The struggle of minds. (1941)

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Reel №1

Installation of military action.

Armored train rides, shooting guns, shoot guns ships, flying airplanes, moving tanks.

PNRM. military cemeteries.

The soldiers are digging trenches in the dirt.

Close-up of the machine gunner.

Soldiers from different countries: English, German, French.

German military vehicles: tanks, motorcycles, airplanes.

On reaching the tank showered foliage.

Tank attack.

Ride German armored vehicles.

Hitler generals looking at the Eiffel Tower, the tower hung Nazi flag.

Canadian tanks on the terrain.

Tankettes go through the desert, the snow.

On the snow-covered road going trucks.

The war in Africa.

Trucks with British soldiers go through the city.

Tanks on the hilly terrain.

PNRM. for new military vehicles and tanks, ready to be sent to the front.

Canadian military plants, workshops with machines.

Production of tanks.

Ready wedgies go in the shop.

Research Laboratory, the man behind the X-ray machine is considering reservation pictures defects noted.

The test cartridges and shells.

Truck on the cross-country test, the tank overcomes obstacles

Key words

war, soldiers, military equipment, Hitler, factory, laboratory, testing

Reel №2

Flying British aircraft, assembled in Canada, the bombed road explosions.

Aviation plant in Canada, production processes.

Workers are aircraft design.

Tests of the aircraft model in the wind tunnel testing of aircraft parts.

Pilot Training in the chamber.

Flying German planes bombed the British ships in the sea.

German submarine in the campaign, with the English ship fired on a boat.

English ship in the campaign, the vessel engine room.

The wireless operator for the device receives the message.

Round radio antenna above the deck.

According alarm guns prepare for battle, the calculation produces a volley at the submarine.

Military factory assembled optics.

In the workshop for the production of shells women work.

The headquarters of defense, the military of the card.

Canadian workers are at the factory, working in the shops.

Canada produces tanks, planes and ships to fight against fascism

Key words

Canada, aeronautics, aviation, testing, factory, Navy, water transport, war, workers