Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler in action - front path SS bodyguard regiment Hitler (1942)

Documentary №66835, 4 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Rihard Kvaas

Reel №1


The map of Europe shows the way, who was fighting the Führer's personal guard regiment during the campaign against Poland, France, Yugoslavia and Greece.

The officers of the regiment to enter the car in the Polish city, riding trucks with soldiers.

Ceremonial parade regiment conducts Hitler accompanied obergrupenfyurera Sepp Dietrich.

Hitler misses the formation of soldiers.

Winter 1939/40, rest in apartments in Prague.

The parade on the square of St.


Go down the street tanks, residents pulled his hands in a Nazi salute


Machine with SS badge rides on the ruined city, the ruins.

Hike to Rotterdam, the soldiers are on the highway.

The fighting in the port, night, fires.

The arrest of the Jews / dark /, fires at night, silhouettes of houses, churches.

The next blow - at Dunkirk - the retreat of the British.

Motorcyclists riding on the road.

Captured British soldiers, residents with carts.

The fighting in the ruined Dunkirk, British tanks smashed, the car in the river.

Pointer to Dunkirk on the road.

The fires in the city.

Minutes respite, German soldiers are sleeping in cars, eat at the fire


After crossing the line Weygand regiment breaks up the southern regions of France, driving a continuous battle.

The regiment moved past the ruins, pulling tan fallen tree from the road.

German soldiers ferried by inflatable boats across the Marne, artillery hits on the opposite shore.

Soldiers dismantled rubble.

Sepp Dietrich during the offensive.

Trucks traveling down the road bridge.

Fight in the grove, the interrogation of the prisoner.

Disarmament prisoners, weapons thrown into the heap

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Reel №2


Officers discuss the plan of operations for the map.

The regiment in the French city, buildings, billboards, NDP.

Hotel of agriculture.

Indian soldiers in turbans.

The battle for the city.

The airfield, meeting with French officers.

British planes at the airport, soldiers tear English characters, blow up the plane.

Polk city, a German soldier knocks on the door, fighting in the street.

Iron fence with NDP .: 92 Infantry Regiment.

In the courtyard of the captive French soldiers.

Further movement of the regiment through the streets, riding tanks, trucks.

On vatomashine banner with skull and crossbones, car windshield, pierced by a bullet.

The fighting in France, shooting guns, machine gun.

The view from the mountains to the hilly metsnost, PNRM. city ​​below.

Entry into the city, the soldiers being taken manually on a wagon shells and ammunition.

Sepp Dietrich enters the building.

Eat soldiers, looking at them residents.

All the building.

Sepp Dietrich conducts rewarding the soldiers of the regiment.

Those soldiers, the officer adjusts the helmet soldier



Paris, the SS regiment from the Arc de Triomphe.

Cathedral of Notre Dame Le Paris.

Soldiers walk through the city, go to the Eiffel arki.

PNRM. city ​​with bashni.

PNRM. the city of Metz from the plane, many cathedrals.

After the armistice regiment quartered at Metz, where he was as a special award is given to the banner of the Fuhrer.

Story of the regiment, a banner with the inscription Adolf Hitler.

Ceremonial march around the city, faces of the soldiers, the flag

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Reel №3



Hiking in Eastern Europe.

The crossing of the Danube by ferry.


Cars driving on mountain roads in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian village, shepherd with a flock of sheep.

Leisure soldiers, they eat, read and write letters, play cards.

Soldier comrades jokingly pours water from a jug, when they read the letter.

Signal bugler in the morning, the soldiers ran out of tents lined up to the truck, which brought food, prepared pots.

Soldier feeds porridge local children.

A soldier helps a peasant family plow with oxen.


Infirmary, German doctors examine their wounded and residents



A sign with the coat of arms of Yugoslavia.

The regiment held a campaign in the country.

Fun with a donkey, he is given a paper donkey chews it, the soldiers laugh.

Marsh on a mountain road.

Crossing the river.

Shoot a gun, guns in the calculation.

Smoke and fires.

Germans interrogated prisoner, he explains something.

Railroad at her trying to drive a motorcycle, then passes on the tracks tank.

Destroyed bridge.

Fighting for the Serbian city.

Crossing the shallow river on the machines.

Hiking in the mountainous terrain.

The cross on the grave of a fallen comrade with a sign SS.V mountains is artduel, broken tools.

German soldiers are sleeping in a minute of silence

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Reel №4


Go past the soldiers with a sleeping car driver.

Sappers inspect the broken bridge, trying to repair with ready-made supports.

Crossing on a pontoon bridge, ride motorcycles, cars


Landscape with a River, a detachment is on the path to Ioannina.

Sepp Dietrich on car rides through the system prisoners.

On the Albanian border, he welcomed the Italian General Rossi, the officers drink, greet each other, discuss the combat missions.

Hike to the south.

Go prisoners, refugees on donkeys, to meet him, the German tanks.

Fortress Katrasev.

Crossing the bay on the northern coast of the Peloponnesian peninsula in sudah.

PNRM. the city of Corinth, located in the hills.

The troops unloaded on the beach, go along the coast towards the German paratroopers thrown.

Pass over the bridge


Pointer to Athens 68 km, 110 km Corinth.

Acropolis, German soldiers walk near Antiques, sit on the steps.

Flying German planes.

Top view of the troops traveling on the road to Athens.

The troops of Field Marshal List.

Residents of the capital welcomed the troops.

Parade in the city, Dietrich takes the salute.

Look residents welcome.

There is infantry, the young soldiers of the regiment, operation

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