Arsenals Reich. (1942)

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Reel №1

Industrial landscape, smoke pipe factories.

Steel plant, comes out of the oven hot metal.

Workflows in a munitions factory, manufactures missiles of different calibers.

Finished goods warehouse.

In the shops of women work.

Hitler generals inspecting the implementation of the new weapons program in Germany.

They view the new tools, the engineer gives explanations.

Military Factory, the production of large-caliber bombs.

Working for the machines, among them a woman.

The crane carries the finished shell.

PNRM. lying on shells.

Production of torpedoes and torpedo tubes.

Manufacturing machines, PNRM. ready for vending machines.

Assembling the anti-tank guns, workers driven by a gun ready finished products.

He rides the train with guns.

Assembling antiaircraft guns, setting them on the platform.

Production of tools for cruisers.

gun barrel rise up

Key words

factory workers, armament, Hitler, military equipment

Reel №2

Production processes in the hot shop.

From glowing furnace goes heavy barrel weapons.

Processing inside the barrel.

The crane carries the trunk connects with the platform on the rails.

Check electrical and instrumentation.

Several people ready to carry a water tank capacity of 940 liters.

PNRM. standing on the tanks.

Opens warehouse, soldiers roll out tires, wheel trailers to trucks.

The guns on wheels.

Automobile Plant, goes assembly of trucks with trailers.

Assembling the shoe track, the workers fasten caterpillar tractor.

Assembling armored vehicles, they go out of the shop.

Workflows in a tank factory.

Pulling on the tank tracks, installation tools.

Crane carries a tank in the shop, in the form of a column of tanks collected.

The tanks come from the factory, tanks on tier platforms

Key words

factory workers, tanks, armament, automotive, military equipment

Reel №3

Women are sitting at the tables, collect the fine details.

Engineers for the drawing boards in the design office.

Aircraft Factory, there is a build fighter Messerschmitt 109 Messerschmitt 110, the installation of the engine, propeller, wings, landing gear check.

On the field, there are airplanes Focke-Wulf, spinning propellers.

Assembling heavy bomber factory.

Planes take off, perform aerobatics.

Shipyard, construction of the submarine.

The descent of boats to the water.

The workers go to the factory.

Hall of the Reich Chancellery, the aisle are Goering armaments minister Albert Speer, Dr.


Goering shakes his hand to the young general in the first row.

The scene bearers are.

It begins awarding the Knight's Cross of military factories workers showed high production achievements.

Awarding of the oldest worker Goering shakes his hand.

Then, together with them officials are on the court by order of the Reich Chancellery guard of honor

Key words

plant, aviation, shipbuilding, Goering, workers personalities