Hunting with a camera on the seals (1942)

Documentary №66832, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Shuljc Uljrih K.T. Schulz Ulrich K.T
Camera operators:Suhner Valjter

Reel №1

Dawn above the sea.

Sandbanks off the coast of the North Sea, the waves lapping on the shore.

IL caused to the waves on the shore.

The two men could hardly go through the mud, sinking in it almost to the waist.

Special sled for moving sludge.

Marine animals remaining on the shore after the tide: starfish, jellyfish, shells, polyps and worms.

The fishermen are on the coast with a rake and a network, prick rake fish.

In the water, swimming seal.

Shooting rookery of seals on the beach with the aircraft.

By the shore approaching motor boat with the crew, the operator installs a movie camera in the water, there is a monitoring of the seals in their natural habitat.

Researcher simulates movement seal lying on the sand

Key words

North Sea, marine animals, fishermen

Reel №2

Seals swimming in the water.

Researcher in the position of seal, he is approached by a seal cub, but scared and hurry back into the water.

A female with cubs in the water.

The operator removes the seal rookery.

The female feeds the cubs.

Seal yawning, tears fall

Key words

North Sea, marine animals

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