Adolf Hitler - three speeches in 1934 (1934)

Documentary №66851, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1

Hitler on the national holiday, he travels by car through the crowd of peasants.

Hitler climbs the stairs of the building, circumvents formation of soldiers.

PNRM. a huge crowd on the field, some groups of peasants in national costumes.

Stands for the guests of honor.

Girl gives Hitler a bouquet of flowers.

Hitler's speech of the German people.

City Kiel, decorated buildings, the slogans, the crowd in the streets.

Hitler rides in a car through the city to the port, it is at the marina.

Should the ship Hein Godevind Hitler climbs the ladder to the deck, bypasses operation of naval officers

Key words

Germany, city, people, port, water transport, Hitler, the Nazis

Reel №2

The ship is surrounded by boats with the officers, the public.

Hitler boat moves ashore.

It is in the dock, rises to the podium, arranged on the scaffolding, stands in front of the workers.

People are pulling arms in the fascist salute, sing the national anthem.

Hitler descends from the rostrum.

Hitler speaks before the fascist youth at the stadium, welcomes young people.

Are the Hitler Youth groups, girls and boys in uniform.

The car with Hitler toured the stadium.

The street goes motorcade, Hitler is in the car, welcomes residents.

The crowd in front of the Reich Chancellery.

Hitler in the window.

People are pulling arms in a Nazi salute and shouting.

Manor Hitler's Berghof, the arrival of Count Ciano to the Fuehrer, Hitler met him on the stairs.

Hitler on the balcony with the guests, Ciano in a telescope.

Mountain View.

Departure from Ciano Berghof

Key words

Germany, Hitler, the Nazis, people, transportation, water, work

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