Knights Army School in Hanover. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Priger /Wilhelm Prager/

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


Hanoverian horse in the stable.

The officer made a speech about the Cavalry School.

Horsemen in training.

Running on carts pulled by horses with the Quartet.

Cavalryman shows the horse gallop on an arena.

Overcoming barriers to metsnosti.

From kennel dogs released.

Stables in the village.

Cavalry greet groom, record data on a horse, taking her to school.

Jogging horse in a circle on a leash without a saddle, with the saddle on horseback.

Stable kvaleriyskoy school.

Officers Gerhardt, Johann Otto, Oscar Shpinberg demonstrate riding different types of gaits.

Four cavalryman shows mastery in the women's area, rocking shooting


Excursion to kavleriyskoy School Museum.

Hannover in the Middle Ages, was a duchy, known as the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg, then the electorate, in the XIX century - the kingdom, a province of Prussia.

The Royal Palace, the park at the palace.

Vintage carriages in the museum.

Staging with the old coach, which is controlled by two coachmen

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Reel №2


The tour continues, the minister shows vintage court carriages.

Dramatization feed carriage to the palace, with a broad staircase descends monarch couple sits in a carriage.

Eight horses in harness driven carriage along the avenue of the park


This time, on the same avenue go carts with horses.

Demonstrations in the cavalry arena.

Brinkman officer on a horse "Oberst" jumping over barriers, Rapid.

First Lieutenant on the horse Hook "Arthur" overcomes the concrete barrier length 1.80 meters.

Two officers near barry overcome.

Students at the school maneuvers.

Racing with obstacles on the ground.

Trumpeter gives the signal.

Horsemen are ferried across the river on horseback, carrying carts with guns.

Filming rocking overcome obstacles

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