From Narvik to Piraeus (1940)

Documentary №66834, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1

Parade of the British army before the king.

British soldiers in Abyssinia, the prisoners.

Bombing Muslim city.

Flying Squadron.

German troops landed in Norway.

Fighting in the snowy mountains.

Padded plane falls into the sea.

Battle of Narvik, the British retreat.

On the road, broken tools.

In the city are captured English soldiers, prisoners are on the road.

German soldiers lead 2 wounded British.

Flying British planes.

England sends to the continent expeditionary force, the soldiers went to the gangway of the steamer, marching, riding armored vehicles.

Shoot the German artillery, the Germans in the city.

The landing of German paratroopers in the Netherlands at Rotterdam.

Landing paratroopers attack on the enemy.

Tank attack German tank breaks down the wall of the hut.

On the road, burning cars, broken tools.

Ride German motorcyclists, look at the underlying killed British soldiers.

Captured British, burning tanks.

German dive bombers to land, bombed the city.

Shoots German artillery and infantry attack.

Retreat of the British from Dunkirk in France.

On the roads of broken English and French technique.

The city leads the British prisoners, they are looked upon the people.

The captured enemy guns.

Dead soldiers.

On the coast of the broken vessels.

German soldiers are on the beach, looking at the broken skeletons, poluzatonuvshih courts.

English helmet in the sand.

German planes are flying over the Atlantic.

German ships torpedoed British ships.

Solid English ship sinks.

View of the ship in the periscope.

Start torpedoes hit the ship, he drowns.

German planes flying towards England.

Dogfight, falls downed aircraft.

German planes shooting at the British ships from the air.

Battle in the Atlantic.

Shoot guns of the ship.

English ship explodes and sinks.

On the plane shoots arrows.

German planes bombed the territory of England

Key words

England, Parade, monarchy, soldiers, Abyssinia, the prisoners, the Air Force, the Navy, the bombing, Norway, mountains, aircraft, artillery, tanks, troops, killed, France

Reel №2

The raid on England, night shooting.

Bombing of London.

The city fires, firefighters extinguish the fire.

PNRM. for destruction in the city.

The fighting in North Africa.

According to the desert advancing troops, riding British tanks.

German aircraft over the sea, over the desert.

German troops in Egypt, the soldiers jump from the truck, running through the desert.

Goes motorized artillery, tanks.

Tracks of the tank close-up.

Broken English and American tanks.

Captured British soldiers and generals.

The camp prisoners, they sit en sand.

Prisoners go a long column on the road.

Britain is trying to ignite war in the Balkans.

British planes flew over the mountains, bombed.

Fighting in Greece.

Marching German soldiers firing artillery.

Horse Artillery sneaks across the river, the soldiers ran on water.

Soldiers fired from a grenade launcher, machine guns.

Broken British tanks, guns.

The German troops are part of the Greek city.

The prisoners, many of them soldiers of the colonial British troops.

Flying German planes bombed the coast.

Frustrated port, port facilities wreckage, ruins.

It raised the muzzle heavy guns advancing on the platform, shooting.

German soldiers in the attack, rushing tanks, armored vehicles.

Shoot guns of the ship.

Planes bombed tanks.

Hitler on the front of the generals.

Soldiers passing by Hitler greets them.

Hitler was among the soldiers who surrounded him, he gives his autograph.

The Luftwaffe bombed enemy positions

Key words

England, Fire, North Africa, troops, tanks, aircraft, Egypt, artillery and prisoners, bombing, Greece, the soldiers, the ruins of Hitler

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