International Exhibition of Art and Technology in Paris (1937)

Documentary №66886, 2 parts, black-white
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Reel №1

The man opens the cells in the sky fly pigeons.

Pigeons on a background of the Eiffel Tower.

Representatives from all over the world gather at the world exhibition.

Top view of the railroad tracks, the train goes.

Baggage claim.

The lady opened her purse, the man - wallet.

The voices speak about the exhibition.

General view of the exhibition, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Swimming pool with fountains.

People walk on the exhibition, go to tourist trailer.

The emblem of the Confederation on the wall of a building.

Appearance pavilions.

German Pavilion: square tower, the top Nazi eagle with a swastika, the swastika flag at the entrance, a group of sculptures of three naked men.

View from the river to the pavilions.

Pavilions Yugoslavia, Austria, Romania, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Italy, the Italian pavilion is an equestrian statue.

Mock Statue of Liberty on the background of the USA Pavilion.

Pavilions France, Canada.

Movement on the territory of the vehicle.

A pointer to the pavilion of Czechoslovakia, the slogan at the entrance to freedom, democracy and solidarity.

Pavilions Belgium, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Finland, Estonia, Egypt, Palestine, the Kingdom of Monaco.

Spanish Pavilion in the posters of the Civil War.

Bas-relief with the name Picasso: the face of a woman with a child, a closed hand.

Pavilion of the USSR. Mukhina's sculpture Worker and Collective Farm Girl at the door.

Sounds Song: In the field berёzonka stood.

Customers are sent to the Soviet pavilion.

Exhibits showing the achievements of the USSR in science, technology and art.

Lenin sculpture, paintings of Lenin, Lenin's death mask.

Posters of a happy life in the USSR. Stalin's sculpture.

Photo: Stalin and Gorky.

The painting, depicting Soviet generals together with Stalin.

Pictures of construction sites, the collective farm.

Model tractor, car, locomotive.

Sculpture pilots, aircraft models.

Man launches small parashyutik to the ceiling.

Models of ships, icebreakers.

Children's drawings about the life in the Far North, the reindeer herders.

Model of a tall building, a statue of Lenin

Key words

France, exhibition and attractions, personalities, Transportation

Reel №2

A poster with the faces of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Silhouettes of Stalin and Lenin, the emblem of the USSR, the Constitution of the USSR. Stalin's words about the policy of the USSR. Customers traveling in a trailer for the exhibition.

The observation deck at the Eiffel Tower, the view from it.

Appearance pavilions: French Art, Ceramics Pavilion, Sevres, Essey theater, fashion pavilion.

Various games and attractions at the exhibition.

Roller coaster, swing.

Riding a camel children.

Circus performance with snakes.

Carousel in the form of aircraft.

The descent from the tower with a parachute, Crane spins two huge balloon with passengers in them.

Ferris wheel.

Riding in a boat on the artificial stream among grottos.

Yacht Club on the river, near the shore boats and yachts.

Movement along the river on a tourist steamer.

Types of banks.

The area set aside for the exhibition French village, it presents the Champagne region, Flanders, Picardy, Savoy and others.

Houses decorated in national style, visitors are greeted peasants in national costumes.

Movement along the river.

Pavilion of Morocco, lots of shops, which sell the Arabs.

Models oriental palaces, temples, elephant sculpture.

Woman with kids on the playground.

They are happy to climb in the sandbox, bridges, look into houses, sitting at the tables.

Exhibition night, night illumination.

View of the illuminated fountains.


Key words

France, exhibition, art, rides, circus, children

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