.deyateli, personalities, people, army, band, men, ethnicity, children, school, monuments and attractions, military leaders, museum, photo, holiday, animals, pets

Reel №6

The desert is a caravan of camels.

At palms children pray, read the Koran with the teacher.

Women recruited in water jugs from the source.

Men sit in the shade.

Old man shows them a room he puts in his mouth scorpions, close-up.

Girls weave products of straw.

Men weave mats.

Two men sitting around the campfire in the heat, sweat.

Then one of them falls into a well with a head, when he emerges, a second wash it, massages


Desert, going clockwise from the weapon, the soldiers sitting on the sand.

Two ride on camels to the well, came the sound of the shot one falls, the other rushes to the order.

A squad rushes to the attack.

Soldiers with machine guns running.

Camel rides squad rides a truck with soldiers.

The maneuvers of the troops.

The officer teaches soldiers to throw a grenade.

French gunners preparing a weapon for battle.

The troops returned to barracks

Key words

Algeria, the population of older people, insects, caravan, animals, children, crafts, art, desert
France, Algeria, desert, troops, soldiers, weapons, animals, maneuvers, military commanders, artillery exercises

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