Lenin Still Alive. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Romm M., Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Vinkler A., Ermolov L., Levickiy A., Tisse, Lemberg A., Giber G., Grigorev I., Zhelyabuzhskiy U., Kozlovskiy N., Novickiy P.


Unique frames of shots of Lenin from 1918 till 1924 are shown in this film.

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Temporary description

Newsreel. Filming of Lenin in 1918-1921. Lenin on Khodyn field in the Kremlin with Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich, at the opening of the monument to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in Moscow, at the funeral MT Elizarova, M. Y. Sverdlov, speaking at Day demonstration (1919), a parade of universal education, a speech from the balcony of the Moscow City Council, on the tab of the monument to Marx, the monument emancipated labor. Lenin among the delegates to the Second Congress of the Comintern, delivers a report at the Third Congress of the Comintern. Talk of Lenin in the Kremlin with the American economist Christensen.

Reel №1

November 28, 1921. Lenin sitting, talking.

1918. - Moscow, Kremlin embankment of the Moscow River.

Celebration of May 1 - the column of demonstrators in the streets, the cavalry and the troops involved in the parade.

Lenin, Krupskaya and M. Ulyanov in the car before leaving the Khodynsky field after the parade.

Kremlin Embankment, passing carts.

October 1918. - VI Lenin on a walk through the Kremlin vyzdrovleniyu after injury.

Lenin and the Chancellor of the CPC VD Bonch-yard to the Kremlin.

November 7, 1918.

Lenin speaks at the opening of a temporary monument to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, gathered together to hear.

1919. - March 13, 1919.


Lenin's funeral Transport Commissioner M. Yelizarov (husband AI Ulyanov). 18 March 1919.


Chairman of the All funeral Sverdlov.

Lenin speaks at a memorial service at the Red Square.

1 May 1919.

Lenin of the floor on Red Square during the May Day demonstration, people listen.

Lenin in the car before going to the Red pdloschadi talks with Secretary MK VKP (b) VD Zahorski.

House of Unions.

Delegates come from the building of the 1st All-Russian Congress on adult education, among them - Lenin, Krupskaya.

People's Commissar for Education Lunacharsky in the street at the Union House of delegates.

Reel №2


With the car dropped leaflets, youth raises and read the leaflets.

The street is an armed group of students.

In Red Square are lined up for the parade, cadets of military schools and working shelf.

Lenin with a group of army officers bypass the universal education.

Lenin and Krupskaya, M. Ulyanov, secretary MK VKP (b) VD Zagorski on Red Square.

Lenin, the People's Commissar of the Hungarian Republic T. Samueli, Krupskaya, M. Ulyanov in Red Square during a military parade universal education.

Lenin delivers a platform truck.

When finished it is Lenin T. Samuel, T. Samueli serves.

Lenin nadblyudaet the parade.

Troops pass universal education.

Lenin before his departure from the Red Square says goodbye to the parade participants.

16 October 1919. - Lenin spoke from the balcony of City Council welcomed the men who go to the fight against Denikin (sounds gramophone record circulation of Lenin).

Listen to the soldiers, the people welcomed Lenin.

7 November 1919. - The celebration of the second anniversary of the October Revolution - on the street demonstrators are festively decorated trolley to Red Square, people sing the "Internationale."

Lenin among the demonstrators.

Stand and ride riders passing car with Red Army are sailors, Red Army.

1920. - The Kremlin, are cars.

Cabinet of Lenin in the Kremlin, desks, phones.

Newsreel - Lenin at the desk in the office sitting, talking.

Office window, visible yard Kremlin.

Apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin - the interior living room, bedroom.

Lenin, in his apartment on the couch with the cat in her arms, sitting next Krupskaya.

Reel №3

1920. - The Kremlin, Moscow.

Sverdlov Square, the Bolshoi Theatre.

Lenin tab monument to Karl Marx in Sverdlov Square, signs the mortgage board, laying the first stone in the foundation of the monument tion.

Lenin monument on the tab "Update of work."

Lenin speaks at a meeting dedicated to the tab of the monument.

Listen to the people, Lenin among the people.

July 19, 1920.

Petrograd (Leningrad).

Geneva, ships on which delegates arriving 2nd Congress of the Comintern.

The working people of Petrograd and orchestra greeted the delegates.

Lenin with a bouquet of flowers upon arrival at the Congress of the Comintern.

Palace Uritskogo - appearance.

Congress delegates applauding in the audience.

Lenin speaks at the opening session Koengressa on "The International Situation and main tasks Communis cally International."

The meeting at the Palace Square on the opening day of the Congress.

Lenin speaking at the rally, meeting welcomed Lenin.

Moscow, Kremlin, Spasskaya Tower.

The delegates of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern are continuing their work in Moscow - meeting room, the bureau, Lenin on the podium.

Grand Kremlin Palace.

Lenin, Krupskaya and other delegates out of the building, go down the street.

1921. - Machine with delegates third Comintern Congress passes on a Moscow street.

Delegates included the entrance of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the delegates to the St.

Andrew Hall of the Kremlin during a session of Congress.

Playing members of Congress.

Lenin, sitting on the steps, taking notes, listening to the speakers.

Lenin of the floor of the Congress, delegates listened.

November 28, 1921.:

Lenin in the Kremlin courtyard talking to an American economist P. Christensen (one of the last shooting Lenin).

Kremlin courtyard.

November 28, 1921.:

Lenin in his office.

October 1918. - VI Lenin on a walk in the Kremlin.

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