And ever green forest. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viktor Borelj /Victor Borel/

Reel №1


Forest in the morning, the sun's rays make their way through the trees.

Berries ripen on the bush, mountain ash.

The wind rustles the leaves, the leaves fall to the ground.

It's snowing, a top view of the snow-covered forest, spruce paws in the snow.

Spring, streams flow.

Forest in the summer, the creek running through the trees.

PNRM. on forest expanses.

Forest flowers, butterflies.

Fawn in the bushes, runs away into the distance.

At the sitting owl tree.

Boars searching for food under the trees.

Mushrooms emerge from the ground.

The storm in the forest, looming clouds, thunder, lightning.

The wind bends the branches of trees.

To quickly go to the hut forester and boy

Key words

Germany, forest, plants, flowers, natural phenomena, birds, animals, people, children

Reel №2


They go into the house.

Woodward tells the boy about fires in the forest.

The story is illustrated by the following story: carelessly thrown cigarette in the forest is a fire.

Burning grass, animals run away from the fire, the birds fly away.

Solid wood, nest with chicks in the smoke.

Anxiety at the fire station.

From homes sprint firefighters, fire truck rushing to the woods.

Alarm bell.

Firefighters dig in the fire area, trying to extinguish the flames.

Nurse with a bag on his shoulder.

In the forest put the radio.

Detachments of soldiers come to the aid of firefighters.

People cut down trees.

Medics carried the wounded on stretchers.

Fire extinguished.

on burned forest type.

Woodward finishes the story, they were with the boy out of the house, go to the forest.

PNRM. forests, lush treetops, the forest river

Key words

Germany, forest, fire, fire, animals, children, birds, communication, radio, medicine, the wounded, the river