World once (Grotesque in 1900). (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Jerven Valjter. Jerven Walter

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Catalog Page silent films of the century and the Pathe films.

Two films from the Film Archives meeting to demonstrate the grotesque in 1900. 1. Disseminated / Der Zerstreut A man walks into a tobacco shop, buy cigarettes, lights up on the street.

Towards him comes another gentleman asked for a light, but absentmindedly forgets a cigarette in his hand first.

Then he recalls, returns, selects the first cigarette at the counter, grab a passing boy bucket tray with flour and sprinkle with a hat himself.

Then he takes off the wig absent-mindedly at the saleswoman of newspapers, he sits in a cart, in which the lady rides.

For diffused Mr chase begins.

He goes to the post office clerk shows him a date - January 1, the day off and refused to serve.

Rushes chase, a fight begins. 2. To err is human / Irren ist menschlich.

The doctor of a mental hospital, received the two letters, makes the mistake of taking the patient to Signor Karapatu, arrived to his daughter as a music teacher.

The orderlies grab Signor, put on her straitjacket, pour shower.

At this time, neurotic lady comes in and begins to destroy everything, and then runs into the street, followed by a chase.

Doctors comforting daughter.

Comes Professor Wolf and asks about Signora Karapate.

misunderstanding turns

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