pacification of Morocco. (1935)

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Reel №1

A documentary film about the conquest of Morocco, the French colonial empire in the person of General Lyautey.

Filming in 1915 and 1935.

General Lyautey Morocco holds the suppression by the suppression of the rebellious tribes on the one hand, and religious tolerance, on the other.

Notable loyalty.

In 1912 began the period of the French protectorate in Morocco.


The narrow streets of the old Moroccan city.

Seagulls over the ocean.

A squad of armed Moroccans on horseback. 1913 Organization of the column in khenifra / Khenifra /, the capital of the central massif Zaiyan / Zaian /.

Map of Morocco.

Locals with bales, camels.

Bags, boxes to be delivered to this remote area on camels.

From Casablanca came the train with several cars.


Loading on camels.

A long convoy hit the road.

In Buzhad gather troops (convoy, men with swords on horseback) from all the garrisons of Morocco to go to khenifra.

French General Lyautey came to see for myself the organization of the column.

The generals on horseback.


The troops are marched.

Path to khenifra takes 6 days.

There is infantry.

The column on the road guarded by a detachment of cavalry.

Caravan of camels laden.

Crossing the pond.

Target the wounded camel.

The end of the stage.



The camp is guarded by armed sentries.

You're the last mountain area

Key words

Morocco, 1910, 1930, animals, army, camp, caravan

Reel №2

Morocco, 1930.

Caravan laden camels, accompanied by armed groups in the last stage of the journey in khenifra.

Legionnaires cut down bushes in the rocks, blocking the way.

Column moving through the narrow gorge.

Camels, horses, cows.

Fortress garrison.

Crossing the river.

The village, built among the ruined citadel of the Berbers.

The cemetery, the graves of fallen soldiers.

General Lyautey to inspect Berber front.

Trust Policy.

French military leaders among the Berber groups.

awards ceremony.

Berbers protect the French camp.

Review of troops.

Peaceful conquest of Muley-Idriss and array Zerun.

Letter Lyautey Albert de-moon: This country (area) can not take a single force.

It needs rationality: It is long and the game combined power and politics.

Login column through the arch.

Locals are corridor, watched from the roofs, arches.

Songs and dances to the drum.

Detachment on vacation.

Celebratory gunfire.

French military leaders watched from the tent.

Policy religious toleration.

Preparations for the meeting of the Sultan of Morocco in Rabat.

French generals out of the tent

Key words

Morocco, 1930, animals, mountains, cemetery, military, religion

Reel №3

Morocco in 1915 and 1935 g.

Prazdnik Hades-el-Kebir in Fez in 1915 Parade of troops.

The goal - the subordination of the tribes of the Moroccan sultan.

Groups Berber pass by Sultan and bow to him.

Port of Casablanca in 1915, handling the bags onto the boat using a crane. 1935 Type of the modern port.


Various mechanisms.

Horse in the air on a crane.

Big ships.


View of the city of Casablanca.


The traffic controller with a rod.

The old man on a horse.

Traffic light.

Modern buildings and palm trees.

New construction.

Modern Arabs on the streets.

The old part of the city.

The narrow streets, the locals.

Railways in 1915 and 1935.

The arrival of the train.

Modern train station.

View of the area of ​​the wagon train.

Travel on the w / e the bridge.

The arrival of the train.

The passengers leave the wagons, others include

Key words

Morocco, 1910, 1930, city, port, railway, religion

Reel №4

Morocco, Rabat 1935.

View of the modern city.

Wide streets, people, trees, cars, bikes, modern buildings.


Ceremonial entry cavalry detachments, infantry - gathering for Friday prayers.


The roads leading to Fez.

Buses loaded camels.

Fes - the religious capital of Morocco.

Lying camels, people on vacation.

View of the city.



City streets.

New meets old.







Top view of the city.

Portrait Lyautey

Key words

Morocco, 1930, town, religion